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Outdoor Mobile Entertainment Services

Attention Client(s) Customer(s) and Community member(s)! the below announcement in yellow highlight is applied to mobile outdoor
entertainment service once Kucin’s Event & Venue Services is able and allowed to move forward in part of the K.E.A.V.S. mobile entertainment
four-phased staging sector reopening plan.

Please note: The below outdoor mobile entertainment service will not be provided to communities who are currently on the California state’s
monitoring list. communities who are on the state’s watch-list, virtual distanced entertainment services will be provided and made available
remotely online.
***COVID-19 CDC Guidance Reminder****
*Due to the health and safety guidelines of the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic indoor in-person mobilized entertainment services is
currently suspended until further notification* per-CDC guidelines all gatherings are to be held outdoors for appropriate and adequate physical
distancing practices. Coordinators Event Planners and Hosts are responsible to ensure and establish their COVID-19 modifications assuring
that all protocols are in place, masking and or facial coverings are mandatory and required for all in attendance of all outdoor gatherings, please
be sure to limit guest capacity to a small minimum amount of 25 participants attending the event. Guest/attendee capacity must not exceed said
Mobilized Distanced Entertainment Services
In light of the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Kucin’s Event & Venue Services offers all clients customers and community members
online virtually distanced entertainment services from the comfort of your home while sheltered in place and in self-isolation, clients customers
and community members utilizing any of the below available online webinar platforms will require registration including internet access as well
utilizing an email address upon creating an account if one has not been created already, if outdoor mobile entertainment service is a preferred
option services will not be available until K.E.A.V.S. is allowed to move forward into the appropriate indicated phased staging sector in part of
the mobile entertainment reopening plan.

All online virtual distanced entertainment services require subscription and is at the expense of the client or customer, for outdoor Mobile
Entertainment will require the option of contactless payment online via paypal or issuing a personal check payment.
Please call Kucin’s Event & Venue Services at (707) 350-3736 or email to kucinseventvenueservices@gmail.com for mobile entertainment service
option arrangements.

Revised 08/19/20