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According to Covey.S.R. (2004). The 8th Habit From Effectiveness to Greatness,

Emotional Intelligence is one¶s self-knowledge, self-awareness, social sensitivity,

empathy and ability to communicate successfully with others. It is a sense of timing and

social appropriateness, having the courage to the acknowledge weakness and respect

differences. Prior to the, when EQ became a hot topic, it was sometimes described as

right brain capacity, as distinguished from left- brain capacity. The left-brain considered

the more analytic and right- brain is more to creative. Combining thinking and feeling

creates better balance, judgment and wisdom.

Therefore, in Darven¶s case his emotion has affect his performance and also his

behavior and we can classify emotions in terms of whether they cause us to avoid

something (fear), approaching something aggressively (anger), or approaching

something with acceptance (joy, love). Emotion can either help or hinder performance.

Due to his failure in six subjects, his performance has affected and he started to isolate

himself and he was avoiding interaction with his peers even his class teacher.

As a class teacher I have identify the emotions expressed by Darven in school

where he shows huge changes in himself, for examples he is not anymore a good

positive thinker, losing his self-esteem, losing his confidence, directionless or aimless;

he even cannot make better decisions in order to solve his problems, anger,

disappointment, fear, pensiveness and loathing. Therefore, in order to help him to

undergo the problems, as his class teacher I have suggested a few ways to help him to

solve the problems so that he can be normal like other students in his school.


The first step is, as his class teacher I will attempt to help him to get back his

self-confidence so that he would be able to interact with his friends and as well to me.

According to Lindenfield, G (1986). Confident Teens. Hammersmith, London: Thorson,

she has said that self-confidence is an actually a package. In that package we would

expect to find a good-enough supply of eight key ingredients. Some of these are

personal qualities, which feed our inner confidence, and others are learned social skills,

which enable us to handle the outside world in a confident manner. There are eight key

ingredients of super confidence, which divided into two part, inner confidence and outer


Inner confidence:

a Self-love

a Self-knowledge

a Clear goals

a Positive thinking

Outer confidence:

a Communication

a Self-presentation

a Assertiveness

a Emotional control


In this case, as a class teacher, I would teach him what self-love is in order to avoid

Darven to hate himself. In order to achieve that, first he has to eat highly nutritious, well-

balanced, regular meals; and also keeping away from all kind of junk food and going

very easy on toxic drinks. This will prevent Darven¶s health problems because if he does

not take care himself he will do anything that would lead him to problem especially

regarding to the food that he consume every day. Therefore, taking right amount of food

would prevent him from falling in sick and stay strong and healthy. Besides that, I will

feed him with a high degree of self-knowledge and having clear goals in order to gain

his confidence. This will ensure Darven to achieve his goals because he will identify

exactly what his strengths and weaknesses are, and he would play on one and avoid

using the other.

Consequently, he would change into new person with clear mindset. Then, I will

teach him on how to control the emotion correctly. First, I will suggest him to do things

calmly by doing relaxation exercises before any anxiety-provoking occasion such as

exams or interview. This method will help him re-motivating himself and positive self-talk

when he faces panic situation during exam hour or before he entering the exam hall. As

concern educator, I will develop Darven¶s self-acceptance because he cannot accept

his failure in his examination and he started to isolate himself from taking to his peers

and even to his class teacher. Therefore, to solve the problem I conduct four activities

that would develop his inner self-acceptance and this activity will help him to examine

his self-talk, please refer to Appendix 1 for more information regarding to these



Building study skills would be essential for Darven to solve his problem.

Schoolwork is one area in which students can all succeed and take pride. The more

hard work they put, the more they can achieve. As Darven begin to believe that he may

be able to succeed, certain skills, when learned, can help him succeed at a higher level

especially during examination. Finding a special place and time for doing homework and

rewarding themselves when they have done it helps many learners like Darven to

success to complete their homework regularly. Therefore, as teacher I decided to

conduct four activities in order to provide practice in study skills critical to him to

success in school. In addition, I will talk to Darven about his study habits at home, and

help him become more efficient. Please refer to Appendix 2 for more information

regarding to these activities.

Developing assertiveness is an essential value that Darven must acquire

because he will able expressing opinions or desires strongly and with confidence, so

that people take notice about him. On the other hand, people sometimes choose not to

ask for what they want like Darven because they do not feel that they have a right to do

so. At other times, people choose to demand what they want, using more energy than

they need and imposing on others¶ rights, that is acting aggressively. There is way to

use the right amount of energy for asking something and refuses what is not wanted. As

a concern educator, I will carry on four activities in order to develop assertiveness and

these will Darven offering in-class opportunities to replay problematic situations using

assertive behaviors. Therefore, for further information please refer appendix - regarding

these activities.


According to Covey.S.R. (2004). The 8th Habit From Effectiveness to Greatness,

Franklin Covey. 68-78 Kingsway, London WC2B6AH, self-awareness, the ability to

reflect on ones¶ own life, grow in self-knowledge, and use that knowledge to improve

oneself and either overcome or compensate for weakness, personal motivation, which

deals with what really excites people- the vision, values, goals, hopes, desires, and

passion that make up their priorities. In Darven case, as a teacher I know that his

feelings are acceptable but that not all behavior is acceptable. If he does not imply this

personal competence, he will unable to recognize how his feelings affect his

performance in studies. Therefore, this is important for me as a teacher to educate him

on how to be a good self-awareness person and student. Besides that, I will buy him

some good motivation books like The 8th Habit From Effectiveness to Greatness written

by Stephen.R.Covey and Success Abilities written by Paula Ancona. Therefore, the

motivation books also help Darven to understanding better on inner behavior and

emotions that would be extra booster for him to banish his negative attitude.

In order to dealing with Darven feelings, I would suggest him to consult a good

therapist regarding to his emotion problems because emotion conflict could lead to

mental problem as well. Therefore, the suitable therapy would be client-centered

therapy. According to Roger, C.R (1961). On becoming a person: A therapist¶s view of

psychotherapy. Boston: Houghton Miffin, states that is to help clients become fully

functioning, to open them up to all of their experiences and to all of themselves. They

have learned that love and acceptance are conditional on becoming what other people

want them to be. So, they try to reflect clients¶ statements, sometimes asking question

and sometimes hinting at feelings that clients have not put into words. Therefore, I think


this treatment would be excellent treatment for Darven. Other than that, time

management would be important aspect because without good time management he

will not able to organize his personal matter and his studies especially. As a teacher, I

would ask him to prepare suitable and good time management table so that he would

divided his time wisely. As a teacher I would try to sensing what others need in order to

develop, and bolstering Darven´s abilities and acknowledge and rewards his strengths,

accomplishment, and develop his skills on his studies. Therefore, he can become

someone and successful student in studies as well as in his future. These few ways

could help him to overcome his problems in studies, behaviors and emotions. Overall

Darven can change into a new person with new mindset.