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iltlt taudard.
Devoted to the Exposition of Scripture respecting Conditional Immortality, Resurrection,
the Return and Reign of Christ, and the Final Destruction of all Evil.


" The Wages of Sin is Death; but the gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

No. 8. Vol. Ill. DECEMBER, 1879. Price One Penny.

Literary Contributors. you; and He must have esteemed you worthy of the price
Rev. HENRY CONSTABLE, M.A., late Prebendary of Cork. Henceforth, let the cross of' Christ banish all mean notions
Rev. GEORGEA. BROWN,New Zealand. of our inherent value, and fill us with emotions of self-com-
Mr. NA.THANIEL STA.RKEY. placency, and consciousness of godlike nature!
Mr. W. LA.ING,Edinburgh. Ah! how differently did Paul estimate, when he spoke of
Publishing Office. Christ dying for those who were without strength. The
cross of Christ was not to him the index of the sinner's
Agent jar the Trade.
value; but of the transcendent love of God. "God com-
F. SOUTHWELL,19, Paternoster Row, E.O.
Managing Secretary. mendeth His love toward us, in that while we were yet
Mr. CYRUSE. BROOKS. sinners Christ died for us." "In this was the love of God
Travelling Secretary. manifested," exclaims the beloved disciple" because that God
Mr. OCTAVIUSBLINKHORN. sent His only begotten Son into the world that we might
live through Him."
THE INHERENT EXCELLENCE OF THE Yes, blessed be God, though you and I are as destitute of
HUMAN SOUL. immortal souls, as are the" beasts that perish,"-though we
THE fact that the Son of God laid down His life for the have earned the wages of sin, which is death, He, in His
Salvation of men, is often adduced as an unanswerable proof wonderful compassion, sent down his well-beloved Son to the
of human immortality. In various phrase, and with con- depths of mortal being, suffering and death, that we by
siderable plausibility, the argument is put, with an air of owning Him as God's Christ, and our Redeemer, and con-
assurance that it cannot be gainsayed: that were man not forming to His will, might now become the children of God,
an essentially immortal being, the precious blood of Christ and fellow-heirs with the Christ, and, at His coming, be made
would not have been shed to save him. The value of the partakers of His glory, honour, and incorruptibility.
ransom-price is held to be indubitable evidence that the Let this love of God, like a gentle river, flow in on your
ransomed were of corresponding' value! " Go in imagina- heart, so that you may love Him more, Who first loved you,
tion," cries one preacher, "to Gethsemane and Calvary, pouring out His soul unto death, that you might walk with
and in the light of those sufferings of the Son of God, see Him in white, in the everlasting, glorious, and happy King-
the worth and value of the soul of man !" The rhetorical force dom of God, to Whom be glory and dominion, for ever and
of such pleading is doubtless very great; but, it is bad logic, ever, Amen!
and bad theology. All the force that is in it, comes from the
assumption that the Christ would not have poured out His

soul unto death for us, unless our souls were worth the
The first man Adam was made a living sonl; the last Adam was
sacrifice. 0 ye sons of men, who think yourselves but" little made a quickening spirit. Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual,
but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. The
less than God," turn in hither, and see your immense value first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man id the Lord from heaven.
reflected in the agonies of God's beloved Son! Call your- As is the earthy, such are they also that are earthy; and as is the
heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly. And as we have borne
selves no longer creatures of a day, whose breath is in their the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.
1 Cor. xv: 45-49. Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for
nostrils, and nothing to be accounted of'! Jesus died fo"; new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwell, th ngheousness. 2 P6t. Hi, 13.

The purposes of God never fail. In the kingdom of Christ has, who is "alive forevermore," and of whom it is said,
there will be no superfluous crowns. If we fail to obtain " death hath no more dominion over Him."
our crowns, they will be given to others. "Behold I come The lower animals are called" living souls," and the term
quickly," says the King of kings; ., hold that fast which thou signifies an animated creature. "And God said, Let the
hast, that no man take thy croum," When the sons of Abra- waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath
ham failed to receive the honor of everlasting life, the unfailing life"-in the original" that hath soul." (Gen. i: 20.) "And
purpose of the Almighty was expressed in the words: "It God created great whales and every living creature"-Hebrew,
was necessary that the word of God should first have been "living soul. ("Gen. i: 21.) "And God said, Let the earth
spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you, and judge bring forth the living creature [living soul] after his kind,
yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, 10, we turn to the cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth after his
Gentiles." (Acts xiii : 46.) When" Judas by transgression kind." (Gen. i: 24.) "And out of the ground the Lord God
fell," another was found to take his place; because it is the formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air, and
. divine purpose that there shall be twelve thrones, and twelve brought them to Adam to see what he would call them; and
occupants, judging the twelve tribes ofIsrael. whatsoever Adam called every living creature, [living soul,]
If the regular church does not retain the truth, and work that was the name thereof." Gen. ii: 19. '<Nephesh. chaiyall,"
to save men, God will have His tabernacle pitched outside of the Hebrew expression for" living soul," is the name of all
the .camp, and, by what some may be pleased to term irreg- animated creatures; and so we read in Rev. xvi: 3, that such
ular means, he will push forward His sublime and never-failing creatures can die: "The second angel poured out his vial
plans. upon the sea, and it became as the blood of a dead man;
All this is true in reference to the divine purpose in the and every living soul died in the sea." The" living-soul"
creation of man and earth. He made the earth to abide for man, having forfeited his life by disobedience, was deprived
ever, and man to inhabit it. His purpose is, an immortal of the tree of life, "lest he put forth his hand and take also
race of men, and an incorruptible, ever-abiding earth. Be- of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever."
c~use Adam fell, and by that act forfeited immortality, It is evident that, as a stream cannot rise higher than its
bringing his posterity to the grave and causing the earth to fountain, 'we can receive no immortality from Adam. "By
be cursed for his sake, we must not think that there has been one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and
a failure in the divine plan in the creation of man and earth. so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned."
Another is found-" the last Adam"-upon Whom, as a great (Rorn. v: 12.) Notice the contrast between the first and last
foundation, the Almighty Father builds and piles in grandeur Adam. "The first man Adam was made a living soul; the
an imperishable creation. In connection with Him, as "the last Adam was made a quickening spirit." 'l'he first was
first begotten from the dead," there is to be a new race only an animated creature, subject to death j but the last
called" the new man," "the new creature;" and this is the was a life-giving Spirit. From Him, and from Him alone-
race who are to become immortal, and to adorn and people the ever-living Redeemer-comes the spirit of immortality.
forever the" new heavens and the new earth wherein dwelleth A living soul can die; but one who receives from the Lord
righ teousness." Jesus, in whom is life eternal, the quickening power of the
The mistake which many make is, that they give the glory divine Spirit, becomes a child of the resurrection, and can
to tile present natural. man which God proposes to give to the never die. Raised from the dead by the last Adam, " death
resurrected and redeemed man. Poetry, heathen philosophy, has no more dominion over him."
and ecclesiastical authority, all contribute to this end; and The present man is called a " natural man," in contrast
thus the " word of God," in reference to His grand kingdom with the "spiritual man." The natural man cannot in-
for the risen and glorified saints, is "made void through herit Paradise regained. He must, by resurrection or
tradition. " translation, become a "spiritual" man. "Howbeit, that
We must get out of Adam into Christ. . As we partake of was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural;
the mortality of Adam and go to the grave, we must partake and afterward that which is spiritual." First, we have only
of the immortality of Christ, who "is risen from the dead the" Psuchikon," the" Soulical," or, as may be translated,
and become the first fruits of them that slept." Let us con- "the animal"--the mere" living soul." Then, in the Lord
sider why the present natural man, the offspring of Adam, Jesus, and all who are made immortal by His resurrection
cannot inherit the world to come. power, we have the '<Pneumatikon;" or "spiritual." The
Adam is called" a living soul," in contrast to the spiritual natural man cannot inherit the kingdom of God. He is
life which Christ possessed, and by virtue of which He is called mortal, corruptible, perishable. How, then, can he inherit
'a quickening spirit." In the nature of Adam we do not find incorruption? This explains why "flesh and blood cannot
the grand element of imperishability which the Redeemer inherit the kingdom of God." It does not mean that a

literal, tangible organism cannot inherit the kingdom, but it We of the Association maintain that there is no such thing.
teaches that the natural or animal man cannot. He is cor- I want to ask where does this idea of immortal soulism
ruptible, ever tending to the dust and corruption. Resur- lead us to? The word" soul," ~s used in the New Testa-
rection or translation will change him, so that he shall ment Scriptures [psuche.} is no more than one manifestation
become the spiritual, incorruptible man, to correspond with of life (zoe). Now, this "life" in the Old Testament
the imperishable beauty and grandeur of the world to come. Scripture is translated by another Hebrew word, and this
The dead NEED a resurrection, and the living must be latter word occurs in the Hebrew Scripture 752 times, and in
changed; for the natural man ("flesh and blood") "cannot this translation it is translated 44 different ways. It is
inherit the kingdom." translated" soul" 475 times out of the 752. Then again it
True are the words of his Creator: "Dust thou art, and is translated "life" and "lives" 120 times. The word in
unto dust shalt thou return." "From everlasting to ever- the New Testament occurs no less than 105 times, and out
lasting thou art God; thou tnrnest man to destruction, and of these it is translated "soul" in our authorised English
sayest, Return, ye children of men." This is the solemn version 58 times: it is translated" life" and" lives" no less
language of a funeral hymn on the mortality of man, more than 40 times, and it leaves very little margin for any other
ancient and reliable than the" Pluedo " of Plato, or the gay translation. There is not one single instance from the first
imagery of the classic muse painting" Psyche," unfettered of Genesis to the end of Revelation of such a thing as an
from flesh in elysian bowers; and more truthful than the immortal soul, and I challenge any man to shew me such an
rhetoric of traditional theology, which glorifies death as a instance. Where our fellow Christians get this word" im-
blessing, and, with argument and fancy borrowed from Pagan mortal" from, I am puzzled' to know. At any rate this word
and Poet, makes void the grand Revelation of Heaven, which "immortal," is only used once in the whole of the Scriptures,
shows the grave unbarred and unbolted by Him who is "the and then it is applied to J ehovah. The word" immortality"
resurrection and the life," and Who" has the keys of Death occurs in some four or five other texts, but is never used in
and Hades." If death glorifies man-if we then assert our reference to any un converted man or woman. It is held out
highest personality in immortality-the Bible doctrine of the to the Christian, that if by patient continuance in well doing,
resurrection is not only a splendid exaggeration, but it has he seeks for immortality, God will give it. As a reward,
no meaning, and is of no use whatever. But if man be God gives eternal life, but not otherwise. I want to shew
mortal, and death be an " enemy," we can understand, as we you that this' " Soul" is not only possessed by man, but is
read the pages of divine revelation, this unfurling of banner possessed also by all the lower orders of creation. This is a
and sound of clarion and shout of victory on the morning of fact entirely lost sight of in these days. You and I have
the resurrection. "Then," and not at death, says the never seen a Soul; and therefore we cannot understand it,
apostle, "shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, except by revelation, and revelation tells me that the animal
Death is swallowed up in victory." and myself have got a Soul, and God claims to Himself that
"As is the earthy, such are they also that are earthy." He has got a Soul. We pride ourselves upon being a little
We partake of the nature of Adam, and as he died so we better than the beasts, because we have got spirits; but the
must die, and depend upon the last Adam, the Lord Jesus, beast has got a spirit as much as I have. The same spirit
for a resurrection to eternal life. Why not exalt the precious that was breathed into my nostrils, is breathed into the
Redeemer, and, instead of attempting to picture the glories animal's nostrils.
of man, preach the glories of man's Saviour, by showing that As the wise man in Ecclesiastes says, "Who knoweth the
the grandeur of man consists, not in what he now is, but spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast
what he will be through the redeeming power of the Son of that goeth downward to the earth? No one has ever seen it.
God? Let us go to the sacred Scriptures and see what they We claim immortality, and we place ourselves on a pinnacle
have to say of the present natural man. Orators, poets, and which God has never placed us on, and in this self-conceit
preachers may exalt man as he now is, and eloquently speak and pride, we look down upon all the other orders of creation.
of the present magnificence of his nature; but when they do You are an animal, and so is the lion; you have got a soul
this, they do it at the expense of redemption. But from all and a spirit, and so has the lion; you have got a body, and
this glorification of depraved and mortal man, we turn to the so has the lion. The wise man asks us what is the differ-
pages of inspired truth: "If any man speak, let him speak ence between a man and a beast? There is one difference;
as the oracles of God." man was made in the likeness of his Creator, and endowed
• with grand thoughts, ideas, and common sense, and blessed
THE SOUL, ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE. with all those faculties and powers which the lower order of
ORTHODOXY lays down as an axiom of faith and belief that creation has not been endowed with. We have been made
man has that which is called an immortal or never-dying soul. .ords over all the rest of the creation. But what have we

to boast about? Take the proud man, take the finest intel- pure, unholy, and imperfect life. God's law is " Life for
lect, the most eloquent man you have ever heard, or the life." God repudiated the idea of any mere animal sacrifice'
finest specimen of humanity you have ever seen, and see as an atonement to be presented before Him, in looking to
him in his coffin. If we turn to Ecclesiastes we find the the time that Christ would suffer, once for all for the whole
wisest amongst men saying that there is really no difference world. The animals were only a type. Again, why was the
between that man and It beast, as far as death is concerned. offering of Abel acknowledged in preference to Cain's? Was
We base our claim of superior position among the animals, not Cain's just as worthy an offering to present as a
not by virtue of our great endow~ents which God gives us, slaughtered lamb? The reason God received the one and
but upon the fact that we are immortal creatures, possessing not the other, was simply because, in the one instance God
never-dying souls. Now I say it is upon that point we are saw blood, and in the other He Saw none. Throughout the
in error. There is no such teaching in the Word of God. teaching of the whole of the Old Testament, God puts His
If we do not receive immortality, it is because of our unbe- veto on any man tampering with blood. Why did He lay
lief. The word " Soul" denotes the vital principle in animal stress on this? Because "the life is in the blood thereof."
bodies. I refer you to the 1 Samuel, xxii, 23; Psalm x, 10; "He that destroyeth the temple of God, him will God
for the bearing out of my statement. Again, it is used of a destroy." I want to ask in conclusion: If we had not had
person possessed of life (Genesis xii, 5.) Again, the Soul is this immortalism presented to us from the time we were in
represented in Scripture as touching dead carcases, doing our mother's lap, up to the time of grey hairs, where would,
work, thinking, and all such endowments which we generally spiritualism be? Nowhere. Where would purgatory be?
speak of, as being a part offhe thinking mind of man. There would be no purgatory. There would be none of those
Leviticus brings out the truth more fully. The Soul is said hideous doctrines that have held sway for more than 1200
to be killed, and can be killed. The Lord Jesus Christ years. Letus learn from God's word, and all these delusions
Himself tells me not to fear what a man can do to my body, will disperse into thin air.-Lieut. 001. Armstronq:s Speech a,t
but to fear what He can do to my soul and my body too, and the concluding Meeting of the Conference,
He tells me He can destroy them. Now, if that Soul was
immortal: I do not see why God would go and destroy a
portion of what is His own attribute-immortality. Again, AGEEEMENT AND DIFFERENCES.
in Job xxxiii, 22, the Soul is described as going to the grave. Every Christian must rejoice in the extent to which he
I wish particlarly to turn attention to the fact that it is can see eye to eye with his brethren in Christ, on the ever-
identified with the blood; (Genesis ix, 4, 5.) The word lasting truths of Scripture, and it is a blessed fact, that, on
" life" referred to, is the word" Soul" repeated over and over most of those grand foundation truths among evangelical
again. Where Adam is called "a living Soul," the same Christians, there is real fellowship; we can stand foot to foot,
word occurs here, and we have it rendered" life." The ordi- and shoulder to shoulder against the common foe, defending
nary English reader takes hold of the word 'life,' and he "the faith once for all delivered to the saints." But why
twists it about as if it were something different from that should not this unity be complete? There are" forgotten
which is translated" Soul." Lev. xvii, 11 & 14, says, " The themes," some of which have" returned from captivity"
life is in the blood." Taking the word which has been called with every evidence of their genuineness and authenticity;
" Soul" in the case of Adam, and a creature in the case of the of this class is the return of the Lord as the grand "hope
lower orders, and what do we arrive at ? We find, the same word of the church." We rejoice that thousands of our fellow-
again; we should read it thus :-" For the Soul of the flesh saints have accepted and embraced' this as a recovered, pre-
. is in the blood." Now this is a hard nnt to crack, and t cious treasure, and are spreading' it with holy earnestness'
know people do not like it, and many Christian people shrink and heartfelt joy by the press, pulpit, and platform.; con-
from it. However, I am firmly convinced, that this is the ferences are held, and thrilling addresses circulated through
secret of the locality of what we are pleased to call "·Soul." all lands. All hail to our co-workers! Heart and hand we
In Isaiah liii, the same Holy Spirit which teaches me, in are with you in the great work, and share with you in both
Leviticus xvii, also speaks there, of the wonderful event that the reproach and the honour. But how has this truth been
was to occur, namely, that Jesus should pour out His Soul reached and recognised? Has it not been by accepting the
unto death; what was it that the Lord Jesus Christ poured literal, plain, common-sense meaning of our Heavenly
out? You tell me that is figurative; but I deny it: it was Father's word? The rejection of the spiritualizing system,
a literality. He shed His blood: He gave His life for the that has obscured in cloud and fog the plain word of the
life of the whole world; and anything short of that is not an Lord. Now working on the same divine lines, other precious
atonement. It was a full and perfect atonement. It was a truths have been brought back to the light, and their place
a pure, a holy and perfect life, that WaS given for your im- . in <:lod's grand revelations: of such are those, for which our

Conditional Immortality Association exists, to publish and as the fruit of Christ's sufferings, death and resurrection,
advocate; yet, we have found no new Bible, we have started untold millions of once fallen, but Christ-Redeemed mortals,
no new sect, we teach no new truths ; we simply tell out what shall share this eternity with their Kinsman Redeemer,
God has been pleased to make known in His blessed book, and that their bliss shall not be marred by the groans of
and which has been there from the beginning, although either men or devils. These have received the awful doom
sadly covered with the rubbish of tradition, and the cobwebs of everlasting punishment, which punishment is "destruc-
of a spurious philosophy. To clear away this debris, and tion from the presence of the Lord," out of which their is no
protest against. the dishonour done to God and His truth, resuscitation. Now, it is on some of these points we differ
has for years been the heroic work of honoured Fathers and from many of our orthodox brethren, but we differ because
Brethren in Christ, whose names will be precious to the we believe fidelity to God's truth and character demands this
whole family of God, when in the clear light of His presence, difference; we are glad to have fellowship in so many
w.e shall look back upon the path, by which His gracious precious things of Christ, and earnestly pray that in what
providence has led His children into the light. But in doing we are otherwise minded, God may reveal this unto them
this, these servants of Christ hold fast to the grand old and us.
doctrines of grace; the Cross has lost none of its power, nor Bridqnortlc. THOMAS VASEY.
Jesus His attraction as the sinner's Friend and Saviour. "

His grand Sacrifice is still held forth as the basis of all

blessing to men; but man is seen in his true character as a
a fallen, mortal sinner, who, unless saved, must utterly It is a significant fact that many of the leading minds of
perish in his own corruption. Divested of the false belief our country are not at all satisfied with the teaching of the
that be is naturally immortal, he is told of that matchless different churches to which they belong, respecting the doom
love of God, that gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever of the finally impenitent.
believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting . There are thousands, to-day, scattered through the various.
life; and he is told that to perish means to die, and fiot to religious organizations, who do not believe the doctrine 0 f
exist in endless. torment, but to be destroyed without rem- endless misery, as taught by the pastors under whose charge
edy; that as a redeemed and saved sinner, God's great gift they are. Some of them being conscientious, and somewhat
to him who had forfeited- it by his sins, is everlasting life- timid, not wishing to be considered a disturbing element in
unending existence-with Christ in glory. That such a life the church to which they belong, do not make known their
will be happy, we hold as firmly as any orthodox brother or views, or at least do not make them sufficiently prominent to
sister; but we contend that these grand truths have freed attract special attention; while others, equally conscientious,
the glorious character of our Heavenly Father from those but of greater moral heroism, have the courage to stem the
aspersions which a false theology has cast upon it. He will tide of popular error, and talk or preach that, which to them,
righteously render to the impenitent sinner "according to appears to be true, and as a consequence, are often either
his work," and He who cannot lie tells us " the soul that expelled or compelled to withdraw from the church.
sinneth, it shall die," "the wages of sin is death." Our At the recent session of the Cincinnati Conference of the
brethren that differ from us, use these words as well as we, M. E. Church, the Rev. R. D. Baker was expelled both
but put upon them a non-natural meaning. from the ministry and membership of that church, for not
Further, we teach that Christ is the Life-giver, the sole believing that the wicked are to be punished with endless
dispenser of the priceless blessing of immortality and incor- hell-fire!
ruptibility to every poor, mortal sinner that trusts in His This action of the Conference caused Prof. N. K. Royse,
precious Name. Why should our friends rob Christ of this who has been a member of the church for twenty-five years,
special honour, which He purchased with His blood, His to withdraw. Prof. R. is a man of culture, an able man of
life? We believe, further, in His Kingdom, and in His wide acquaintance, and enjoys an excellent reputation as an
completing the redemptive work so nobly begun at Bethlehem, educator. The following is Prof. Royse's letter in full, read
Gethsemane, Calvary, Olivet, and sustained now in Heaven by himself to the pastor and members of his church:
itself; but which reaches the climax, when He shall render CINCINNATI,Sept. 13, 1879.
up the Kingdom, sin and impenitent sinners destroyed, the "To the Pastor and Members of the Ashbury Chapel, M. E.
curse rolled back, Satan and his dupes perished, and the Clt1trch:
very stain of their final overthrow obliterated in the new DEAR FRIENDs-Those of you who have read the proceed-
heave~s and the earth, wherein righteousness shall dwell , ings of the recent Cincinnati Conference of the M. E. Church,
for ever. as reported in the press of Wednesday last, also the article
o Brethren, our hope, founded on revealed truth, is that under the head of" Excommunicated" in to-day's (Saturday's) ·

Gaseue, are aware of the fnd that a .certain Rev. D. R. days was generally conceded as a privilege, the right to differ
Baker, a member of the Cincinnati Conference, was on upon Scriptural grounds with anyone regarding any question
Tuesday last, September 9, expelled both from the ministry not involving a denial of the essential beliefs of a Christian.
and the membership of the lL E. Church, mainly for not But tho late action of the Cincinnati Conference has opened.
believing in the doctrine of the eternal tormen t of the wicked. my eyes to a realization that, during all my past connection
" In view ofthis extraordinary action, I feel myself bound, with the church, I have simply been a wolf in the orthodox
as a somewhat conscientious member of the :M. E. Church, fold, (not in sheep's clothing, thank God, for I have never
to make known to you in the present letter what I conceive dissembled my views,) and that if I would open my mouth
to be my plainest, my most inexorable duty. in dissent to-nay, if I would but differ in mind from-the.
"The extraordinary part of the action of Conference con- conventional bleatings of the bellwether, I must first get out-
sists, to my mind, not in the fact that it deposed from the side the sheep-fold. Well, when those assuming to have in
ministry one who taught views at variance with .the patristic themselves the mind which was and is in Christ, and pre-
-that is the Wesleyan, the Fletcherean and Watsonian- tending to be expositors of the world-embracing love, and
theology of the church, but that it excluded from church the intellect-wide charitableness of the New Testament Scrip-
fellowship one who, though his Christian deportment was tures, tell me that, because I do not believe that the final
confessedly irreproachable, yet presumed to differ from his anguish of the wicked shall be everlasting, I am not a
brother expounders of orthodoxy in a matter purely non- Christian, and am not worthy to associate with the members
essential, notoriously debateable, and undeniably outside of of the M. E. Church, and am a heretic, I recognise at once
the articles of religion of the church. But the expulsion of that our views of the Christian religion are irreconcilably
their late minister and member is not the full effect of the hostile, and that our paths in the future must lie widely
Conference's action. Not only did that action say to the apart. If Methodism means so straight and so narrow a
Rev. Mr. Baker, 'You are not a Christian;' 'You are not path as the one just defined by the action of the Cincinnati
worthy to partake with Methodists of the Lord's Supper, Conferance, then I, for one, am not only compelled, but I
nor to join with them as ~ brother in their various acts of also much prefer, to walk in the King's highway.
devotion:' 'You are a heretic;' but it pronounces sentence " It is really sad to reflect that the clerical lamps I have
of disinheritance, of excommunication upon every member been so long accustomed to, do all of a sudden withhold their
of the church who does not subscribe to the dogma of the varying illuminations from my path; but it is sweet to be-
everlating torment of the wicked. It warns all such, how- lieve that God's stars of eternal truth still shine impartially on.
ever unobtrusive they may have been with their opinions, to N. K. ROYSE."
to jump overboard form the good ship Zion at once, and so
After the above letter was read "a reporter conversed
avoid the unpleasant exercise of being compelled to walk the
with Mr. Royse about the matter, and he seemed much
plank. Now, as one who, in so far as his views respecting affected by what he regarded as a necessity-his withdrawal
the destiny of the wicked have been stated, agrees entirely
from the church to which he had belonged for a quarter of a
with the Rev. Mr. Baker, I recognize the awful voice of this
Protestant bull, and propose at once to set myself outside of
"I have never concealed my views, and those with whom
his high and narrow enclosure. I believe the doctrine of the
I have spoken concerning the doctrine in question, know my
eternal misery of the wicked to be, from a human standpoint,
a most slanderous impugnment of the character of a most
"Did the church take any action on your communication ?"
just and merciful God; and, mor ever, a most erroneous
"No. I said that none was necessary. This is not a
interpretation of the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. It is
withdrawal, but an expulsion. By expelling Mr. Baker from
a matter of supremo indifference to me what Wesley or
fellowship, the Conference has passed sentence on all who
Fletcher or Vlatson, or any other Pope may have set up as
agree with him about eternal punishment. I do agree,
the infallible orthodoxy of the church on this head, provided
and, therefore, I am expelled by act of Conference."
the language of the word of God does not sustain them; or,
May the good Lord lead, and abundantly bless, the two
at the very least, makes it evident that there is ample ground
brethren herein referred to. We believe He will. May erro-
here for an honest and rational difference of opinion. I
neous theories continue to give way to a more rational and
have been a member (at least that was my impression) of
intelligent interpretation of God's word. Truly, truth is
the M. E. Church for more than twenty-five years past, and
sprE\ading.-Bible Banner.
during all that time, notwithstanding the scores of sermons
to the contrary, have seen proper to cherish the belief in the
"AND this is life eternal, that they might know Thee the
final extinction of evil; and, in so believing, Lpresumed I
only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom Thou hast sent.-
was exercising only what in these so-called past inquisitonial
John xvii. 3.

WHAT IS TRUTH? will give is My flesh, which I will give for the life of be
WE constantly hear it asserted from thousands of pulpits world. " John vi. 51. And so we read of Jesus, that "In
and platforms, that man is an immortal being, and con- Him was life, and the life was the light of men," John i. 4;
sequently can never die or be destroyed. We are told that and "He brought life and immortality to light through the
when the body dies, the soul of man immediately flies away Gospel," 2 Tim, i. 10. The vain assumption of inherent
either to Heaven, there to exist for ever in glory, or it immortality, was the very thing our Lord continually rebuked
departs to Hell, there to be eternally tormented in flames of the Jews for in His own day, saying to them, "Ye think ye
fire. In fact the whole of the popular preaching of the day have eternal life and ye will not come unto Me, that ye
is based upon this assumption, viz: that man can never might have life." John v. 40. These Scriptures then plainly
cease to exist, and must live for eternity either in Heaven teach, that unless a man be a believer in our Lord Jesus
or in Hell. But this teaching contradicts Scripture, and Christ, he will ultimately die or perish, and with this all
apparently makes God a liar, for His word declares that 'Scripture agrees, "For the wages of sin is death, but the
"The soul that sinneth it shall die," and that" The wages gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord."
of sin is death," see Esek: xviii. 4; and Rom. vi. 23. But Rom. vi. 23.
folks tell us that man cannot die, and can never cease to Concerning the doctrine of future punishment-we believe
be, and so opposing God they agree with the Devil, for he it that all men will be raised for judgment, and those whose
was who first uttered this delusive lie in the Garden of Eden, names are not found written in the Lamb's Book of Life,
and flatly contradicted God by saying, "Ye shall not surely will then suffer a Second Death; which death will be a final
die," whereas God had distinctly said to Adam, " Dying thou and complete destruction both of body and soul. To say
shalt die." And we know that immediately Adam trans- that everlasting torture will be the future punishment of the
gressed, he literally began to die and return to his dust: sinner, argues that every sinner will possess Everlasting
see Gen. ii. 17. And now shut out from the Tree of Life, Life, for a man needs Immortality to live for ever in Hell,
we are all in a dying condition. And so Paul teaches, that as much as he needs it to live for ever in Heaven. But
" By one man sin entered into the world and death by sin; Scripture emphatically declares that only those who render
and so death has passed upon all men." Rom, v. 12. Obedience to the Faith shall have eternal life ; for God's
The word of God distinctly teaches us, that man is not an idea of life is that it should be holy, and consequently happy.
immortal being, for we read in plain language that" God The threat therefore, to the man who persists in Sin, is that
only hath immortality," whereas man is always spoken of as he shall be eternally blotted out of existence.
mortal, dying, perishing, corruptible, &c., see particularly To say that the pain and suffering of the Sinner will never
Job iv. 17; 1 Tini vi. 16; 2 Chron . xiv. 11; Rom, vi. 12; end, is practically to undermine the atonement of Christ,
viii. 11; 1 Cor. xv. 53. Those who teach that every man is for it would deny that our Saviour bore the full punishment
naturally immortal, certainly do not understand the atone- of sin (as He did not suffer eteruul torment.) Ask an ortho-
ment of Christ, for the one great and grand object of that dox Christian what the punishment for sin is, he will say
atonement was to confer immortality and eternal life upon Endless torment in Hell fire. Ask him if Christ bore the
those who came to Him and believed His Gospel. To say full punishment for sin, he is compelled to say Yes; but ask
that unbelievers as well as believers shall exist for eternity, him again if Christ suffered eternal torment, and of course
is to rob Christ of His greatest glory as the lifegiver of man- he must answer No. This then should prove to every intelli-
kind, for this power of existing for ever is His particular gent Christian that the wages of sin is death. Some have
reward to those who believe in Him, as He Himself said attempted to get over this difficulty by pleading that because
"He that believeth on Me hath everlasting life, he that of our Lord's Divinity, the value of His sufferings would be
believeth not shall not see life." John iii. 36. It was because an equivalent to the eternal torture of a human being; but
men are perishing mortals that Christ died, this is the very if we argue thus, why surely our Lord need not have suffered
essence of the Gospel, viz: that" God so loved the world death at all, for one drop of His precious blood would ha-ve
that He gave His only begotton Son, that whosoever be- sufficed for the salvation of the human race; but the Scrip-
lieveth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life." ture is opposed to such argument and knows nothing of it,
John iii. 16. Hear our Saviour's own words, "I am come for we are taught there that Christ stood in the sinner's
that they might have life," John x. 10. "This is the will place, and made a complete atonement by bearing the full
of Him that sent me, that everyone which seeth the Son, and complete punishment of sin; for" He was wounded for
and believeth on Him, may have everlasting life; and I will our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the
raise him up at the last day." John vi. 40. "I am the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His
living bread which came down from heaven; if any man eat stripes we are healed, for the Lord hath laid upon Him the
of this bread he shall live for ever; and the bread that I iniqiuity of us all." Isaiah liii. Christ bore the real penalty

due to sin, that penalty is death.-So we read in Heb, ii. 9, upon His justice and love, that every Christian should pro- .
that" Christ tasted of death for every man." test against it. The Gospel begins with a declaration of
What then shall be the end of them that obey not the God's love towards men, it is a message of good news, and
Gospel ? Let the Scriptures answer. if sinners are to be converted to God, depend upon it God's
" The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from Heaven with His way is to draw men unto Himself by His offer of love and
mighty angels, in flaming fire, taking vengeance on them mercy, rather than to frighten them into believing with the'
that know not God, and that obey not the Gospel of our threat of Hell fire. Through this lie of the Ser~ent, thou-
Lord Jesus Christ; who shall be punished with everlasting sands of thinking men and women have been kept from
destruction from the presence of the Lord." 2 Thess, i. 7. embracing Christianity, because they could not believe such
"The destruction of the transgressors and of the sinners a fearful dogma. Let us who are of the faith throw aside
shall be together, and they that forsake the Lord shall be the traditions of men, and search that Word which alone
consumed." Isaiah i. 28. giveth light, and proving all things by the Word, hold fast
"The wicked shall perish, and the enemies of the Lord only that which is good, for the time has indeed come when
shall be as the fat of lambs; they shall consume; into the professing church will not endure sound doctrine, but
smoke shall they consume away." Psalm xxxvii. 20. after their own lusts have they heaped to themselves teachers,
" He shall destroy the sinners." Isaiah xiii. 9. having itching ears, for truly have they turned away their
"They shall be as though they had not been." Obad, xv. 16. ears from the truth and are turned unto' fables. 2 Tim. iv. ,3.
"Behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; And those who contend for the Faith which was once deliv-
and all the proud, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: ered to the Saints, have to say with the Apostle Paul, ~' This
and the day that cometh shall burn them up." Mal. iv. 1. I confess, that after the way which they call heresy, so
" The fearful, and unbelieving, the abominable, murderers, worship I the God of my fathers." Acts xxiv. 14.
whoremongers, sorcerers, idolators, and all liars, shall have The Scriptures teach that the soul is not immortal, but
their portion in the lake which bumeth with fire and brim- dies; see Eeek, xviii. 4; Lev. xxiii. 30; Josh. xi. 11; Psalm
stone: which is the second death." Rev. xxi, 8. xxxiii. 1!J; lxxviii. 50; Rev. xvi. 3; Job xxxi. 39.
Surely, Scripture cannot more plainly teach that every The dead are not alive, but are asleep and unconscious till
sinner will ultimately be destroyed. Matt. xxv. 46, speaks the Resurrection. The doctrine of a conscious spirit exist-
of everlasting punishment, and is generally quoted to prove ence between Death and Resurrection is one of the great
the theory of endless torment, but this verse says nothing as delusions of Satan, as it lays the foundation for all tha
to the nature of the punishment, but refers to its effect. The fearful teachings of Spiritualism, and the many errors of the
punishment will be everlasting in effect but not in its infliction, Roman Church concerning Purgatory, &c., see Isaiah
for as we have seen from Scripture, the punishment is death xxxviii. 18; Psalm vi. 5; Eccles. iii. 19; ix. 5-6; Psalm
and destruction. In Heb, vi. 2, we read of "Eternal Judg- cxv. 17; cxlvi. 4.
ment," we also r;ad of "Eternal Redemption" and" Eternal Saints do not go to Heaven when they die, nor sinners to
Salvation," but no Christian would understand by these Hell, both remain in their graves till the Resurrection, which
passages that eternal judgment will never come to an end, will take place at the personal appearing of our Lord Jesus
neither does he believe that God will be eternally redeeming Christ, see 1 Thess. iv. 13.16; 2 Tim, iv. 1-8; John v. 28-29 ;
and saving men; but we understand that once having been 1 Cor. xv. 52-54; 1 Peter v. 4; John vi. 39-40; 2 TILes.
saved and redeemed, we are saved for ever; and there is one 1. 7-10.-Search the Scriptures. H.B.M.
judgment, the effect of which will be eternal and everlasting;
and so with the destruction of the wicked, in effect it will be NOTE.-The above is No. 1 of the New Series of Tracts·
everlasting,-being once destroyed they will be punished for issued front ouroffice=-Bee advertisement.
ever, as the Scripture says "They shall be punished with

everlasting destruction." So we read in Jude 7, that
Sodom and Gomorrha " are set forth for an example, suffering WHY HE DIDN'T GO TO THE CIRCUS.
the vengeance of eternal fire. " We know they are not " I DON'T like cirkises," said Grandma Bassett, emphasizing
burning now, but having been completely destroyed, they the remark with an extra blow of the flat-iron, as she placed
have suffered the vengeance of eternal fire. it on the triangular iron stand. .
Dear reader, do not let Satan deceive you by his old lies " Why, everybody goes to them," said blue-eyed Miriam,
of the immortality of the soul, and the eternal torture of coaxing the baby she had brought to show grandma how it
human beings. The doctrine of eternal torment in Hell fire could walk with hands outspread.
is the foulest lie the Devil ever invented to blacken the " I'm sorry for't," was the grim rejoinder.
character of our blessed God; and is such a terrible libel " Sorry for what, grandma?" and a sunburnt, laughing

face appeared at the door. It was her grandson from the " For Eben's sake we tried to like her; but we could see
farm two or three miles away, and he had brought a small that the quiet of the old farm and our homely ways growed
sack of potatoes for her. irksome to her. She wanted the cirkis life, and after her
" Sorry for what, granny?" he repeated. baby was born-a year from the time she fust came to us-
" Sorry because cirkises come, and people go to 'em," was Eben took her to a cirkis for the sake of old times, and-and
the answer. -I'd a good deal rather not say it, but the fact is, it was
"0, you're old-fashioned, granny, dear! People don't bred in the bone. She met some of her miserable friends,
have such notions now; and, besides, circuses are nicer and whether they persuaded her not I don't know, but in a
than they used to be. Why, I brought in some early apples few days she ran away with her baby-that innocent child,
off my own tree to sell on purpose to go to this one; and I to train up, maybe, for the cirkis ring."
wanted to give little Miriam a treat. I was going to ask "Indeed, that was dreadful, granny," said George, in a
her." low voice, while fifteen-year-old Miriam looked down with
"Well, you needn't, for she can't go. I'd as soon see her motherly care on her baby-cousin, who had fallen asleep in
buried-I'd like ter said," was the old lady's reply. her lap.
"Why, granny, how can you say so? What possible " Dreadful I-that wasn't the worst of it. When Eben
objections can you have?" asked her grandson, a little came to know it he turned white as a stone statue, but he
warmly. "Poor Miriam never goes anywhere. All work never said a word. He took the best horse we had, and
and no play makes little girls dull. I'm sure it's very in- went off. Nobody liked to speak to him, but we was all
structive-the animals and curiosities from all parts of the prepared for something dreadful,
world; and then the music and the horses "- ""Well, he never came home alive," quavered granny,
"Yes, yes; I know all about it. Hevn't I had cause to? looking hard at her iron, then setting it down, and wiping
It jest makes my heart ache to hear you going on so-and- her eyes with a corner of her apron.
well, yes, I s'pose I might as well tell you my objections. "He was brought home-dead I-my noble, handsome
You've never heered 'em. It's best for some things never boy. We never rightly knew the story, but supposed he
to be spoken of only in the way of warnin', attacked somebody, and in self-defence, so it was said, the
"I don't s'pose ye remember yer Uncle Eben ? Miry man shot my Eben.
here was only six months old when he died, and yer couldn't "It wasn't six months after that when one night-a
'a' been over five, and not livin' where you do now, either. desperit windy, stormy night it was-we heered the front
Eben was the handsomest of my boys, an' bright an' smart door open and shet, and going into the entry, there was
as he could be. There never was such a boy as he for books. Eben's poor baby jest lying on the rug fast asleep, for I
" When he was 'bout twenty-two there come one of them s'pose they'd give it some drug.
soul-destroyers-that's what I call 'em-into Upton village " We took it in, of course, poor little thing! and it's been
-that's about two miles from here-an' it staid 'bout two the light and comfort of our home ever since; and now you
months. know why I won't let Eben's child-yes, that's her-go to
"I was sort 0' strict, and when Eben talked of goin', I said the cirkis, even with a good boy like you."
all I could agin it; but he was of age, and I couldn't deny There was a long silence. Miriam was crying softly, and
him right up an' down. So he went, an' from that first George stood, one foot crossed over the other, his eyes cast
night my poor boy wasn't the same .. down.
" Every day he'd be quiet, an' absent-like, an' every night " I believe I don't care about going myself," he said, in
he'd be up to Upton. Father and I grew worried, but what' . an undertone; and he did not go.
could we do? He didn't tell us nothing.
" One day-I guess it was a week after the cirkis had
gone-what does Eben do but bring home- a wife! And
LINCOLN.-The Rev. G. A. Brown.-Farewell Meetings were held on
that wife-well, she played in the cirkis," added Grandma
Sunday, and Monday, October 19th and 20th, at Mint Lane Baptist
Bassett, with suppressed bitterness. Chapel. On the Sunday, he preached to very large congregations, from
"She was a little creeter; but didn't I see the paint. Coil. ii. 2-8, and Acts xx. 25-27. At the Evening Service every foot of
through her white veil, and didn't I feel that she wasn't a room was occupied, even the pulpit and its stairs being crowded, and very
true woman, that everything about her was false as her many unable to obtain entrance at all. It was estimated that about 900
were present. A large number remained to the after prayer-meeting,
colour was?
more than the body of the Chapel could accommodate. At this meeting
"Poor Eben! he thought the world of her, and perhaps much valuable testimony was borne to the power of the truth, as pre-
she meant to be good to him; but you see the power of habit sented by Mr. Brown, during his helpful ministry. Of the tea, on the
was strong. ollowing day, about 400 partook; and at the Public Meeting which

followed, the Chapel was full. Mr. W. Bausor, the Church Secretary, be seen t " 3rd," What will be the effect of His return upon the Church,
presided, and stated that a wonderful blessing had followed Mr, Brown's and tben upon the World at lar f e l " 4th," Man: his nature and his
ministry of 32 months. That, though, to many the teaching had been destiny."
strange and new, being based upon the doctrine of " Life only in Christ," BRADFoRD.-The Bible Class here is operating most successfully, and
yet it had proved itself to be " The power of God unto Salvation," 220 has issued a very attractive bill of fare.
Member having been added unto the Church. That of these, some had CHELTENHA~r.-Christian Assembly.-Mr. H. B. Murray has succeeded
been saved from infidelity; thus proving how untrue are the charges of Mr. C, E. Brooks in the pastorate of this Church. An effort is being
the opponents of" Conditional Immortality," as to its teachings destroy- made, with the help of the latter, to payoff the arrears of rent, and debt
ing Christian power and usefulness. All the Deacons and several of the on furniture, with a view to afterwards securing a site, and erecting a
Members spoke to the sterling worth of Mr. Brown's ministry. On behalf suitable place of worship. After three years testimony to the truth in
of tbe Church and Congregation, the Chairman presented to Mr. Brown, hired rooms, the congregation is anxious to secure permanent and better
a richly illuminated address, (gratuitously prepared by Mr. Mortimer,) a accommodation.
gold watch and chain, and a purse, which he remarked had a golden CONFERENCEFUND.-For the purposes of the late Conference, special
lining. Mr. Mortimer then presented to Mrs. Brown, a gold chain. In donations of above £58 have been received. After paying expenses, a
reply, Mr. Brown stated, that though leaving them, he was not leaving balance of £5 13s. 6d. has been carried to the General Fund. The above
the ministry ; only sailing to N€w Zealand in search of health and is exclusive of the local expenses, which were generously borne by the
strength for further usefulness. He should not however, for a season Maberly Congregation.
at least, make himself chargeable to any Church, but labouring, like FREE ISSUE OF TRAcTs.-Earnest friends, whose means are not equal
Paul, for the bread of this life, would also embrace every opportunity, to their desires for usefulness, are applying to us for free parcels of our
throughout Australasia, to proclaim the bread of " Eternal Life." Tracts. They desire to be able to meet the growing spirit of enquiry,
A valedictory address was then given by Mr. G. P. Mackay,-formerly and cry for light, and to administer a corrective to the well-meant but
of Bradford, and a member of Sion Jubilee Baptist Church, from which erroneous literature, with which the land is flooded. We earnestly invite
he was called to retire because denying Man's Natural Immortality, and special donations for this purpose, and pledge ourselves to carefully use
who has been invited to supply the vacant pulp.t in Lincoln for a season, the same. Who will help? The time is short during which we may
-from" I commend you to God, and to the word of His grace." At the bestow of our goods; for the Master is at hand; and sad service is it
close all present passed the platform to shake hands with Mr. Brown, and which gives but grudgingly of the c1"1tlnbs, instead of willing and gen-
many a hearty " God bless you I" was said to him. Appropriate hymns, erous cuts from the loaf. In faith that our wants will be supplied, we
specially composed for the occasion by Mr. Mackay, were sung, the main invite further applications for free parcels, but from members only, that
thought running through them being expressed in the words :- we may have some warrant for honest and judicious distribution.
We may now be called to sever, LOA~ LIBRARIEs.-Maberly Chapelj Dr. W. Leask'~,) has set in this,
And to other climes be borne,
as in so many other things, an excellent example, which we trust, other
Bnt we'll meet, to part-no never,
On the Resurrection morn. congregations in sympathy with the truths we teach will follow. 1:>.
From the dry land or the ocean, Library, containing all our Standard works, has been furnished by them.
From where'er our lot be cast,
From Old England or New Zealand, Impressed as we are, with the good that may be done by lending our
We shall gather Home at last. special literature, freely, to those whose means are unequal, or whose
A goodly number of friends-in the faith-from Lincoln and Bradford, prejudices prevent the purchase thereof, we would urge upon our friends
accompany Mr. Brown, and share, with him, the prayers of the Church. genemlly to "go and do likewise." We will supply parcels carriage free,
LONDoN.-On Sunday, October 24th, the pulpit of Maberly Chapel, at a reduction, for this purpose.
Kingsland, N., was occupied by Mr. G. A Brown, late of Lincoln: being Gr.xsuow.c=Lectures have been recently delivered in the South-side
his last Sunday in England previous to sailing for New Zealand. The Assembly Rooms, by Mr. T. J. Hitchcock, The attendance has been
Congregations were excellent, and the sermons made a deep impression. excellent (500 upwards) and the interest shown most pleasing.
On the following Tuesday, a farewell meeting was held. Dr. W. Leask, CORRESPONDENCE.-
W. C. Boardman.-" The Conditional Immortality
the Editor of the Ra'inbolO presided. A motion expressing the esteem in Association" may-or may not-be an "absurd name." It may-or
which Mr. Brown was held by the members of the" Conditional Immor- may not-" excite all manner of ridicule." The word "Destructionists"
tality Association," was spoken to by Mr. Jas. Waylen, Mr. H. Gill, Mr. may be " the correct appellation." We are not wedded to our title, and
O. Blinkhorn, Lieut.-Col. E. Armstrong, and the Secretary: and passed future Conferences may probably alter it. Meantime, we are glad to
with hearty expressions of approval. Mr. Brown then addressed the know-despite the title-the Association is making solid progress, both
meeting. On Friday following, a social soiree was held at the house of .in additions to its membership, and in the largely increased circulation
Mr. A. Smith, De Beauvoir Square, when 40 partook of the generous fare of its literature, ., 'What's in a name?" is a question we are not careful
provided, and spent the evening in pleasant intercourse with Mr. and to answer. " A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet." If our
Mrs. Brown; Henry J. Ward, Esq., President of the Association, and name is "absurd," (?) we have, and spread the truth. Our corres
Mr. J. Grylls, of Liverpool, being among the guests. On Sunday following, pondent however, seems in doubt on this point also, as he adds" sou I
the good Ship" British Empire" dropped down the river, with oer friends sleeping or 1ltter unc01l8ciou81less till the • Second Death' is suffered, is
on board. After calling at Falmouth, they were to proceed direct to an E1"r01' or Heresy." We cannot imitate the infallibility of our censor,
Auckland, New Zealand. We pray for them a quick, safe, and pleasant but we can point him to an infallible authority to decide the matter.
voyage. and in the land of their adoption, much usefulness. "The dead praise not the Lord, neither any that go down into Silence."
ScoTLAKD.-A course of four lectures are to be delivered Psalm cxv. 17. " His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in
in the Tontiue Hall, during December, by Mr T. J. Hitchcock, of Glasgow, that very day his thoughts perish." Psalm cxlvi. 4. "The dead know
on the following subjects :-lst, " Will the coming of Christ be personal not anythin!J. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is nolO
and pre-millenial?" 2nd, " Did the Lord give His followers any Sign or perisiled." Eec. ix. 5-6. "And no man hath ascended up to heaven."
Sigrls by which they might know He would return; and if so, a re, they to John iii. 13. "Our friend Luzarus sleepetli ;-Lazarus is dead." John
xi. 11,14. "For David is not ascended into the heavens.' 'Acts ii. 3! BAPTISM, as Practised by the Early Church. One Penny;
We know, nor-for ourselves-need, no higher testimony. ]f our friend post-free l!d., or Is. per dozen. Of the Author, W. L.HNG, 51,
quarrels with "soul.sleeping," he dissents from the clear and uniform Buccleuch-street, Edinburgh.
testimony of the word of 'God.
STlRLING.-By error, the course of lectures recently delivered here, was ANNUAL CONFERENCE REPORT, 1879.-The Special
placed under the wrong heading in our last issue. It should have read Number of the Christian WOl':d, containing a Verbatim Report of
Stirling instead of Edinburgh. the Thre~· Days' proceedings; of all Newsagents, at One Penny.
EDINBuRGH.-During November, a course of weekly lectures was deli- Sent carnage free at 1 s. 3d. per dozen; carriage unpaid 6s. per
vered. 1st," The Kingdom of Christ a Visible Monarchy over all Nations : 100. Bible Standard Office.
yet not of this World." 2nd," The only means of the World's •
Conversion." 3rd," The only form of Government that will secure the
happiness, and satisfy the needs of the Human Race." 4th," The BIBLE STANDARD PUBLISHING SOCIETY,
future abode of the Saints.-Is it Earth or Heaven? 5th," Is man by ST. PAUL'S BUILDINGS, PATERNOSTER ROW,
nature Mortal or Immortal?" 'I'hese Lectures were given in Union
Hall; the first three by Mr. W. Laing, the others by Mr. Jas. Muir, LONDON.
and Mr. R. K. Strang.
All orders of Is. upwards post free by return; or may be had of any
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amongst your friendly circles.
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3rd. A very moderate charge.
TERM~S :-24 words and under 1s., all. above at rate oj 4d. per assorted 2 and 4 page tracts. Value 4s.
line oj eight words. Six insertions charged as five. Con- HALF·CROWN SUNDAY SCHOOL PARCEL. Con-
tinuous Adverti.sements inserted at the rate of 2s. 6d. per taining: New Jerusalem. Love of God vindicated: Christ our
line per Annum. Life. 'I'hy Kingdom Come. An assortment of penny books, in
------~----- colored wrappers. Value 3s. 6d.
Sympathy with the purposes of the Association, moral life, the Sermon A.D. 366. Kingdom of God. Will all men be saved?
acceptance of the Sacred Scriptures as the Inspired Word of God Popular Objections to Resurrection. Profitable Business. Forgotten
and rule of life, with a minimum subscription of 2s. 6d. per annum. Themes. Spiritualism Unveiled. Immaterialism.· Whose Child
Each member being entitled to receive, post-free, a monthly copy are you? Restitution of all things. Nature of Man. Bible Doctrine
of tbe official organ, the " Bible Standard," and an Annual Report, of the Soul. Saints do not go to Heaven at Death. Is Man
and to speak and vote at the Annual Conferences. Subscriptions or Im,??rtal? Who art. Tho,u that Judgest? EVIls of present
donations are earnestly invited, and should be forwarded direct to Religious Systems. Discussion on Separate State of Dead. Evils
the Office, or paid to any of the Society's accredited agents: of Tobacco Using. New Creed of Plymouth Brethren, Re-standing
Address, Cyrus E. Brooks, St. Paul's Buildings, Paternoster Row. of Dead. Touchstone. Hope of Eternal Life. Value 8s. Id.
London, E,C. A copy of the Annual Report post-free for penny HALF·GUINEA nOOK PARCEL. Containing : Struggle
stamp. Information of a private nature can be obtained from the for l~ternA.l Life. Life of Jesus. Discussion all Separate S~ate.
Secretary at the Office. Earuest Words for Honest Sceptics. Oxford Theology. The Great
--------~~-------- Controversy. New Pacts on All Subjects. Homes of Old English
BIBLE STANDARD.-The Subscriptions for the third year Authors. Cloth-bound, Value 17s.
are now due, Will all our subscribers kindly forward them direct ONE GUINEA BOOK PARCEL. Containing: the
to the Office. We also solici t new orders from new readers. For Half-guinea parcel, and Bible Doctrine of Soul. Joyful Message.
terms, see list. Sums under 5s. can be sent in stamps. Foster's Biblical Psychology. The Voice of the Church on Christ's
Coming. Future Punishment. Cloth-bound. Value 33s. 6d.
ADDRESS: Cyrus E. Brooks, St. Paul's Buildings Paternoster
THE BIBLE STANDARD is supplied-to Members only- Row, London, E,C. This offer only holds good for complete parcels, as
at following rates for Miscellaneous Numbers: 2s. per 100, carriage stated, and for the months of December and January. The 2s. 6d. and
unpaid; 6d. per doz., post. free. We invite the kind co-operation of os. orders can be sent in stamps; P.O.O. at G.P.O. for the higher
our Association Members in circulating these. parcels.

EDINBURGH. THE R.~I,NBOW, 6d. monthly, 6s. per annum, post-free,
The MISSES LEISHMAN AND CHANDLER, Subscriptions and orders for next year invited. •• Bible Standard"
Receive a limited number of Young Ladies as pupils, whom they Office.
endeavour to train in the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ; THE EMPHATIC DIAGLOTT. By B. WILSON,of New
combined with a sound and useful secular education. Particulars as to York. Containing the Original Greek Text of the New Testament
tAI'illS, &c., on application. (according to the Recension of Dr. J. J. Griesbach,) with an inter~
MAN: HIS ORIGIN AND NATURE-A Valuable" Con- lineary Word-for- Word English Translation; and aNew Emphatic
ditional Immortality" 4 pp. Tract. Bv C. F. 25 copies upwards VerSIOn, based on the renderings of eminent orisics, and on the
post-free at rate of Is, 6d. per 100. By rail, carriage unpaid, 250 various readings of the Vatican Manuscript. Published at Four
upwards at rate of 10s. per 1,000. Bible Standard. Office. Dollars. Seut Post-free for 15s. A most valuable work.
WHAT IS TRUTH ?-A Companion Tract to the above. By H. CON S TAB L E, M.A.,
By H. B. M. Published at same rates.
(Late Prebendary of Cork, Ireland).
THE MIDNIGHT CRY-A 16 pp. Second Advent Tract,
well calculated to arrest attention and lead to thoughtfulness. One DURATION AND NATURE. OF FUTURE PUNISH.
penny each; 6 copies post-free. Bible Standard Office. MENT. 5th Edition, 340 pp. Price 3s. 6d.

HADES: or, The Intermediate State of Man. Crowu BOOKS AND TRACTS. s. d.
Svo, Price 3s. 6d. Immaterialism-by Sheldon o 3
RESTITUTION OF ALL THINGS-Price sa. Hell according to Scripture
A New Bible: or Scripture Be-written ..
By MILES GRANT. Report of Cannon-street Conference on Conditional Im-
NATURE OF MAN: Is he Mortal or Immortal? Notes mortality o 6
and Queries. Thoughts on the Soul, &c. Price Is. The Harmony of Scripture on Future Punishment o 6
Hudson's Greek Concordance 10 6
SPIRITUALISM UNVEILED, and shown to be the Work The Glory of Christ-by S. Miuton 5 0
of Demons: Second Edition. Price 6d. Struggle for Eternal Life-by Petavel •• 2 6
WHAT IS MAN? and the Meaning of Soul, Spirit, Biblical Psychology-by J. L. Foster 6 6
Death, and Hell. Price 3d. Life of Jesus-by Greenwell 1 0
SPIRIT IN MAN: What is it? Price 4d. Earnest Words for Honest Sceptics-by Mrs. H. V. Reed 2 0
THE SOUL: a Bible View of its Meaning. Price 4d. Oxford Theology--by J. Harrison 2 0
The Bible Triumphant-by Mrs. H. V. Reed; being a complete
RICH MAN AND LAZARUS; THIEF ON THE CROSS; reply to an American work entitled, "144 Self-Contra.
with other interesting matter. Price 3d. dictions of the Bible" paper Is. ; cloth 2 0
By J. H. WHITMORE. The Bible Doctrine of the Soul-by Ives paper Is.': cloth 2 0
The Voice of the Church-by D. T. Taylor; being the testi-
THE DOCTRINE OF IMMORTi\LITY-Price 3s. Bd. mony of the Church from the earliest times, to the
By GEORGE A. BROWN. Coming and Reign of Christ 5 0
Joyful Message-by Rotherham .. 1 6
FORGOTTEN THEMES: or, Facts for Faith. Price Is. The Way Everlasting-by S. Minton 1 0
THE MESSENGER-A monthly Magazine of Christian The Great Controversy-by H. L. Hastings 1 6
Instruction and Intelligence, advocating the Coming Kingdom of The Soul: Is it Immortal ?-by Ellison 2 6
God, the Return of the Lord Jesus, and the Hope of Eternal Life. Christ our Life-by Kerr .. 1 6
Edited by M. W. Strang. Price 2d.; or, by post, 1 copy, 2s. 6d.; The Plan of Redemption-by Wellcome .• 5 0
2 copies, 4s. 6d.; 3 copies, 7s. per annum. Four copies and upwards A Discussion on the Separate State-by Kellaway and
post-free. Robt. K. Strang,6, Westbank Terrace, Hillhead, Glasgow. Boardman paper Is.: cloth 2 0
.THE RAINBOW: Edited by WILLIAMLEAsK, D.D., and Human Destiny-by Professor C. F. Hudson .. 2 6
Published by ELLIOT STOCK,62, Paternoster Row, on the first of Immortality Lost in Adam, Gained in Christ-by E. Bartemy 2 0
every month, price Sixpence-is the first publication in England on Howto learn Hebrew 6 0
the great doctrines of the coming Kingdom of God and Immortality Bass's Greek Lexicon •• 2 0
only in Christ. Those who wish to examine these doctrines, and Why all Christians should read God's Word in Greek .• 0 6
collateral topics of profound interest in relation to Christianity, Bagster's Comprehensive Bible-published at 428., offered at 30 0
should order the RAINBOW of their Booksellers. Hope of Eternai Life-- by Greenwell 1 0
THE EASTERN QUESTION: In the Light of Scripture. Christian Hope: Popular Theology-by Underhill " each 0 3
Price Sixpence. By W. DICKSON. Sunlight dispersiog the dismal shadows-by S. Henn.. 0 7
The Last War-by Challoner 0 6
THE RICH MAN AND LAZARUS. By W. A. HOBBS. The MortalBesurrection Theory Examined-by W. Laing 0 3
Price 3d. The New Creed of the Plymouth Brethren 0 2
FUTURE PUNISHMENT. By same Author. Price Ls., A Report of the Meeting in Chelsea IIall 0 1
Is. 6d., 28. Priestly Jealousy-by G. H. Hayward .• 0 6
By GENERAL H. GOODWYN. A Dialogue between Predestinarian and his Friend per hundred 2 0
ANTITYPICAL PARALLELS; or, the Kingdom of Israel Sin and how to escape it .. per hundred 2 0
and Heaven. Royal 8vo, price 8s., with Notes, Illustrations, and A Sermon preached A.D. 366 each 0 1
specially-prepared Maps of the original occupation of the Land of Kingdom of God-by David Brown 0 2
Canaan and the Millennial Kingdom. Will all men be saved? 0 2
The Undesirableness of Death per hunW:~d 3 0
THE LAST ADAM. Crown 8vo., 250 pages, price 2s. Popular objections to Resurrection each 0 11
TRUTH AND TRADITION: SecondEdition enlarged. Ls.Gd. Profitable Business 0 1
THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR. Price Is. Whose child are you? 0 1
THE "GERSHOM" TRACTS. Packets of 3, Threepence Saints do not go to Heaven at Death 0 1
each Packet. No. 1, THE MORNING STAR. No. 2, DAYBREAK. Future Life-by Holden .. 0 2
No. 3, SUNRISE. Is Man Immortal-by Pegrum per do;~n 0 8
THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD. Price Is. ea, Who art thou that Judgest ?
Evils of present Religions Systems
• • each
• • each
THE COMFORTER IS COME. Price Is. Bd. Chaos, Cosmos-by E. White . . each 0 2
THE BOOK OF THE REVELATION, with Diagram. Jesuit Letter per hundred 2 0
Price 6s. New Jerusalem-Love of God Vindicated; Christ our Life .. each 0 1
THE PARABLE OF THE TEN VIRGINS. Price sa. Re-Standing of the Dead-by Ashcroft.. each 0 2
Thy Kingdom Come 0 1
THE HIGH PRIESTHOOD OF THE SON OF GOD. Touchstone-by E. White e;~h 0 1
Price 4d. Words of Holy Writ on the Ungodly each 0 2
A LECTURE, delivered at Hull, on the "Extinction of Universal War " 0 2
Evil." Price 2d. RAINBOW TRACTS. By W. Leask, D.D. No. 1, The
HOLOKLERIA; 01', an Enquiry into the Nature of Man- Ministry of Evil; 22 pp., 1~. per doz. 2. The Life the Light;
Body, Soul, and Spirit. Price 3d. 15 pp., 8d. per doz. 3. Life Everlasting; 15 pp., 8d. per doz.
SAL VATION PREFIGURED IN THE BAPTISM OF 4. Responsibility of Christian Teachers; 19 pp., Is. per doz.
THE SON OF GOD. Price 2d. 5. The Rich Man and Lazarus ; 35 pp., Is. 6d. per doz.
THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST. Price sa. Single, or Assorted, 12 copies post-free.
GOSPEL LEAFLETS-Is. per hundred post-free; 200
for Is. 9d. No. 1, Heavy Hearts and How to lighten them. 2 A
THE GOOD CONFESSION; or, JESUS THE Ladder that all should climb. 3, Look out for a Thaw. 4, Why ~re
ANOINTED KING OF THE WORLD. By M. STRANG. you not a Christian? 5, The Gift of Continuance. 6, Children of God.
Price Id. Six. Copies post-free. 8, There's a Good Time Coming. 9, The Loving God. 10, A Friend
THE KINGDOM AND THE CHURCH. By Professor for Every One. 11. How to be Rid of the Fear of Death.
H. Lummis, Methodist Episcopal Church, U.S. An Address at the CONDITIONAL IMMORTALITY TRACTS-Is. ea. per
Great Prophetic Conference, New York. Price 3d.; post-free 3;!d. hundred post-free; 200 for 2s. Bd, No. 1, Orthodox venus Turkish
THE SEVENTH DAY: Is it, the Duty of Christians to Atrocities. 2, What is Truth? 3, Truth returning from Captivity.
4, Man in Death. 5. Man; his origin and nature.
Observe it? By W. Kellaway. Price Id.
LIGHT SOWING; or Conversations on Important Bible Printed by CHARLES AKRILL,Silver Street, Lincoln; and published
Topics. By JOHN WILSON. New Edition. Price 6d. . monthly by "THE BIBLE STANDARD PUBLISHING
SOCIETY," St. Paul's Buildings, Faternoster.row,London.