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The Impact of COVID-19

Working, shopping or getting around - the COVID-19 crisis has changed many things.

Our lives have been affected in so many ways by this coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus

disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus

[ CITATION Wornd \l 1033 ] . As of August 24, 2020, there are 23,640,436 cases world wide

according to Worldometer (2020). This pandemic has left our lives in distraught and has changed

the way we live and the things we do in a day to day basis.

In the past few months, COVID19  affects almost all countries, societies, and health

systems. The coronavirus has changed so many things including how we work, play and learn.

Schools are closing, canceled sports league, and a lot of people have been asked to work and stay

at home. As the World Health Organization advices people to stay at home and strictly follow

health protocols and countless lockdown, it made me realized the importance of appreciating the

things and people that we take for granted. It has also come to show that money and material

possessions are not as important as our lives. And above all, my stress and anxieties increase by

the fear of contracting the virus knowing each day the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths

are rapidly increasing. The sorrows run deeper especially when I experienced the reality of death

or the struggling for survival of friends or family members. I know a lot of us are stressing about

school and the impact it made to our academic year, I think the best we could do right now is just

pray, be hopeful and be thankful that we are still able to wake up and see the sunrise every

morning. Things are different now than before. I can feel the panic everywhen as grocery stores

are almost sold out with the essential things. On the other hand, I can also feel the panic from our

leaders, who really made an effort to get things done through implementing policies. I can really

say that my life has indeed changed. As a student, my routine is extremely repetitive and I’ve
been doing this for months. I understand that this may lasts for a long time but I am still hopeful

that everything will return to normal. This pandemic started as much less of a real threat than it is

now. My life has been completely uprooted because of the virus. On the brighter side, I have a lot

more time to myself which provides more reflection time.

The future is uncertain for all the countries around the world. We do have a common

enemy for once—the virus. But still, I feel hopeful about the future, there is an antidote to fear, as

it is hope that will make us get through with these difficult times. May our experiences of this

trying time has given us a training in temporal thought and flexibility. Humanity will vanish this

crisis, but there are others ahead. Perhaps then, it will be comforting to know that we can have the

time to plan for the future – even when we feel stuck in the present.