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Leadsas Digital Program


Kazi Touhid Elahi




GPH International School


Munshiganj sadar, Munshiganj

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Greetings from Leadsas Digital Program - the first ever complete digitalization
agency of Bangladesh. Nowadays, digital security, ICT support as well as
complete digitalization are mandatory for any educational institute. Surveillance &
quality data processing keeps your institute one step ahead from others. Effective
planning & timely steps are the pre requirements for this purpose. Leadsas Digital
Program is the outcome of the longtime study of Team Leadsas. All the related
details about Leadsas Digital Program are attached with this paper.

Thanking you
Team Leadsas
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Our speech
Nowadays, some people brought changes along to their system of managing
institutions with modern touch. But due to lack of proper planning and
maintenance, large institutions are facing barriers to make it a complete
digitalization. To deal with all these barriers, Leadsas has brought world class
digital program packages with complete IT supports first ever in Bangladesh.

Our objectives
 Transform all the educational institutions into digital platform like other
developed countries.
 To change the old educational management system with the support of latest
 To create high value security zones in educational institutions.
 To ensure the best use of modern educational materials by replacing the old
teaching methods.
 To provide world class IT service nationwide and connect with people to
achieve the desired goal.

Complete digitalization at a glance

Digital security & communication equipment setup

Website & smartphone application

Online database & smart ID card

Biometric / smart punch card machine setup

SMS broadcasting feature setup

Multimedia classroom setup

Management software setup

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Leadsas Digital Program Services

Website & smartphone app

A website is considered as one of the key standards of the organization. Clients
will get a full featured & quality graphics contained dynamic website and the user
friendly Smartphone app.

Domain & Hosting

Leadsas also provides domain name registration and hosting service for the website
of the organization or institutions.
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Graphics and Animation

Leadsas’s world class creative team delivers all the necessary graphics and
animation support for digital marketing. We support in creating quality logo,
letterhead pad, digital market promotion material.

Smart ID card
The machine readable smart ID card is an excellent media to reserve all the
attendance information of the institutional members as well as the student’s
lifetime academic record.
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Digital Photography
To capture photos for the smart ID card, our photography unit will carry out all the
support at the institution with all the equipments. There is no hassle for going to
outside photo studio.

Smart punch-card & Biometric machine

Smart punch card or biometric machine is the latest management system for the
attendance of the member of institute or any organization. Team Leadsas is ready
to make all out effort to support installing the system.
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Digital Book
Team Leadsas has brought digital book as a creative education tool for KG
students. Aesthetic animations and sound system enriched 'Leadsas Digital Book'
is a unique addition to the intellectual development of the junior students.

E- Library
The online version of all the textbooks and affiliated educational institutions is
considered as the e-library of that organization. Teachers and students can download
books and notes from the e-library classified list according to their needs. Team
Leadsas is determined to build the standard e-library of any educational institution.
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Social media maintenance

At present, social sites are used as one of the most promising mediums. For the
welfare of the technology, Providing an emergency notice or online announcement
has become easier. Team Leadsas will be in charge of maintaining and running the
social accounts of your educational institution.

SMS broadcasting
SMS based message system is a fastest way to share someone about any
important issue. With this system you can send any type of notice or greetings to
cell phones.
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Web storage server

Only Leadsas is providing large web server or cloud storage service to manage
your website or data.

Multimedia classroom
Leadsas provides all the latest technology supports to upgrade your classroom with
latest multimedia products as per desire of institutions.
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CCTV Camera
In Global world security of the premises is more important before starting the
operation of the institute or an organization. Our technical team is fully equipped
to support high resolution CCTV surveillance system with internet protocol
support to monitor your institution from anywhere in the world.

Web based marketing

Team Leadsas marketing unit creates and telecasts web or internet based
advertisement of your institution.
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To create internal communication system we provide modern intercom

Audio-visual advertisement & documentary

Our media unit creates all types of radio or TV commercial ads or
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Software development
Software development is one of the most important parts of Leadsas Digital
Program. Our software development team can able to develop any type of
educational or organizational activities maintenance software as required.

Contact center setup

Operating an efficient, high performance contact center set up is important to
deliver the product information and service support of the organization . We
delighted in providing contact center support to keep the uninterrupted
communications with the people.
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Wi-Fi zone setup

Wi-Fi access helps clients stay productive and connected while they're in your
intuitions or at your place of business. We provide wide range of powerful Wi-Fi
zone setup to ensure faster & uninterrupted internet service for any educational
institute or commercial area.

Digital networking
We help to create internal communication bridges between departments with latest
technologies to make the internal management process flow of work easier.
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Digital accessories
We provide all types of digital accessories like computer, monitor, projector etc.
Our priority is to ensure the branded & quality digital products for the institutions.

Security accessories
To make a safe place to serve for the people, security is a key concern for any
intuitions or in large organizations. We provide not only CCTV cameras but also
all the security accessories from modern world, like smoke detector fire alarm,
scanning door device etc.
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Digital database making

Team Leadsas has a separate data entry unit for proper insertion of relevant
information related to the creation of dynamic web profiles of students and

Document printing
Team Leadsas has its own printing unit for the quality printing of all official
documents required by the educational institution - such as student's progress
report, dedicated diary, pay slip, student statement etc.
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Leadsas Education Management Software (LEMS)

Management software saves valuable time of institution by organizing the
academic information every day and managing it at the simplest means and
backing up to the cloud server. In addition to the systematic arrangements of
necessary activities, the software has the following written benefits:

 Because the software is connected to the cloud server, the information will be
backed up online.
 Saves daily attendance information to digital database.
 Secured profile access from the digital database.
 Benefits of generating receipt and printing facility.
 Academic result publishing and printing facility.
 Student's online admission form fill-up and printing facility.
 Multi-branch maintenance facility.
 Apart from the demand of educational institutions, various features will be
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Why you consider for Leadsas?

Customised support: Customer priroty supports give additional service to the

clients. Customers can choose from either the wide range of our services or
advise us to make as per their desired program.
Proper planning: Leadsas team provides highest services commmunicating
with each other intensly. We support to prepare a excellent planning to make the
compound a meaningful digital zone.
IT support: Leadsas is committed to provide world class IT service support.
We care about the concern of customer desire & budget.
Maintenance support: Leadsas provides all kind of maintenance or any kinds
of upgradation service over the years.
Communication support: This is the third and important support of Leadsas.
To create communication based digital services, Leadsas is unbeatable.
Highest warranty service: Leadsas ensures 18 months of warranty on all
digital products.
Call center support: We are open 24/7 & for further information please call us
between 11 am to 11 pm on our hotline number- 01819 02 02 02.
Thank You