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like other resources population is also a
resource - a 'human resource' . this is the
positive side of a large population that is often
overlooked when we look only at the negative
side , considering only the problems of
providing population with food , education
and access to health facilities . When the
existing 'human resource ' is further developed
more educated and healthy , we call it 'human
capital formation' that adds to the productive
power of the country just like 'physical capital
India's green revolution is a dramatic example
of how the greater input of greater knowledge
in the form of improved production
technologies can rapidly increase the
productivity of scarce land resources . 
Q. how is human resource considered the superior
ANS. human resource in one way superior to the
other resources like land and phyiscal capital .
land and capital cannot become useful on its own
, human resource can take use of land and capital.
The various activities have been classified into
three main sectors 
1.primary= includes agriculture , forestry , animal
husbandry , fishing, poultry , farming, mining,
2.secondary= manufacturing  
3.tertiary = trade, transport, health, tourism ,
services, insurance etc. 
Q. what are economic activities?
ANS. 1) that add value to the national income
         2)result in the production of goods and
         are called economic activities .
A) MARKET ACTIVITIES _which involve
remuneration to anyone who performs. done for
pay of profit. 
due to historical and cultural reasons there is a
reason there is division of labour b/w men and
women in the family
Women generally look after domestic chores
and men work in the fields .
Q. why are women paid less compared to men?
 ANS. .Education and skill are the major
determinants of the earning in the market . A
majority of women have meagre education and
low skill formation .women are paid less compared
to men because of the following :-
Most women work where job security is not
They are considered less efficient than all the
men because of less support to girl's
education in the nation.
The quality of population depends upon the
literacy rate  health upon of a person indicated by
life expenctancy and skill formation acquired by
the people of the country. 
the quality of population ultimately decides the
growth rate of the country . 
liabilty of the economy-illiterate and unhealthy 
asset for the economy of the country-literate and
Q. what is education?/how we can define
ANS. Education is the process of receiving or
giving systematic instruction, especially at a
school or university.
Q.what role does education play in one's life?what
is the importance of education?why should a
person get educated?how does education help
us?how can we say that education is helpful for
one ?
ANS. Education plays a significant role in
economic development as follows:
1. Education increases the accessibility of people to
modern and scientific ideas.
2. It increases the efficiency and ability of people to
absorb new technology.
3. It creates awareness of the available
opportunities and mobility of labour.
4. Education helps individuals to gain knowledge,
skills and attitude which would enable them to
understand changes in society and scientific
5. Investment in education is one of the main
sources of human capital which facilitates
inventions and innovations.
6. Available educated labour force facilitates
adaptation of advanced technology in a country.
Q. what measures taken or should be taken by
government to improve the educational condition
in the country?
ANS. 1. government is providing universal accesss
,retention,and quality in elementary education
with a special emphasis on girls . 
        2. there is also an establishment of pace
setting of schools like navodaya vidyalaya in each
district .
        3. vocational streams have been developed
to equip large number of high school students
with occupation related to knowledge and skills.
        4. the plan outplay on education has also
increased .
              5. the expenditure on education as a

percentage of GDP(gross domestic production) is

on rising status.
       6. literacy rate is also on the increasing mode .
Q. what is literacy ?
ANS. Literacy is not only a right , it is also needed
when citizens are to perform their duties and
enjoy their rights properly . 
literacy among males is nearly 50% higher
than females and is about 50% higher in urban
areas as compared to rural areas. 
literacy rate vary from 96% in some district of
kerala to a below 30% in some parts of
madhya pradesh . 
The primary school asystem has expanded
over 5,00,000 villages in india . unfortunately,
this huge expansion of schools has been
diluted by the poor quality of schooling and
high drop out rates meanwhile, government
has launched 'sarva shiksha abhiyan' in order
to solve almost the problem. 


ANS.  This is a significant step towards providing
elementary educational to children of age 6-14 . it
is a time-bound initiative of the central
government launched in 2010 .
Q. what is a mid-day meal scheme?
ANS. Mid-day meal scheme has been
implemented to encourage attendance and
retention of children and improve their nutritional
status.policies like this could add to the literate
population of India. 
Health is a person's mental or physical
the health of a person helps him to realise his
potential and the ability to fight illness . An
unhealthy person becomes a liability for an
organisation indeed . 
Health is an indispensable basis for realising
one's well being . henceforth, improvement in
the health status of the population has been
the priority of the country .
our national policy too , aims at family welfare
and nutritional service with a special focus on
the under-priviledged segment of population

there is an increase in life expectancy and
improvement in child care are useful in
assesing the future progress of the country . 
Q. what us infant mortality rate?
ANS. infant mortality rate is the death of a child
under one year of age. 
Q. what is the importance of health ? why is health
importance?what role dies health play in one's
life?what is the significance of health?
ANS. Better health is central to human
happiness and well-being. 
It also makes an important contribution to
economic progress, as healthy populations live
longer, are more productive, and save more.
 Health is prioritized within overall economic
and development plans. In this context,
'health and development' work supports
health policies that respond to the needs of
the poorest groups. government should also
work with donors to ensure that aid for
health is adequate, effective and targeted at
priority health problems.
Q. what measures should government take to
improve the health status in the country?
ANS.1.health is prioritized within overall
economic and development plans . 
2.Ministries of health are important actors, but
so are other government departments, donor
organizations, civil society groups and
communities themselves. 
3.government should emphatically work on
'Health and development' tries to make sense of
these complex links. It is concerned with the
i fb h lh d l d
impact of better health on development and
poverty reduction, and conversely, with the
impact of development policies on the
achievement of health goals. In particular, it
aims to build support across government for
higher levels of investment in health.
4.government should work with special focus on
these measures: investments in roads can
improve access to health services; inflation
targets can constrain health spending; and civil
service reform can create opportunities - or
limits - to hiring more health workers . 
Q. do u think the increase in the no. of doctors
and nurses is adequate for india?if not, why?
ANS. Health workers are people whose job it is
to protect and improve the health of their
communities. Together these health workers, in
all their diversity, make up the global health
workforce. As per my view , the doctors and
nurses is not adequate in india because in the
world of medicine there is no such ting as
adequate , and on this topic india is on a
challenging phase as India’s economy is soaring
but its healthcare system remains an Achilles’
heel. For millions of people, the high cost of
treating illness continues to undermine
economic progress. This is largely on account
falling budgetary support for the healthcare
system by government. India now ranks close to
the bottom of the pile in international rankings
on most health indices. India is suffering from
less no. of doctors less trained nurses and weak
supporttive staff . India is totally lagging behind
in the healthcare system .
Q. what is unemployment?
ANS. when a person is not employed at any kind
of job as cannot be considered as any type of
resource to the national income or country the ,
situation is called unemployment.
unemployment can vary in many types and
in different places such as villages and cities 
rural areas-seasonal and disguised
urban areas-educated umemployment
wjen people are inable to find jobs in some
months of the year . people dependant on
agriculture usually face this problem
because of scarce rainfall at regions . 
situations people just apper to be employed
when they are not. can be mostly expected
at agricultural sites. the work requires service
of 6 but engaged are 12 . the remaining 6
who are not much of th ehelp at the site are
unemployed . they are not appropriately
considered as a resource. 
when educated youth such as matriculates ,
graduated , post-graduated are unable to
find jobs. this is now a common
phenomenon in urban cities. unemployment
among technically qualifies people while
there is a dearth of technical skills required
for economic growth. 
unemployment leads to wastage of
manpower resource . 
people who are asset turn into liability. 
people do not have enough money to
support their family.
unemployment tends to increase economic
overload .
there is a feeling hopelessness and despair
among the youth. 
increase in unemployment is an indicator of
a depressed economy 
hence, unemployment has detrimental impact
on overall growth of an economy. 

India statically , have low unemployment

rate. A large no. of people represented
low income and productivity are found,
but , then are considered as employed.