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1 (viii) eng. lang.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Chapter – 1 [Parts of Speech]
Question 1) Which of the following is a noun?
(a) The (b) Dog (c) Long (d) Walk
Question 2) Which of the following is not a verb?
(a) Make (b) Run (c) Grab (d) Carrot
Question 3) Which of the following is a preposition?
(a) can (b) gold (c) water (d) behind
Question 4) Which of the following is an adjective?
(a) call (b) shirt (c) box (d) blue
Question 5) Which of the following is an adverb?
(a) quickly (b) stand (c) short (d) smart
Question 6) Which of the following is not a pronoun?
(a) she (b) him (c) they (d) tell
Question 7) Identify the sentence that has a preposition
(a) Keep working hard (b) The cat ran (c) She asked about the dog (d) We will talk
Question 8) Identify the sentence that does not have an adjective
(a) She had a red scarf (b) He had chocolate milk (c) The small dog barked (d) Can we play volleyball
Question 9) He is an old friend of mine.
(a) Verb (b) Adverb (c) Noun (d) Adjective
Question 10) I was pleasantly surprised when she showed up at the door unannounced.
(a) adverb (b) verb (c) adjective (d) conjunction
Question 11) I never expected that I would win the first prize so I couldn’t believe my ears when they announced
my name as the winner.
(a) adverb (b) adjective (c) verb (d) noun
Question 12) Everybody hates him for his repulsive looks.
(a) Verb (b) Adverb (c) Adjective (d) Noun
Question 13) John came later than Peter
(a) Adjective (b) Verb (c) Adverb (d) Noun
Question 14) I think the latter part of the film is more interesting than the former part.
(a) Adverb (b) Conjunction (c) Adjective (d) Preposition
Question 15) I am going to make an early start so that I won’t get stuck in the traffic.
(a) Adverb (b) Verb (c) Adjective (d) Noun
Question 16) It is more expensive to travel on Friday, so I will leave on Thursday evening.
(a) Adverb (b) Preposition (c) Adjective (d) Conjunction
Question 17) The body does not resemble either of its parents.
(a) Verb (b) Adjective (c) Adverb (d) Pronoun
Question 18) In my opinion, she should have resigned earlier.
(a) Adverb (b) Preposition (c) Conjunction (d) Adjective
Question 19) I was distressed to hear about his death.
(a) Verb (b) Adverb (c) Adjective (d) Noun
Question 20) That policeman is a friend of mine
(a) Adjective (b) Pronoun (c) Noun (d) Verb
Question 21) I would prefer to spend the weekend at home rather than drive all the way to a beach resort
(a) Verb (b) Adjective (c) Adverb (d) Noun
Question 22) A friend of mine has just invited me to Italy
(a) Conjunction (b) Verb (c) Preposition (d) Pronoun
Question 23) I prefer making toys for my children rather than buying them in the toy store
(a) Conjunction (b) Adverb (c) Preposition (d) Noun
Question 24) She types quickly
(a) Noun (b) Verb (c) Pronoun (d) Adverb
Question 25) He fell off the ladder
(a) Preposition (b) Verb (c) Conjunction (d) Adverb
Question 26) Which of the following words is an example of a verb?
(a) tastes (b) not (c) late (d) slowly
Chapter – 2 [Countable and Uncountable Nouns]
Question 1) Which of the following is an uncountable noun?
(a) Work (b) Bags (c) Girl (d) Book
Question 2) Which of the following is a countable noun?
(a) Fun (b) advice (c) dirt (d) leaf
Question 3) Which of the following is an uncountable noun?
(a) photos (b) air (c) shop (d) man
Question 4) Which of the following is an uncountable noun?
(a) eraser (b) teacher (c) safety (d) mango
Question 5) Can you please give me ________ yellow paint ?” he asked.
(a) some (b) many (c) a few (d) much
Question 6) ________ of food was wasted at the party
(a) a few (b) a lot (c) many (d) some
2 (viii) eng. lang.
Question 7) ________ people prefer to take the LRT compared to the bus
(a) many (b) much (c) any (d) a little
Question 8) Please cut the cake into ________ pieces and serve
(a) much (b) a lot (c) plenty (d) a few
Question 9) Mrs. Jane bought ________ loaves of bread from the bakery.
(a) a few (b) a little (c) any (d) much
Question 10) The baker sprinkles ________ icing sugar onto the cake.
(a) many (b) a few (c) a little (d) several
Question 11) Puan Maria buys _______ kilograms of potatoes every week.
(a) a lot (b) much (c) a little (d) a few
Question 12) Father: This coffee is bitter. Can you put ________ sugar in it?
(a) many (b) plenty (c) much (d) some
Question 13) Puan Norita is very friendly and polite, so she has _________ of customers.
(a) a lot (b) many (c) a few (d) some
Question 14) How _______ hours of sleep do we need a day?
(a) plenty (b) any (c) many (d) much
Question 15) Kumini took ______ photographs at her friend’s wedding
(a) much (b) many (c) a lot (d) any
Question 16) You have ______ of time left so do your work carefully.
(a) much (b) several (c) many (d) plenty
Question 17) Rita was not hungry so she ate only ______ rice.
(a) a lot (b) a few (c) much (d) a little
Question 18) How ______ did you pay for a kilogram of prawns?
(a) much (b) many (c) some (d) any
Question 19) Are there _______ children in the field right now?
(a) any (b) much (c) little (d) few
Question 20) Do you have _______ old clothes to give away?
(a) a lot (b) much (c) any (d) plenty
Question 21) Ravi : Can you lend me _______ books, please?
Ravi : Sure, here you are.
(a) any (b) much (c) little (d) some
Question 22) There isn’t ________ milk powder in the tin.
(a) much (b) many (c) a few (d) a lot
Question 23) I must ask my father for _______ money
(a) many (b) some (c) plenty (d) any
Question 24) There are ______ tall trees in our school compound
(a) plenty (b) a lot (c) a few (d) much
Question 25) How ______ money have you saved as your pocket money?
(a) several (b) much (c) many (d) any

Chapter – 3 [Articles]
Question 1) New York is ______ large city.
(a) a (b) the (c) no article
Question 2) Are you attending ______ reception today
(a) an (b) no article (c) the (d) a
Question 3) _______ oranges are grown in Nagpur
(a) no article (b) an (c) a (d) the
Question 4) She wants to become ________ engineer
(a) the (b) no article (c) an (d) a
Question 5) _______ lion is a ferocious animal
(a) an (b) no article (c) the (d) a
Question 6) _______ unit means a measurement
(a) a (b) an (c) no article (d) the
Question 7) He is _______ honest officer
(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) no article
Question 8) He is _______ European
(a) no article (b) a (c) an (d) the
Question 9) Let us play _______ chess
(a) an (b) the (c) a (d) no article
Question 10) I go to Madurai by Vaigai Express
(a) an (b) the (c) a (d) some
Question 11) He hopes to join _______ university soon
(a) an (b) no article (c) a (d) the
Question 12) Let us go to a restaurant and have ________ coffee
(a) a (b) an (c) no article (d) the
Question 13) It is ______ absurd story
(a) an (b) no article (c) a (d) the
Question 14) _______ Pandiya Express is very popular.
(a) an (b) no article (c) a (d) the
Question 15) India will become _______ super power shortly
(a) some (b) an (c) the (d) a
Question 16) Ram was ________ best student in the class.
(a) an (b) no article (c) a (d) the
3 (viii) eng. lang.
Question 17) Please give me _______ useful gift.
(a) an (b) a (c) no article (d) the
Question 18) ________ apples I bought are sour
(a) no article (b) the (c) a (d) an
Question 19) The thief was sent to ________ prison
(a) a (b) no article (c) an (d) the
Question 20) ________ apple a day keeps the doctor away –
(a) An (b) The (c) A
Question 21) Mount Everest is in ________ Himalayas.
(a) a (b) the
Question 22) We spent a lot of time swimming in ________ sea on holiday
(a) the (b) a
Question 23) London is on ________ River Thames
(a) a (b) the
Question 24) She did ________ MA in French literature
(a) an (b) a
Question 25) It’s ________ most expensive hotel in town
(a) a (b) the

Chapter – 4 [The Present]

Question 1) It ________ a lot in Britain
(a) rains (b) is rain (d) rain
Question 2) I ________ pizza very much
(a) likes (b) is like (d) like
Question 3) I ________ English very well
(a) don’t speak (b) no speak (c) not speak
Question 4) My sister ________ to the cinema very often.
(a) don’t go (b) goes not (c) doesn’t go
Question 5) They always ________ TV in the evening.
(a) are watch (b) watches (c) watch
Question 6) I ________ married
(a) ‘m not (b) don’t (c) isn’t
Question 7) English people ________ animals.
(a) like (b) likes
Question 8) The banks ________ on Sundays.
(a) doesn’t open (b) don’t open
Question 9) My sister ________ in London.
(a) lives (b) is live (c) live
Question 10) Your brother ________ tennis very well.
(a) play (b) is play (c) plays
Question 11) They _______ the answer
(a) does’t know (b) don’t know (c) aren’t know
Question 12) I _______ understand.
(a) no (b) don’t (c) not
Question 13) Gautam _______ volley ball very well.
(a) play (b) plays
Question 14) I _______ bread every morning.
(a) take (b) takes
Question 15) Modi _______ it’s a great idea.
(a) think (b) thinks
Question 16) My parents _______ in a small one room flat.
(a) live (b) lives
Question 17) She always _______ in dance competitions.
(a) participate (b) participates
Question 18) My younger brother ________ angry very quickly
(a) get (b) gets
Question 19) What ________ your father do ?
(a) do (b) does
Question 20) Sukriti _______ like Indian food; she ________ Chinese
(a) don’t (b) like
Question 21) The earth _______ around the sun
(a) revolve (b) revolves
Question 22) Vegetarians _______ eat eggs
(a) does not (b) don’t
Question 23) It _______ us an hour to get to work.
(a) take (b) takes
Question 24) Sakshi _______ French at the college.
(a) learn (b) learns
Question 25) He _______ not want to go to the movies.
(a) do (b) does
4 (viii) eng. lang.
Chapter – 5 [The Past]
(1) John Abraham sail / sailed to America in 1598.
(2) Are / were you late ?
(3) I worked / work in a bank for twenty years.
(4) He not watch / did not watch TV yesterday.
(5) Tarzan swim / swam towards alligator.
(6) Where did you go / you go on holiday ?
(7) But she see / saw some awesome rainbows.
(8) They not meet / did not meet me yesterday.
(9) When I am / was a girl, I walk / walked five miles to school everyday.
(10) We give / gave her a doll for her birthday.
(11) I saw / was seeing him yesterday.
(12) I received / had received his letter yesterday.
(13) She leaves / left school last year.
(14) Last night I didn’t / hadn’t sleep well.
(15) He feel / falls asleep while he was driving.
(16) I bought / had bought a new bicycle last week.
(17) We finished / had finished our breakfast half an hour ago.
(18) When I was in the US, I was visiting / visited Chicago, Boston and California.
(19) I was seeing / saw an old classmate of mine at the library.
(20) She says / said that she would not go.
(21) I go / went to Surabaya last month.
(22) My father repair / repaired my bicycle yesterday.
(23) The boy give / gave me a present two days ago.
(24) My aunt visit / visited my family last month.
(25) Mr. Rohani explain / explained those materials in the previous meeting.

Chapter – 6 [The Future]

(1) She help / will help you with your homework.
(2) When he get / will he get back.
(3) What time the sun set / will the sun set tomorrow.
(4) He will win / win next time.
(5) They return / will return as soon as possible.
(6) You will send / send John all the pictures.
(7) Everything be / will be fine.
(8) John water / will water the plants for us.
(9) Everybody will cherish / cherish you.
(10) We will take / are going to take pictures in a few minutes.
(11) The bus will leave / is leaving at 5:00p.m.
(12) The office will send / is going to send you an email on Monday.
(13) You will meet / are going to meet my friends next week.
(14) Our team will win / are wining the game.
(15) The children will like / liking the candy.
(16) I will help / helped you move your things tomorrow.
(17) Class will begin / has begin at 10:30a.m.
(18) Jane will come / had come to the party as well.
(19) Sarah will take / taken two bags with her.
(20) Joe and Lance will write / written a report
(21) My mom will make / made some cookies for us later.
(22) I will tell / told Amy about the book.
(23) I am going to bring / brought the tools.
(24) Jim will buy / buy some flowers on the way home.
(25) They will finish / finished the exam soon.
Chapter – 7 [Modals]
Question 1) The word which is used for asking permission is :
(a) must (b) may
Question 2) Which is a formal modal auxillary.
(a) may (b) can
Question 3) The word used to talk about ability :
(a) can (b) will
Question 4) The word used to ask someone to do something :
(a) can you (b) might
Question 5) The word used to make suggestions :
(a) should (b) shall we
Question 6) Which of thee following is used to say something which is not important.
(a) needn’t (b) may not
Question 7) Write the modal which is used in the following sentence. My uncle can speak five languages.
(a) possibility (b) ability
Question 8) Which of the following is more polite.
(a) could (b) can
Question 9) Which of the following is used to say something which we are sure.
(a) shall (b) must
5 (viii) eng. lang.
Question 10) Which of the following is used for predication.
(a) will (b) can
Question 11) Which of the following is more formal.
(a) could (b) may
Question 12) Which of the following is used to give permission.
(a) can (b) could
Question 13) ________ is used for ability in the past.
(a) can (b) could
Question 14) Which of the following auxillary is used to offer to do something.
(a) I will (b) Would you like
Question 15) Which of the following auxillary is more polite
(a) Would you (b) can you
Question 16) Which of the following is used to talk about obligations.
(a) must (b) could
Question 17) Which of the following is used to talk about past obligations.
(a) have to (b) had to
Question 18) Is there any difference between must and have to while talking about obligations.
(a) Yes (b) No
Question 19) Which of the following is used for making advice ?
(a) should (b) must
Question 20) Which is more sure
(a) Might (b) May
Question 21) What is the opposite of must.
(a) mustn’t (b) can’t
Question 22) Choose the modal which is used in the following sentence –
Would you like to come and have dinner with us this evening ?
(a) predication (b) invitation
Question 23) Choose the modal which is used in the sentence – The time table could be in this drawer.
(a) ability (b) Prediction
Question 24) Elephants can / could live up to seventy years.
Question 25) Will / Shall I carry the suitcase for you?

Chapter – 8 [Gerunds, Infinitives & Participles]

Question 1) We are going for _________ (swim)
(a) swimming (b) swimmed (c) will swim
Question 2) The gerund is used like a _________.
(a) verb (b) noun (c) preposition
Question 3) Do you mean _________ a complaint. (make)
(a) maked (b) to make (c) making
Question 4) He fears ________ in public. (dance)
(a) dancing (b) to dance (c) will dance
Question 5) He pretended ________ about astronomy. (know)
(a) know (b) knowing (c) to know
Question 6) Don’t postpone the idea of ________ for a movie. (go)
(a) going (b) to go (c) will be going
Question 7) We are _________ for the bus. (wait)
(a) will wait (b) is waiting (c) waiting
Question 8) I went to the baker’s _________
(a) to buying some pencil (b) to buy some cookies (c) for buying erasers
Question 9) I will ________ for a party.
(a) for going (b) go (c) be going to
Question 10) I should better ________ for a job.
(a) applying (b) to apply (c) apply
Question 11) I’d love _______ a pet
(a) to have (b) had (c) have
Question 12) My parents let me ________.
(a) for going temples (b) to go for parties (c) will be going for parties
Question 13) Rita loves ________.
(a) Sing (b) for sing (c) singing
Question 14) I would ________ to learn painting
(a) liked (b) liking (c) like
Question 15) I arranged ________ him at 4O’clock.
(a) meeting for (b) to meet (c) meet
Question 16) The teacher advised me ________ harder
(a) studier (b) study for (c) to study
Question 17) We are proud ________ the success of our efforts.
(a) to announce (b) announcing (c) for announced
Question 18) Would like to go by aeroplane or bus
(a) I would go by aeroplane (b) I’d rather go by bus
Question 19) Would you like to queue for a bus or take a taxi ?
(a) I would take a taxi (b) I’d rather take a taxi
Question 20) I am amazed ________ you ?
(a) to see (b) seeing (c) was see
6 (viii) eng. lang.
Question 21) He enjoys ________.
(a) travelled (b) travelling (c) to travel
Question 22) I’m pleased _______ you.
(a) meeting (b) to meet (c) to met
Question 23) I will _______ you.
(a) guiding (b) to guiding (c) guide
Question 24) He finished ________ and sat down. (speak)
(a) speaking (b) spoke (c) to speak
Question 25) They want ________ to the cinema.
(a) go (b) to go (c) going
Chapter – 9 [Voices]
(1) Rahul will pass the message –
(a) The message will be passed by Rahul.
(b) The message will passed by Rahul.
(2) His hard work satisfied me –
(a) I was satisfied for his hard work.
(b) I was satisfied with his hard work.
(3) His comment hurt me deeply –
(a) I was hurt deeply by his comment.
(b) His comment was hurtful.
(4) He stole that watch –
(a) That watch was stolen by him.
(b) That watch stolen by him.
(5) Sita was reading the Gita.
(a) The Gita was being read by Sita.
(b) Gita was being read by Sita.
(6) Who can count the stars in the sky ?
(a) By whom can be stars in the sky counted ?
(b) By whom can the stars in the sky be counted ?
(7) He was disgusted with the flattery of his assistant.
(a) The flattery of his assistant disgusted him.
(b) His assistant flattery had disgusted him.
(8) This problem _______ by your brother yesterday
(a) was solved (b) will be solved (c) is solved (d) solves
(9) My father wrote this book. It ________ by my father
(a) will be wrote (b) was written (c) was write (d) is written
(10) This clock ________ in 1750.
(a) is made (b) is making (c) was made (d) will be made
(11) Bronson scored a goal. Yes, a goal ______ by Bronson
(a) is scored (b) will be scored (c) scored (d) was scored
(12) This job _______ by my friend next week
(a)is done (b) will be done (c) did (d) was done
(13) This house was _______ my grand father
(a) build for (b) built for (c) build by (d) built by
(14) This exercise will _______ at home by me
(a) be doing (b) have done (c) do (d) be done
(15) Was the window pane _______ the children ?
(a) broke (b) broke for (c) broken by (d) broken for
(16) All the beds were _______ my grandmother.
(a) made by (b) make by (c) made for (d) make for
(17) Many writers were _______ Shakespeare
(a) influence by (b) influence for (c) influenced by (d) influenced for
(18) The money _______ stolen by the thieves if you leave it there.
(a) was (b) has been (c) will be (d) is
(19) Mr. Johnson _______ this book.
(a) is translated (b) translated (c) translated by (d) was translated
(20) This policeman _______ that man
(a) was arrested by (b) arrested (c) arrested for (d) will be arrested
(21) We will _______ by that teacher.
(a) be teached (b) be taught (c) have taught (d) been taught
(22) Many things _______ in this house
(a) is said (b) they say (c) are said (d) they are said
(23) This mansion ________ in 1750
(a) is built (b) will be built (c) was built (d) builded
(24) They will ________ this car soon.
(a) be bought (b) buy (c) buying (d) is bought
(25) This car will ________ soon
(a) be bought (b) buy (c) be buying (d) is bought