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1.The output characteristics of a typical MIG/MAG set is :

a. Constant voltage
b. Constant current
c. Drooping
d. Pulsing
2. The electrode which includes constituens of titanium oxide is
a. E6010
b. E7018
c. E6013
d. E8018
3.A FILLET WELD fails by shear and its shear strength is dependent on which factors
a. leg length
b. cross sectional area
c. fillet weld strength
d. profile and design throat thickness.
4. A steel designated as “Z “ quality will have :
a. Through –thickeness ductility values < 20%
b. Through –thickeness ductility values >20%
c. Been specialty heat treatment
d. Zirconium added to improve weldability
5. Which of the following MMA electrode types is generally only suitable for welding in the PA & PB positions ?
a. Basic
b. Cellulosic
c. Rutile
d. High –iron powder
6. A small diameter pipeline is to be laid across the country .which of the following method would normally be used
to detect internal volumetric defects with in the weld
a. eddy current testing
b. RT
C. hydro test
d. PT
7. In MIG/MAG Welding , wire feed speed is proportional to :
a. Travel speed
b. Polarity
c. Arc length
d. Welding current
8. The term collet used in
9.Ar-H2 is used for welding
a. Austenitic SS
b. CS
c. Aluminium
d. Copper
10.Voltage range of dip transfer
a. upto 24v
b. above 24 v
c. 90v
d. 50v
11.An electrode is classified to BSEN 499 as E 353B .what does B mean
a. Manufactured to a British Standard
b. To be used in PB position
c. the covering is a basic type
d. Tensile strength
12.A pipe line is to be laid across the country .Which of the following methods would normally to based to detect
root defects ?
a. Eddy current testing
c. Hydrostatic testing
d. Liquid penetrant inspection
13. A small diameter pipeline is to be laid across the country.which of the following method would normally be used
to detect internal volumetric defects with in the weld
a. eddy current test
b. RT
c. Hydro test
d. PT
14.A short transverse tensile lest (as STRA Test ) will give ?
a. The tensile strength of the weld .
b. indication of susceptibility to lamellar tearing
c. The stress/stain characteristics of the weld
d. The stress /stain susceptibility to hydrogen cracking
15.Weld –ments in carbon –manganese steels made using a higher than specified Heat input may show:
a. Higher integrity
b. lower distortion
c. lower toughness
d. higher hardness
16.------- shock is very hazardous because it is much greater than the -------- of the weldingequipment
a. secondary voltage,primary voltage
b. primary voltage,secondary voltage
c. primary amperage,secondary amperage
d. secondary amperage,,primary amperage
17.Hard stamping of some pressure vessels materials may give cause
a. corrosion interaction .
b. Work hardening
c. tress concentrations
d. All of the above
18. Plasma cutting can be applied to
a. aluminum alloys
b. Carbon Steels .
c. Austenilic stainless steels
d. All of the above
19.Which of the following cannot be detected by Penetrant testing ?
a. surface breaking planar flaws
b. Undercut.
c. Buried planar flaws .
d. Non planar surface flaws
20.Welding process that use flux are some times considered to be better than non fluxed processes because:
a. Fluxes maybe dried to give lower hydrogen levels
b. Fluxes have a greater tolerance of surface contaminants .
c. They are good for welding very reactive metals .
d. all of the above
21.The “output characteristics of a typical GTAW power source , for manual welding is ?
a. Constant Voltage .
b. Constant Current
c. Flat
d. pulsing
22. Which of the following standards is about welding procedure approval?
a. BS EN 499
b. BS EN 288
c. BS EN 22553
d. BS EN 287
23.According to AWS 2.4 a weld symbol “below the reference line “ refers to :
a. a weld on “the other side :
b. a weld on the root of the joint
c. a weld on “the arrow side “
d. none of the above – it should be dashed line
24.Carbon Equilant values (CEV) are used to :
a. Estimate HAZ toughness
b. Assess the risk of lamellar tearing
c. determinate the need for PWHT
d. Determine the preheat to be used
25. What is the abbreviation for a welding procedure e specification that has been written for the purpose of
qualifying weld procedure test weld ?
a. WPS
d. Wpstbt
26.Which of the following would not be recommended to prevent undercut?
a. direct the arc towards thinner member
b. reduce weaving width
c. use multi run techniques
d. reduce power input
27.For SAW , which of the following has the greatest effect on the finished weld profile ?
a. Arc voltage
b. open voltage
c. polarity
d. the included angle
28.Tungsten electrodes used for TIG welding of carbon steel may contain a small percentage of:
a. zirconiated
b. thoria
c. India
d. titania
29.What element may cause a carbon steel weld to suffer from “hot shortness?
a. Silicon
b. martensite
c. manganese
30.Which welding position would normally give the highest heat input during MMA welding ?
a. PA(1G)
b. PF,3G
c. PC(2G)

1-A 11-C 21-B

2-C 12-B 22-B
3-D 13-B 23-C
4-B 14-B 24-D
5-D 15-C 25-B
6-B 16-B 26-A
7-D 17-D 27-A
8-B 18-D 28-B
9-A 19-C 29-D
10-A 20-D 30-B