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Algebra 1 Honors


Course & Contact
Information Final Algebra I Honors Grade
Midterm included in Semester 1 grade
End of Course Exam (EOC):
Mrs. Theresa Dwulit
30% of your Final Grade
Contact Information:
In this course you will learn:
Algebra and Modeling
acountyschools.net o Arithmetic with Polynomials & Rational Expressions
o Creating Equations
Website: o Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities
www.dwulitsclass.com o Seeing Structure in Expressions
• Functions and Modeling
o Building Functions
Phone Number: o Interpreting Functions
(941)500-4744 o Linear, Quadratic, & Exponential Models
• Statistics & The Number System
Remind Code: o The Real Number System
o Interpreting Categorical & Quantitative Data


60% Assessments & Projects

Independent and Group Practice including classwork, homework, &

40% participation

You will be graded on your participation in discussions, independent practice/homework which will
include required IXL, Flip Grids, class assignments, and many other forms of formative and
summative assessments.

Class Expectations Supplies

One subject notebooks (1 per Recommended Supplies:
quarter) Reusable water bottle
2-pocket folder Hand-held Sharpener
Pencils Eraser
Ear Buds Box of Tissues (for the
Expo Markers
Hand sanitizer (personal size)
TI-30xa Calculator

Attendance Technology
School begins promptly at 7:30 a.m.
– 2:15 p.m. Classroom of Tomorrow:
All students are to arrive on time and Our classroom utilizes several devices
be prepared for learning. including group desktop computers,
tablets and laptops. Students are
Remote Learners always responsible to use this
• Check Blackboard for technology respectfully.
announcements at the start of
class. We will be utilizing various resources to
• Join our meeting on Teams. access the internet to practice, review
• Remain in class on video for the material, and submit assignments. You
entire class period. must hold yourselves to high
• Email for additional support expectations when you use these
throughout the year. resources.

Student Intervention Report • Absent students are responsible to
(SIR) - Consequences access their make-up work online.
• Class notes are taken in the Cornell
Level 1 - Conference with Student Notes style. Every student is required
Level 2 - Parent Contact to keep organized notes.
Level 3 - Alternate Instructional • Every class begins with a spiraled
Level 4 - Parent Conference review of grade appropriate skills.
Level 5 – Discipline Referral • Students actively engage in
accountable team tasks, or group
*Student Code of Conduct Handbook will work, to solve questions that require
outline the other specific items/details that deeper thinking and accountable
you will need to be aware of and adhere talk.
to. • Students work independently both
inside and outside of class to further
Booker Middle School their understanding of each of the
Vision: Inspiring tomorrow’s • Homework is assigned to develop
leaders and reinforce the curriculum. All
homework assignments are to be
Mission: High expectations
recorded in the student planner.
for all Students are expected to all
assignments by the required due