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Overview of the Common Business

MODULE Tools and Technologies in the
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Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Intended Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this Module, you should be able to:
 identify business common tools and technological terms required to
achieve work outcomes; and
 explain the importance of the common tools and technologies in
today’s hospitality business.


Not so long ago, computer reservation systems revolutionized the travel and
hospitality industry. The evolution of the internet, the smartphone and other
technologies now provide significant convenience and savings to travel consumers.
Travel websites that allow travellers to find the best deals, self-guide tour audio apps
and real-time updates on flight times and arrivals are now standard travel tools,
accessible to both travel professionals and consumers alike.

The hospitality industry is ever-changing and a close eye must be kept on

keeping up with those responsible for solid five star customer service. To attain the best
levels of guest experience you must focus on the tools that you utilize in a hotel.

1.1 Common Business Tools/Technologies

When it comes to marketing for hospitality, you should let your online and offline
efforts do the work. Just be sure to have the following tools when marketing your hotel
or other establishment.

 Social Media Listening Tools:

On social media in today’s world, everyone has a voice. Social media listening tools
allow you to monitor conversations through flagging certain keywords, hastags, or brand
mentions online. These tools will help you identify these conversations happening in the
sea of content online.

 Analytical Tools:

One tool in the marketing toolbox is the hotel website. To figure out how well this
marketing tool is performing for you and your property, you can use Google Analytics.
This free tool from our friends at Google empowers tou with the digital analytics tols you
need in order to figure out all the touchpoints your customer receives during their
customer journey. Knowing how customers interact with your website can tell a
qualitative story of how customers come and go into your ecosystem.

 Survey Tools:

Surveys are a great way to get honest and quick customer feedback and conduct
market research. While you may not think of a survey tool as a hotel marketing tool, it
can inform you as to what people want to see more of your brand.

 Task Management Tools:

Managing your upcoming marketing campaigns and work load is an important

aspect of running any business. Good thing there are task management tools can make
this a whole easier. Being able to organize, track, and prioritize your day to day, for
yourself and your team, can be made easier with a few of these tools.

 Channel Management Tools:

It is relatively easy to manage your hotel’s own website, but it becomes increasingly
difficult as the number of distribution channels start to grow. This is when channel
managers come in handy. Channel managers oversee all distribution channels,
continuosly updating the number of available rooms on across all of them. That means
you do not risk overbooking your property or misinforming your guests about the
availablity of certain rooms. It is much more efficient, as you can focus on other task
instead of keeping an eye on every website you cooperate with.

 Online Travel Aggregators:

Today it is nearly impossible to run a successful hotel business without OTAs. There
are various types of OTAs dealing with different aspects of hotel and lodging, however,
most of them are focused on hotels and flights, with car rentals and activity packages
taking the next spots.

 Email Tracking Tools:

While on the subject of increased productivity, it is impossible to dismiss an email

tracking tools. As a hotelier, you send hundreds of email each week. Some of them are
more urgent, some can wait, but they are all important in their own way. That’s why
email tracking tools are so useful.

 Offers:

The most important section on your website is, of course, the offer page. Yopu want
them to be clean and easy to navigate. You need your guests to know exactly what to
do and which buttons to click in order to make a booking. And you also want to
maximize your sale possibilities.

 Online Payment Tools

Lastly, when guests decide to book at your hotel, they often expect to be able to pay
online. Paying with is becoming less popular, and even credit card payments mare
losing their popularity. People want ot do everything quickly-find a hotel, book it and
pay for it, all in one sitting. It goes without saying thatr online payment tools are a must
for any entrepreneur displaying business on the Internet.

 Content Management Tools

In today’s digital world, blog writing and content creation prove to be the most
necessary ingredients to success for several companies including the hotel industry.
Regardless of the industry-whether you are running a bakeshop, law firm, a hotel or a
technology start-up –cretaing and managing content properly should be the top goal in
order to increase more inbound traffic to your website and become a trusted advisor of
your brand.

NOTE: Write your answers at the back of your paper.

Activity Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

1. If someone mentions your brand in a positive or negative way, for example,
through Instagram post and reach them out via comments, what kind of
business tools did you use?
a) Analytical Tools
b) Social Medial Listening Tools
c) Survey Tools
d) Channel Management Tools
2. These toolslet you better control your converstaions and be more aware of
what is happening in your relations with recipients. It also let you know
whether messages has been opened or left untouched.
a) Content Management System
b) Online Payment Tools
c) Offers
d) Email Tracking tools
3. With so little time and so many marketing projects to take on, these tools are
here to help you be smarter about how you market your hotel and best of all,
save time in process.
a) Task Management Tools
b) Survey Tools
c) Analytical Tools
d) Online Travel Aggregators
4. Using these tools makes millions of transactions each day, operating in
almost every country in the world and in nearly 30 different currencies,
example of this tool is PayPal.
a) Social Media Listening Tool
b) Online Payment Tools
c) Offers
d) Email Tracking Tools
5. It is on eof the most important tools where you can think about adding special
offer options to your web page.
a) Social Media Listening Tool
b) Online Payment Tools
c) Offers
d) Email Tracking Tools

ESSAY: Write your insights concisely. (20 points)

1. According to the abovementioned information, why do you think business tools in

hospitality and tourism industry important?