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Klarisse Angelica G.



“Given the characteristics of literature and the hazards of translations, is Republic Act 1425 realistic?
Why or why not?”

As someone who tackled the works of Rizal in my junior high school years, I think the institutions
have given us a gist of what the two novels actually talk about. However, upon reaching my college
years and gaining more knowledge about the concept, it appears that there was more to the story than
to what I actually knew. With the novels originally written in Spanish, us Filipinos will not understand the
whole of it by reading without proper translation. Therefore, translators translate the texts, but that
does not mean that the main thought will still remain once it is translated, especially with words that are
used from before with deeper meanings. I understand the intention of Guerrero for changing some of
the words to simple meanings so readers, especially young ones, can have a positive impact reading it.
His main objective in doing that is to lighten the words and use it as a means for Rizal to be a beneficial
influence. The Republic Act 1425 itself aims to ignite the spirit of nationalism to the Filipinos, not to
demean and slander the community involved in the novels, i.e. Catholic Community.

I understand that each text were translated for the reason of it being used in school institutions,
such as, elementary, high school, college, and universities, that is used for learning purposes and
nothing much further. With those being said, I believe that the Republic Act 1425 is realistic. Why? For
the main purpose of it serving as a means for Filipinos to be educated and enlightened to what our
greatest hero, Rizal, had done for our country and for us to acknowledge his works and pay respects by
being a nationalist in our own ways. The Republic Act 1425 was not implemented to be against the
Catholic Community or any other beliefs, but to give awareness for how the lives of Filipinos were
before and recognize the works Rizal he has made to give proper rights and freedom to our country and
fellow countrymen. According to the Republic Act 1425, “the life, works, and writing of Rizal are a
constant inspiring source of patriotism with which the minds of the youth should be suffused”. This act
only aims to teach people the nationalism and patriotism Rizal had for his own country, and that, we
should follow his footsteps. Therefore, I conclude, that the Republic Act 1425 is realistic.