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SIEM SOC Analyst (L2)

Responsibilities / Technical skills:

 Job Description:

Your primary objective will be too proactively monitor and hunt through customer
environments to detect and respond to information security threats. You will help to
protect an organization by employing a range of technologies and processes to prevent,
detect and manage cyber threats. This can include protection of computers, data,
networks and applications.

The Security Operations Analyst Level 2 role is tasked with evaluating SIEM (Security
Incident Event Manager) related events flagged for review by established strategies. This
evaluation is performed with various validation tools, understanding and application of
computer security topics and malware infections, and identification of new techniques to
make quick decisions with a high rate of accuracy. The person in this role will contribute
to the strategic development of a new pilot program aimed at further enhancing the
world class experience. The Security Operations Analyst Level 2 is expected to adhere to
numerous Key Performance Indicators to ensure decisions are made balancing factors
such as risk tolerance and customer experience.

Another responsibility of this role is to help train machine learning models by labeling
transactions, queries, or other entity pairings.

Profile Requirements

• Investigation and qualification of L2 incidents

• Access to tiers tools for investigation

• Proposition of specific recommendations

• Incident analysis for correlation rules design and implementation

• Security crisis information gathering

• Forensics on medium complexity incidents

• Check of applied recommendation for L1/L2 incidents

• Contextual investigation

• Client incident notification and required mitigation

• SIEM rules fine-tuning and knowledge base update

• Proactive Threat Hunting using IOCs and Threat Intelligence

• Cooperation with L1 / L3 and Vulnerability Management

• Active participation in security forums 

• Deals with incidents from L1

• Updates knowledge base regularly and immediately if required

• Triggers Level 3 escalation if needed

• Designs and deploys correlation rules

• Acts on security crisis with Level 3

• Apply business knowledge, awareness of known attacker techniques, and use of

Excel and various validation tools to provide alert determinations

• Validates weekly, monthly, quarterly, half and yearly reports

• Examines and monitors for attacks, intrusions and unusual, unauthorized or

illegal activity

• Use advanced analytic tools to determine emerging threat patterns and


• Investigate and solves security breaches and other cyber security incidents and
provide incident response.

• Liaise with L3 and stakeholders in relation to cyber security issues and provide
future recommendations

• Install security measures and operate software to protect systems and

information infrastructure, including firewalls and data encryption programs.

• Document and report security breaches and assess the damage they cause.

• Support and back up L3 about major incidents with assigned and identified tasks
by L3

• Work with security teams to perform tests and uncover network and application

• Fix and adjust detected vulnerabilities to maintain a high-security standard.

• Stay current on IT security trends, intelligence and news.

• Research security enhancements and make recommendations to management.

• Min 3 years of SOC Level 1 and Min 2 years of SOC Level 2 experience.

• LogRhythm experience and knowhow will be plus.