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1. Which is the oldest soccer competition in the world?

a) America’s Cup
b) FIFA World Cup
c) Champions League

2. People play soccer in the __________?

a) Field
b) Ground
c) Court

3. How many countries are playing in the cup?

a) 10
b) 12
c) 14

4. Which of this songs is NOT sung by Bob Marley?

a) Three little birds
b) Redemption song
c) Kingston town

5. Which team has won the cup more times?

a) Argentina
b) Brazil
c) Uruguay

6. The player who stops the ball is the __________

a) goal keeper
b) goal post
c) striker

7. Which rival did Argentina give the biggest win in history (12-0)?
a) Venezuela
b) Ecuador
c) Bolivia

8. Which is the capital of Brazil?

a) Sao Paulo
b) Rio de Janeiro
c) Brasilia

9. Who was the first champion of the Copa America, in 1916?

a) Uruguay
b) Chile
c) Brazil

10.Manizales is the capital of_______?

a) Cundinamarca
b) Risaralda
c) Caldas

11.How many Copa América finals did Lionel Messi lose?

a) 3
b) 2
c) 4

12.which is the past participle of let?

a) let
b) letted
c) leted

13.Who was the scorer of the last Copa America that was played in the
United States?
a) Lionel Messi
b) Alexis Sánchez
c) Eduardo Vargas

14.which of these words do not correspond ?

a) biscuit
b) cookie
c) wafer

15.Which of these teams was never invited to an America's Cup?

a) Guatemala
b) Costa Rica
c) Haiti

16.Which is the capital of Haiti?

a) Puerto Pincipe
b) Santo Domingo
c) Punta Cana

17.How long lasted the longest match of the contest?

a) 150
b) 160
c) 170

18.Which selections are missing to obtain an America's Cup?

a) Venezuela and Paraguay
b) Venezuela and Bolivia
c) Venezuela and Ecuador

19.What’s the name of the official mascot of Brazil 2019?

a) Capibara
b) Zizito
c) Capito

20.How__________traffic is there in your neighbourhood?

a) many
b) much
c) well

21.What year did Pele play his only Cup?

a) 1959
b) 1960
c) 1958

22.Who is the current champion of the cup?

a) Argentina
b) Paraguay
c) Chile
23.How many times has the America Cup been held in Brazil?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 3

24. Which are the two guest in this tournament?

a) Qatar and Philippines
b) Japan and Arab emirates
c) Qatar and Japan

25. Who advances to the quarterfinals?

a) The first two teams of each group
b) The first two teams of each group and the two best third
c) The first three selections of each group

26.When was the first edition of the Copa América?

a) 1916
b) 1913
c) 1910