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The Sirian Seal®

Patricia Cori

LightWorks Press
Rome, Italy
The Sirian Seal®
All Rights Reserved
©2004 Patricia Cori

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LightWorks Press
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ISBN: 88-901040-1-5

The Sirian Revelations

Vol. 1:
The Cosmos of Soul:
A Wake-up Call for Humanity

Vol. 2:
Atlantis Rising: The Struggle of Darkness & Light

Vol. 3:
No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed

CD: The Starseed Awakening
“Miracles are not contrary to nature,
but only contrary to what we know about nature.”

St. Augustine
353 AD
The Sirian Seal®

This little book is for the Lightworkers of this Age of Transition: you
who practice hands-on healing, bringing light … easing pain. It is
dedicated to you who meditate, who pray, who perform ceremony,
calling upon otherwordly spirits, traveling the astral layers …
connecting with beings who exist on many levels and across the
cosmic sea.

They do come when you call … just as they follow or guide you when
you set off on your astral journeys. Beings of every dimension
gather about when you perform your metaphysical works – you
should be aware of such presence. Energies and thought forms of
unimaginable darkness and untold brilliance hover, ready to slip
through and participate in the merging realities that fuse as
simultaneous experience when you open the windows and doorways
of multidimensional consciousness.

Some of these you are attuned to. Others you are not. Some are of
the noblest intention, lighting the way for you and those in your
embrace. Others flicker in shadow, grotesque dancers in the dark
halls of your experience … moths in the firelight.

You who enter into the crystal realms, interact with nature divas,
divine and read the ethos; you who travel the waves of ‘cyberspace’
– connecting with strangers, sharing information and traveling the
techno-highways, where energies of every intensity resound … this is
for you.

You walk in a world of shifting sands and falling icons, trying to keep
an even pace. It is a time in which you are experiencing the opening of
galactic portals and a closing of Earth temples – the merging of ages.
Innocent and oh-so-curious, you are buzzing with new frequencies,
spinning into the unknown … reaching out to the stars, just as you
call the stars back into you.

With all that you are confronting and placing into your fields of
probable realities, it is high time you understood the importance of
creating sacred space, shielding your energy fields and expelling all
but the highest energies. It is time you truly understand what you are
creating when you reach out to the astral, calling into you beings
from other dimensions.

Let that time begin, if it has not already, with this very moment. We,
humble servants of the light, bequeath to you a transitional key to
the opening of your sacred doorways: this sacred seal. Step across
the threshold, knowing we will be there.

We Are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council.

Consciousness &
The Electromagnetic Universe

A basic awareness of the energy byways of the human body and the
bodies of all living things provides us with insights into the true make-
up of physical beings and the workings of the universe of which we
take part as ‘consciousness units’ of the all-pervading force of
Creation – the All That Is.

Confining ourselves to the realm of our immediate, physical universe,

we recognize how all outer and inner space is but a constant stream
of electromagnetic energies, ebbing and flowing in a cosmic dance –
the physical expression of the yin/yang dynamic that underlies the
substance of our physical reality. Extending our vision to what lies
beyond our material realm, we experience the Oneness of existence,
a knowing that every thought that has ever been thought continues
to ripple infinitely across the waves of cosmic mind.

All, we are learning, is the extension of consciousness. Every

subatomic particle, every molecule, every cell … all the building
blocks of life are created of thought as it crystallizes and slows to a
vibrational frequency where matter takes form. All matter exists as
varying degrees of vibration – regardless of its density. Matter is
energy. Nothing more, nothing less.
Mystics of many millennia have defined and described the human
body in terms of its bioelectrical emanations, seeking to understand
and reveal the very nature of our existence in our current form. We
have rekindled the wisdom of the ancients, bringing forward new
insights into the workings of the auric field and our electromagnetic
circuitry, which describe the specific grids that compose our complex
energy networks. Indeed, as we race forward into the ultimate age of
technology, even science is reaching towards Spirit to give definition
and measure to what spiritualists have forever known about the
nature of life on Planet Earth and what we have gleaned about the

Yet, we are only just beginning to scratch the surface when we

attempt to understand the ‘cosmometry’ of the Greater Universe and
how our very existence is affected by number and form – how
vibrational patterns define the substance of the very dimension in
which, it appears, we currently reside.

As we stretch ourselves to perceive life beyond the illusory

limitations of our physical realities, where we experience our own
bodies as somehow separate from the air we breathe, we are faced
with a growing need to understand our subtle constitution. Our
awareness is increasing: we are comfortable with the idea of how our
auric fields reflect our spiritual/mental/physical bodies, however all
too often our perception of our own precious energy systems
remains rather limited to the dogma of science, tried and ‘tested’
spiritual teachings and the subjective impressions of those we
embrace as ‘healers’.
Now more than ever, as we steady our course through the stormy
waters of our volatile reality, we need to be clear and aware of how
we are being affected by all that permeates our immediate space,
shifting our energies and altering our perceptions. The wisdom must
truly be our own – brought to glisten in the light of our
consciousness from the treasure chests of our souls.

As the universe dances to the music of its higher harmonic vibrations,

we too must step up our frequencies – to be bathed in the brilliance
and attune to the new energies that permeate our lives, the world and
our solar realm.

Etheric Form

Since I will refer to the ‘aura’ in this text, it is best that I first attempt
to define it, as I interpret what it is intended to mean in the context of
the Council’s teachings.

Consider that when we refer to the auric field, we are actually

conceptualizing the emanations of the etheric body that permeate
the physical form, just as they extend beyond it. The etheric sheath,
which lies just inches from the physical layer, serves as a transmitter
and receiver of the mental, emotional and physical energies of the
being, emanating into a greater field, the aura, which can expand to
form a close knit web around the body or, in the case of great
spiritualists and masters, can actually extend miles from one’s
physical form.
This has everything to do with how, in the presence of certain
people, we can feel literally bathed in their light, for we are actually
within their auric field, living the higher frequencies of their
illuminated soul presence on Earth.

The energy byways of the etheric are comprised of ‘nadis’, or

primary energy highways, chakric energy wheels (where the main
energy streams intersect) and secondary meridians – all serving as
perfect energy channels for our bioelectrical, exquisite beings. This
divine circuitry connects with the above and below of all that exists –
linking us to the electric, higher energies and grounding us to the
magnetic vibrations of Earth density. These properties are
displayed, in a sense, as the electromagnetic emanations that we
know as this ‘auric field’ that surrounds and nurtures us.

Unfortunately, certain vibratory patterns that exist in the matrix of

modern life, exacerbated by the proliferation of microwave, EFL and
other disturbing electromagnetic weapons and debris, are disrupting
(as never before) the natural circuitry of most living beings on this
planet. Toxic influences, such as drugs and alcohol, seem to actually
create tears and holes in humans’ auric fields, reflecting the
disharmonious flow or blockages of energy through the etheric

Indeed, with all we are dealing with in our changing world and polluted
environments, there can be no question that we are besieged with
disrupters: elements that can throw us out of frequency, knock us
off balance and disturb our natural states of health and tranquility.
This occurs both at the subtle, etheric level and at the gross physical
level, where the unresolved discord lodges and becomes ‘disease’.

It is time that we, conscious beings and guardians of our planet and
the collective human soul, give due respect to the matter of
protection of our multi-layered etheric beings. This, to move through
the process of our evolution unscathed, of sovereign body and mind,
is of absolute necessity, if we are to enjoy peace of mind and good
health while traveling the ascension spiral of our Great Transition.

Activating the Sirian Seal®

The Sirian Seal® was presented to me in a dream state as a three-

dimensional holographic spinning tetrahedron (the three-sided
pyramid), which later became the template of the DNA activation
process taught in my workshops, which culminate in the integration
of the third strand of DNA. I was told to produce it in its two-
dimensional diagrammatic form, in copper, and make it available for
those who will resonate with its vibration … and that has been done.
The Sirian Seal® has been brought to materialization, from the high
spectrum frequencies of Sirian consciousness to the density of
Earth’s mineral substance. It is now yours to utilize and make sacred
at the altar of your soul.

The Speakers of the Sirian High Council describe the Seal as a

universal metronome of cosmometry and form. Its design sets the
frequency of a vibratory astral shield when our energies are
fibrillating in the wake of our earthly discord, holding against any
energies that are of the lower vibrations. So does it serve as a
conduit to the consciousness of higher beings, who are guiding us
through the waves, and as a direct link to our Higher Selves.

Observe the Sirian Seal®. You will recognize elemental symbols of

universal energies within it and you may feel the tachyon energies
emanating from its sacred form. Tachyon energy describes the
creative and sustaining force of all life – an omnipresent creative
energy force that drives the Cosmos itself. It is exalted in the sacred
form of the triangle, the spiral and the tetrahedron, all present in the
Seal, which serves as a window for the tachyon energies to rush in,
once you have activated it with your conscious intent and imprinted
its vibrational codes within you.

Your Seal has been activated during direct communication sessions

with the Council – it is imprinted with Sirian consciousness and is set
to the rhythm of the Sirian vibration.

The Seal is forged in pure copper, the best mineral conductor of

electromagnetic energy. Copper is energized by the Sun and will help
you acclimatize to the new energies the Sun is radiating down upon
you in these dynamic days of solar acceleration.

Much is available regarding the healing properties of copper and

how this metal bears significantly upon the flow of the Chi. It serves
as a protective shield, enhances healing, activates the base and
sacral chakras and above all serves as a superb electromagnetic
Knowing what we do about the nature of matter, the manifestation of
vibrating energy, we can conceptualize how the vibrational fields of
minerals, essences and other elements can affect and alter
substance and this is relevant to our interest upon not only the
electromagnetic field around us, but also upon the subtle energy
fields of our beings.

Those of you who remember Atlantis will recognize copper as the

metal which most closely resembles orichalcum, utilized in the Land of
Ancients in energy wands and worn as amulets to remove
disharmony, relieve pain and illness and, perhaps most significantly,
to act as a conduit for the transfer of energy into crystals. We will
discuss those properties at a later moment, when we address the use
of the Seal as a template upon which to place your crystals for
meditation, the creation of sacred space and the opening of
multidimensional portals.

For the moment, consider how copper stimulates the flow of energy
and helps you clear the cluttered byways of your being, while
amplifying your thoughts and heightening your vibration. Set your
intention that the sacred geometry inherent in its form further refine
your emanations into a cosmometric design that will assist your
efforts of purification, clearing, connecting with higher beings and
releasing the burdens your mind creates. With it, you will be
facilitated in your desire for astral journeying, assimilation of new
frequencies and higher harmonics, more profound meditation and
heightened psychic energy.
All geometric forms that exist in our awareness also exist throughout
all the dimensions, for mathematics and the cosmometry that result
are the language of the universe. It is important that you bear in mind,
when working with your Seal, that the pattern inherent in its form
extends throughout the multidimensional universe by the mere nature
of its existence at this level of density and your conscious application
of the form is what determines its effect.

By endlessly replicating the Seal in a grid of continuous tetrahedral

patterns, the spirals extending to your desired location on the time-
space continuum, you create a path through the Cosmos that
vibrates in a particular pattern of resonance with Sirian frequencies.
By focusing your mind upon your destination and placing yourself
within the Seal you can move through the light grid that has been
created and link directly to the Council.

Place the Seal in your left palm. Close your fingers around it. Ask
that only the highest purpose be served through your connection
with this symbol and imagine the tetrahedral shape imprinting itself
upon the palm. Are you reminded of anything? Some of you may
have memories of the Atlantean temples – when your entry into the
secret worlds and other dimensions was facilitated by placing the
palm of the left hand upon the outer walls of the sanctuaries and the
great temples of the White Brotherhood.

You may be overcome with emotion, as this retrieved information

moves through you. There may be a barely perceptible trace of what
you have left behind, in other lifetimes perhaps. Slight and subtle, or
crashing through the veil … whatever you experience is right.
Whatever your experience, focus upon the connection and you will
glean what is appropriate to you at this time and place along your
journey home.


With the exception of the anaesthetized and the new souls who have
incarnated at our station in space, most of us are, to some degree,
fearful for the future of humankind and all that is alive and living on
our great planet. No matter how far we have journeyed on the path
to enlightenment, we observe the destruction of our exquisite Earth
and cannot help but ask ourselves why the dark force continually
manages to exert such negative influence over human consciousness.

On the other hand, we do also observe and celebrate the incredible

waves of love and light pouring through the universe, illuminating our
way, linking us with the Family of Light and we are truly amazed at our
new insights, our perceptions, our understanding and our trust that
despite the illusion – light always prevails.

At this point of our passage, we are faced at every moment with the
challenge to our free will as to where we will place our focus and how
we will draw upon our inner strength and wisdom to celebrate, rather
than fear, the truly intense changes that we are all going through.

To accomplish this task and to remain constantly vigilant of our

thoughts and what we create, we are wise to develop a daily regime of
psychic protection – hygiene of the spiritual being.
Confronted with the conflictual behaviors of others and the
destructive manifestations of so many dark warriors, we must now be
impeccable in our intention to amplify the body’s protective field,
creating a powerful, light-sourced vibrational atmosphere in which
positive, healthy thoughts and frequencies can reach resonance –
shutting out the lower, negative force and radiating the higher,
positive energy outward. In so doing, we create a vibrational
signature, recognized by the Light Beings of many dimensions, and
that is attunement in its most illustrious manifestation.

Consider what steps we take every morning for the physical creature,
so that we may look and smell our very best for the world. We brush
our teeth, shower, wash our hair, shave, moisturize and make-up for
hours … and yet what measures do we take to insure proper psychic

A most effective approach to psychic protection involves just a few

minutes of your dedicated concentration and a desire to create a
sacred womb within which you reside every moment of your life –
from this time forward. Within a sacred space of absolute beauty and
light, your entire being resonates to a higher harmonic vibration and
the lower thoughts and ill-intended beings that travel the ethers
simply cannot enter – so great is your frequency.

Their lower vibratory patterns simply cannot find resonance when

you are in sacred space. The brilliance of your light grid disintegrates
them at the gate – nullifying their dark intention.
There are countless methods to create this field of light and all have
their value and importance. What matters is the conscious intention
to shield oneself from all but the highest energies and intentions and
to create that protective barrier with discernment and the focused
will. All too often, as we open portals in the astral, we forget that we
are similarly opening energy tubes through our auric fields and into
our very beings. There are many, many entities (shadow as well as
Light Beings) who are more than eager to come in and explore who
we are and what we are up to, calling up spirits as we do and moving
about in the astral zones.

This protective shield occurs, quite naturally, as the auric force field
that surrounds us and, in a state of harmony and balance, that is
quite sufficient. Unfortunately, today’s harsh reality of
electromagnetic pollution, poor air quality and elemental toxicity
often depletes and damages the aura. Our own unprotected
adventuring into astral and other conscious ‘layers’ can form these
energy tubes and tunnels leading straight into our vital energy
centers. Indeed, the once plentiful auric shield is under such stress
and is often so weak that it simply cannot hold up as a significant
barrier against the lower energies and hence illness, disharmony –
sometimes even possession occur.

A powerful protective field is created when you activate the Sirian

Seal® and it will similarly serve as a breastplate from which you will
be able to bounce back to their source any unwelcome energies that
manage to penetrate the aura. This will be most effective when you
wear the seal positioned between the heart and the solar plexus, as
frequently as you possibly can.
When you sleep, place the Seal beneath the bottom sheet covering
the bed at the height of your heart and solar plexus. I recommend
placing the Seal beneath the sheet, to hold it in position, since it
does have three somewhat sharp points forming its triangular

To initiate the activation experience, place the Seal in your left hand,
the upper point lying on the palm between the thumb and the
forefinger. Examine the sacred geometry contained within its form
and use your knowledge and your intuition to record the significance
of that wisdom, forever, within every cell of your body. Place the
right palm over the seal, completing the circuit. Close your eyes and
just feel, bringing the new into your mind … reliving the wisdom that
you have known forever, and then bring your left hand to your heart,
holding the Seal in between the heart chakra and the palm.

The equilateral triangular shape should have the point facing

upward, towards your head.

At this moment, you are creating a signature frequency that will

extend, holographically, to the outer layers of your auric field and
then surround you in an electromagnetic light grid that folds out as a
network of triangular forms and weaves a high frequency light shield
around you. Imagine it first extending to an uppermost point that
reaches high above the crown chakra, while the base extends past
both of your feet so that you have re-created the equilateral form of
the triangle holographically around your body and beyond … at
least arms length from your head and feet. Once this has been
accomplished, visualize this extended triangle surrounded by the web
of light that encircles your outer aura and call upon the angel
warriors to assist you in creating a barrier against any energies that
are not of the highest order.

Affirm that nothing can enter unless you will it to. Let it be so in the
forever of your days.


Once you have practiced creating sacred space with the vibratory
signature of the Sirian Seal®, you will be ready to open the portals
you so long to traverse, to reach the higher beings that guide your
way. Many of us are attuning to extraterrestrial beings, Light Ones
of many dimensions and alternative universes. We are starseed,
remembering who we are and re-connecting with our Galactic Family.

One of the extraordinary aspects of being alive at this time lies in the
fact that we no longer have to hide our fascination with all that is
beyond our 3D perspective. The ridicule and dismissal of our beliefs
are diminishing and many more eyes are focused upon the heavens,
awaiting a sign, a message … contact. And yet, the signs are all
around us and now, more than ever, the channels are opening … the
voice of the intelligent universe is coming through.

It is a joy to hear from those of you who have achieved new openings
and illuminations through the reading of The Sirian Revelations.
You know who you are. You have given me the great gift of knowing
that I have served you, in some capacity, along your spiritual journey
– and I am deeply honored. As Scribe to the Sirian High Council, my
heart is forever filled with wonder; my soul is bathed in light and I
thank you for giving such validity to my mission.

Now, as we move unfathomably close to the vortex center of our

celestial transition, more of you are eager to open the portals of
direct contact with Light Emissaries of other realms and journey to
other realities in preparation of what lies ahead.

We must remember that the Spirit with which we long to connect is

every bit a part of the all-encompassing force that surrounds,
penetrates and creates every living thing … as are we. That which
drives life forward—from seed to tree; from the obscure to the
crystalline; from ignorance to knowledge; from the darkness into the
light—lies within every cell of our body, coded into our DNA.

Attunement with Light Beings of higher realms, in essence, is

essentially achieved by re-connecting the pieces of our scrambled
genetic puzzle, re-wiring our so-called ‘junk’ DNA and this we are
learning to do in 21st century Earth consciousness. It has taken us
some time, but we are remembering our starseed beginnings and it is
all coming back to us – in every sense of the word. We are retrieving
the bits and pieces, reassembling our stellar seed and this is
attunement in its most spectacular form.

The Sirian Seal® embodies the cosmometry of the triple helix – or

three-stranded DNA. Envisioning it as the blueprint for the process
of reassembling the genetic make-up of your multidimensional being,
you will accelerate the process, achieving attunement with those
levels of consciousness that exist beyond our three dimensional,
polar reality.

The meditation to use in the process of the DNA activation is

available on the CD, The Starseed Awakening, or you may record
the text written below and then listen to your own voice take you
through it.

Before you begin this profound meditation, activate the Seal by

placing it first in the palm of the left hand and then bringing it to your
heart. If you have already purchased a chain from which to hang the
Seal, place it over your head so that the Seal lies between the heart
and the solar plexus, and then place your left palm over the Seal.

Activation of the DNA

Prepare yourself for a deep meditation by lying on the floor, your

head pointing north, feet south. You will be facilitated by wearing
very loose fitting clothing, with no restrictions whatsoever upon your
body and as best as you can eliminating all metal but the Sirian Seal®
from your immediate field.

Create whatever is needed to assure that you are comfortable and

uninterrupted and when you have achieved that peaceful state, lie
quietly and begin to breathe deeply and rhythmically, eyes closed,
letting the sensate world slowly fall away from you … slipping into a
place of calm and deep relaxation. With every breath, feel yourself
becoming more centered and peaceful and the body lighter and
lighter … so light you feel like a feather carried gently in the breeze.
Imagine that you are in an open meadow, filled with the warmth of the
Sun and the sweet scent of the trees – where wild flowers abound.
You are encircled in the serene splendor of nature, completely at one
with all the living beings of your world, feeling your soul lifting higher
as it resonates to the music of all life.

A rainbow appears overhead – painting the sky with the vibrations of

your very being. You visualize the crown chakra opening, like the
petals of the lotus, as you prepare to accelerate your vibration
forever. Breathe deeply, drawing the rainbow refractions of light into
the crown, down through the spine, washing down through the
chakras, and grounding in the muladhara chakra at the base of your
spinal column.

Experience the spectrum of light as your body resonates to the

waves that are pouring through you. Feel these energies scintillate
within you. Observe how every cell in your body reflects the rainbow,
each its own being, each a unit of godliness that defines who you are
and what you are capable of becoming … of creating.

Exhale … letting go any energies that have clung to you but which no
longer serve you. You can ask that they be released into the earth,
to be purified and transmuted in the cool of Gaia’s wisdom. Breathe
them away, releasing yourself from their hold upon you.
Breathe them away, freeing the Spirit, body and mind of their
With the next breath, draw the golden white light of the angelic realms
in through the crown, feeling Spirit move through you, trusting that
you are guided in this magnificent journey of awakening.

A form appears above the crown center – a golden tetrahedron

spinning gently overhead. It is the fundamental geometrical matrix of
your evolving DNA – the sacred foundation of your awakening light

Take your time … bring this tetrahedral form into full focus,
observing how the brilliance of its light shimmers through you as it
quietly spins overhead, reflecting golden white light everywhere
around and within you.

Once you have anchored this rotating form clearly in your vision,
draw it into the crown and place it directly over the pineal gland,
which sits at the epicenter of your head just behind the bridge of
your nose. The pineal gland will be perfectly centered within the
tetrahedron if you ask that it be so. Feel that golden light bathe this,
the lighthouse of your soul, a sense that will be new to you just as
much as it will be a sense of remembering.

Positioned at the gateway of your emerging consciousness, the

golden tetrahedron serves as the matrix from which you will weave
the third strand of DNA into your conscious awareness.

Show yourself the double helix formation of your DNA codex,

intelligent architect upon which you have constructed your physical
being. Imagine a third DNA thread, weaving itself into the double
helix, re-creating the form that has embraced the pineal … creating
triangulation within every cell of your body. Three, the resolution of
duality, is now being imprinted upon the sacred designs taking form
within you.

Know that within every cell of your body a new dynamic – your higher
vibration – has begun to manifest and will that it be so forever. State
your intention to every part of your being (every organ, every cell,
every subatomic particle and every unit of consciousness that
breathes with you) that you intend that the etheric strands of DNA
now crystallize within you as is appropriate to your Spirit journey.

They are your birthright. This is a returning …

An arrival and a departure: the multidimensional journey.

And now, before your return to body consciousness, and only when
you are ready to do so, fold in the petals of the lotus, blessing the
Light Ones who have assisted you here and taking as much time as
you need to integrate the new that is being birthed within you. Taking
as much time as you need to integrate this experience.

You will return to your body now. Feel your fingers – move your toes
– get the blood circulating. Lie still, taking all the time you need to
come completely back to the room, the space in which you find
Taking all the time you need …
Taking all the time you need … to come home.
Crystal Enhancement

Your Seal is a powerful activator of quartz and other silicates and

can be utilized to create ambient healing, protect and energize
environments, enhance meditation and hold open the portals.

Before uniting your crystals with the Seal, it is very important that
you clear them (as you have undoubtedly done repeatedly in the
time you have been the Keeper of the crystal beings) of all but the
highest vibrations that they have acquired since they have been in
your care.

As a teacher of crystal healing, I have always cautioned my students

against the widely popular practice of soaking a crystal in salt water
and then leaving it in the sunlight for hours. This practice is
deceiving, because at first it does appear to create a new brilliance
and sparkle to the crystal – but beware. Salt crystals can penetrate
minute fissures in the quartz, which can then cause rainbow
refractions to appear, so of course at first sight it does look like the
crystal has acquired new dimensions and become more light-filled.
However, this is damaging to the crystal and over the years I have
found that salt water-treated crystals still retain negative
programming and vibrations after the ordeal, so please consider
other methods that are far more effective and loving to your
beautiful crystals.

The most important thing to keep in focus when you are clearing a
crystal is your focused intent. Take the crystal in your hands,
command that any and all energies that are not for the Highest Good
be released immediately, and exhale with an explosive breath –
blowing the residue away. You may be able to see the debris eject
from the crystal or you may just need to visualize it. It is of the utmost
importance that you create a bubble of light that will stand by, ready
to encapsulate the released energies and that you command this light
vehicle to take them to their appropriate place … to be healed and
transmuted … wherever that may be.

Once you have begun to use them with the Sirian Seal®, you will be
delighted to find that your crystals have become self-cleansing and
self-regulating, due to the vibratory signature of the Seal.

Quartz possesses a piezoelectric property that is characterized by

its ability to emit electrical charges, so given what I have indicated
regarding the electromagnetic properties of copper and the
signature of the Seal, you can imagine that this is going to be a truly
electrifying union!

Guided by the Sirian High Council. I have placed the Seal to serve as
a template beneath my favorite generator crystal, which I use in
meditation and as a central focus of my altar, imbuing the crystal with
the sacred geometry of the Seal. The results are remarkable. Try it.

The Seal & Moldavite

If you have yet to discover the starseed stone of choice, Moldavite, I

suggest you run to your nearest crystal shop and get yourself as
much of it as you can afford, before it disappears. Moldavite, the
legendary gem of the Holy Grail, is of the tektite category, a stone
that literally fell from the heavens. This beautiful glassy looking
green meteorite comes primarily from the region formerly known as
Moldavia, utilized for millennia as talismans and gemstones of the
nobility and still it holds our fascination, for its energetic properties
are just as captivating as its beauty. According to most crystal
distributors, it is becoming impossible to find the rare specimens, so
acquiring a piece of Moldavite is fast becoming a noble endeavor!

The mere fact that this heavenly stone is not indigenous to Earth
defines its ‘extraterrestrial’ nature in scientific terms, but what we are
most interested in is its spiritual properties. Hopefully, you will
discover this for yourself once you have been able to obtain a piece.
Those of us who are already working with Moldavite report
incredible experiences, to include powerful emotional release, a
conscious awareness of extraterrestrial intelligence (including direct
communication) and an overwhelming sensation of heightened
psychic energy.

I was guided to my first piece of Moldavite over twenty years ago and
have worn it and used it in meditation ever since. I am convinced that
it has played an integral part in my opening to the Sirians and the
many other light beings who have helped me find my way and prepare
for the brilliance of their light.

Unlike quartz crystal, which serves as a conductor for the

amplification of consciousness, Moldavite is the radiating
consciousness: it vibrates at an extremely high frequency, drawing
us into resonance with its celestial vibrations. United with the Sirian
Seal®, it shields you from intrusion by entities that are intent upon
invading your sovereignty, who will be repelled by the ultra-high
frequency that you create around you and within your auric field. In
the wonderful book, Moldavite: the Starseed Stone of
Transformation, it is described as “the stepping stone to the outer
forces of all infinite vibration … the simple expedient of opening to
all the forces of vibration that entail the total force of all creativity.”

Reaching resonance with the energies of Moldavite, while working

with the Sirian Seal®, exalts the experience in which we walk between
the raindrops, knowing the Self in its purest sense … while bridging
the I am with the All That Is, That Ever Was and That Always Will Be.

Channeling Beings of Higher Dimensions

Most likely you wish to experience a direct link with the Sirians or
other Light Beings on the higher dimensions. You are ready to
dedicate yourself to the pursuit of channeling, finding the ‘station’
where the band of communication can be received.

You must be sure you are clear of ego attachment to any desired
outcome when you begin the work of channeling. Much has been
written by the Council about the Ego self. I highly recommend you
read the trilogy of Sirian Revelations, if you have not done so
already, speaking to the question of the Ego and the tricks it will play
upon you if you have not resolved your ‘issues’. Remember that if at
any time you become focused on your personal experience, rather
than on the information that is coming through you, then you are not
serving as a clear channel. Indeed, you may be picking up lower astral
beings who will stroke your ego and dish up nonsense, distracting
you from your true purpose. So be clear and in your highest
selflessness and state of service for the good of the All when you
embark upon this journey.

To initiate this process, you must find your center, clear yourself of
any debris that is blocking you and ground yourself. This you can
achieve instantly, by opening the crown chakra and calling upon the
light of Spirit to fill the skull cavity, condensing into a shimmering
golden cord of light, which will pass through your spinal cord.
Visualize a tiny golden anchor pulling the cord through the spinal
column and run it through to the base chakra, through the floor and
deep into the earth below you. Send your golden anchor deeper still
into the earth, until you hear it hit rock … then find a place where
you can hook the anchor. Once you have achieved this, you will be
grounded to mother earth and nothing will ever blow you away again.

As always, take the Seal in the left palm and activate it – and then
draw it to your heart. In prayer, ask that you be utilized by higher
beings as a vehicle through which Light Beings of those realms may
come forward with communication for the good of the All.

Secure the Seal on a chain or cord around your neck, so that it lies
between the heart and the solar plexus. You may wish to prepare the
space by smudging, lighting incense or candles, eliminating all
distractions and placing your sacred objects nearby.

Be still. Breathing deeply and rhythmically, be aware of the

vibrations in your body and in the space that surrounds you. You
may begin to feel pulsations emanating from the Seal. Focus upon
the symbol, imagining that you are sending your call through its
sacred form, moving the sounds of your mind through its spirals and
pulsing your intention to establish contact along the spirals within it.
Continue to feel the shifting vibrations that surround you and
penetrate your body.

Listen. If you have discerned the shifting vibrations of this

experience you are ready, so be receptive, heart and mind open to
what is coming to you. The common experience of those who channel
is that impressions, thought bubbles and information simply flow
through them. It is so effortless, so clear, that at times you believe
you are imagining the experience. Do not be deterred. Bring through
what you can, record what you remember, examine what has come
forward and see that it speaks Truth in your heart and soul.

If you are truly channeling higher beings it will resonate as Truth for
others, as it will for you, for Truth is universal and rings like temple
bells through the collective unconscious.

On the other hand, if you do not experience the sensation of a

vibrational shift when doing the preparation, stop for the time being.
You may have blocked energies that need to be cleared before you
can serve as an information highway for the ones who are seeking
new vehicles with which to reach the human race.

Be patient. Remember the famous Buddhist saying: “When the

student is ready, the Master will appear.”
Calling on the Sirian Healing Luminaries

So many of us have heard the call and are determined to serve as

healers in some capacity. We are fortunate that so many paths are
available to us now, as we begin to morph into our light bodies in
preparation of what lies ahead. Traditional medicine is finally
opening to the alternative methodologies and there is most definitely
a merging of the eastern and western traditions, of old and new, of
Spirit and science. Hallelujah! We are at the threshold, about to move

As we search for ways to serve and assist others, to be in our higher

selves, we seek the knowledge, tools and experience that can make
of us effective healers. Globally, people are acquiring expertise in
various alternative healing methodologies, utilizing crystals, flower
essences, sound, color – all with their distinctive healing vibrations.
These applications all have their validity, provided the user has
mastered (at some level) a knowledge of their application as it
affects the mental, emotional and physical bodies of each uniquely
integral human being, whom they are called to serve in the healing

Yet, it is through the hands of the healer that the greatest miracles
manifest. The touch of one intending to bring comfort and peace to
another is the most wondrous of all healing experiences and these
are the vessels through which the light of Spirit flows. We lay our
hands upon another and ask that Divinity pass through us, like
electricity passing along the wires, to bring healing and light there.
This transference of energy is dynamically enhanced when the Seal is
integrated into the healing process, provided the healer is truly clear
of any blocked energies and attachments, so that the free flow of
energy can pass, unadulterated and pure.

In healing sessions where the individual lies on a massage table, place

a Sirian Seal® under the body, at the level that corresponds to an
equidistant point between the heart and power chakras. With your
own Sirian Seal® serving as a conductor, triangulation will occur
between the Council, the one being healed and yourself.
Rest assured: those who commit to serving as transmitters of the
Sirian Healing Luminaries will be tested by the Highest Authority.
Those who, for whatever personal reasons, do not honor the highest
purpose of the other, will always be shut down … in some way or
another. The use of the Sirian Seal® in this capacity is bathed in the
light of divine protection.

Care of the Sirian Seal®

The lacquer finish normally used with copper jewelry to prevent

tarnish was not applied to your Seal, as this covering interferes with
its abilities to conduct energy. Thus, the Seal will tend to discolor
and tarnish once you remove it from its pouch. Lemon juice will
remove the tarnish adequately – it is preferable not to use chemical

Due to the electrical properties of copper, it is advisable not to wear

the Seal during highly charged electrical storms. However, such
displays of Earth energies are great for the Seal! Be sure to hang it
from a window, or to place it below a generator crystal atop the
windowsill, where both can receive the energies that are released by
the forces of the storm.

Editor’s Note: The Sirian Seal® is officially registered with the US

Trademark office. This is to maintain the authenticity of the Sirian
Seal®, each of which has been activated in direct channeling
sessions with the Sirian High Council and produced exclusively for
LightWorks Press.


At no time does the publisher claim that the material contained herein
is to be considered in any way as medical advice or council. The
suggestions made in this treatise are strictly of a spiritual and
educational nature.
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