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You have seen that we are greatly affected by the current COVID 19 situation
and it is quite visible that our lives have come to a halt; from education to
work, to banking transactions and even acquiring necessities of life has become
a challenge. In the current scenario the importance of internet communication
and MIS has become even more pronounced. You are required to develop an
MIS (TPS, MIS, DSS, ESS) for an organization. Your main emphasis will be on
TPS, that is, how clients’ queries will be processed, and how their data will be
stored in the database to use for future transaction. Remember there is no one
perfect way to develop this project since the best of MIS may have some
Some of the suggestions are as follows:

1. Educational institutions since physical attendance is not possible

2. Banking, since banks are not fully operational
3. Hospital queries since all patients are not allowed to make unnecessary
visits to a hospital
4. Pharmacy service order processing for home delivery
5. Grocery service for home delivery
6. Restaurant/ home delivery
7. Courier service

These are some of the examples. You can choose any business of your choice.
You can also incorporate what DBMS you would like to incorporate and why
and what type of telecommunication network is required, if any.
Be creative, discuss with your team mates, explore on internet, ample
information is available on internet in this regard. Observe the MIS of your
organization of choice and make what changes would you like to make.
Group presentation will be delivered on ZOOM, only group and instructor at
any time during the week, evening. Group members can discuss the time with
me directly. I don’t expect you to make a perfect and flawless MIS, points of
grading will be

1. Knowledge of the subject

2. Effort
3. Originality
4. Evaluation: how and why your MIS is superior and covers all aspects to
provide your client with convenience
5. Use of diagrams to show order processing (use word or ppt tools to
develop diagrams, don't copy from internet)
6. At what level decision making takes place
Construction of Project

1. Introduction (1-2 slides)

2. Components of your company's MIS (1 slide)
3. TPS (main emphasis, 2-3 slides)
4. MIS/DSS (1 slide)
5. ESS (1 slide)
6. Type of DBMS used and why (1 slide)
7. Type of Telecommunication network and why (1 slide)
8. Evaluation
9. Conclusion

Keep the presentation between 8-12 slides, NO REPORT IS REQUIRED,

upload PowerPoint presentation only.
Once again I emphasize originality, subject knowledge, application of
knowledge and evaluation of the system are key to good grading.
Weightage in final result=20%