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UNIT PLAN : 3 (Culture – Life on Earth) PHASE : 2

NAME : ___________________________________________ CLASS : __________



Task : Talk about the place chosen and point out what Task : Produce a simple poster/ pamphlet/ brochure on
they have learnt about the place. the place and anything unique or special about it.

Students must comment on Content of the poster/pamphlet/brochure must include

1. Content - must point out the uniqueness of the 1. Information about the place
place and what makes it special to them / 2. How to get there
suggestions what best to do at the place, where 3. Accommodations
to stay and what to eat 4. Activities that could be done there
Students must have 5. Local food available
1. Voice projection 6. Photos about the place
2. Eye contact
3. Gestures
4. Facial expression
5. Confidence Students need to
1. Write and/speak using a basic range of
Students need to vocabulary, grammatical structures and
1. Respond appropriately to spoken and/or conventions, when speaking, use clear
written and/or visual text pronunciation and intonation
2. Interact in basic structured exchanges 2. Organize information and ideas and use a range
3. Use phrases to communicate ideas, feelings of basic cohesive devices
and information in familiar situations 3. Use the language to suit the context
4. Communicate with a sense of audience

Oral task should be about 2 – 3 minutes Poster/ pamphlet/ brochure should be written in not
less than 150 words


Communicating in response to spoken Using language in spoken and/or
and/or written and/or visual text written form
0 The student does not reach a standard The student does not reach a
described by any of the descriptors standard described by any of the
below. descriptors below.
1–2 The student: The student:
i. makes limited attempt to respond to i. has difficulty to write/speak using
simple short phrases or basic a basic range of vocabulary,
information in spoken, written and grammatical structures and
visual text; responses are often conventions; when speaking, uses
inappropriate pronunciation and intonation with
ii. interacts minimally in basic many errors, making understanding
structured exchanges difficult
iii. uses minimal phrase to ii. organizes limited information and
communicates ideas, feelings and ideas, and basic cohesive devices are
information in a limited range of not used
familiar situations iii. makes minimal use of language to
iv. communicates with a limited sense suit the context.
of audience
3–4 The student: The student:
i. responds to simple short phrase and i. writes/speaks using a basic range
some basic information spoken , written of vocabulary, grammatical
and visual text, though some responses structures and conventions, with
may be inappropriate some inappropriate choices; when
ii. interacts to some degree in basic speaking, uses pronunciation and
structured exchanges intonation with some errors, some
iii. uses some phrase to communicate of which make understanding
ideas, feelings and information in a difficult
limited range of familiar situations; ii. organizes some basic information
ideas are not always relevant or and ideas, and uses a limited range
detailed of basic cohesive devices, not always
iv. communicates with some sense of appropriately
audience. iii. uses language to suit the context
to some degree.
5–6 The student: The student:
i. responds appropriately to simple i. writes/speaks making good use of
short phrase and basic information in a basic range of vocabulary,
spoken , written and visual text grammatical structures and
ii. interacts considerably in basic conventions, generally accurately;
structured exchanges when speaking, uses pronunciation
iii. uses phases to communicate ideas, and intonation with some errors,
feeling and information in some familiar though these do not interfere with
situations; ideas are relevant and comprehensibility
detailed ii. organizes basic information and
iv. communicates with a considerable ideas well, and uses a limited range
sense . of basic cohesive devices accurately
iii. usually uses language to suit the
7–8 The student: The student:
i. responds in detail and appropriately i. writes/speaks effectively using a
to simple short phrase and basic basic range of vocabulary,
information in spoken , written and grammatical structures and
visual text conventions accurately; occasional
ii. interacts confidently in basic errors do not interfere with
structured exchanges communication. When speaking,
iii. uses phrases effectively to uses clear pronunciation and
communicate ideas, feeling and excellent intonation, making
information in a variety of familiar communication easy
situations; ideas are relevant and ii. organizes basic information and
detailed and include examples. ideas clearly, and uses a range of
iv. communicates with an excellent basic cohesive devices accurately;
sense of audience there is a logical structure and
cohesive devices add clarity to the
iii. uses language effectively to suit
the context.