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Explain each step mentioned in the video:

-Relax: you must always be focused, you shouldn't worry if you don't understand something, being
relaxed and focused gives you the best chance to understand what you hear.

- don't try to traslate: when you hear spoken english, just listen, don't translate.

-Use context yo help you understand: if you are face to face with someone use your body
language, tone of voice, facial expressions, use everything you can to help you understand.

-Practice with different situations and voices: you hear as many voices as possible, English voices,
Scottish voices, American voices, Welsh voices, Irish voices, Australian voices, Canadian voices,
South African voices, even voices where english is not native, listen to songs, tv shows, movies,
audiobooks, textbook exercises, and anything else you can find.

-Make a study plan: make a plan by following 2 rules: do something every day, do something
different every day. You can take fifteen to twenty minutes a day, for example, one day you can
listen to a song two or three times, the next day you listen to an American podcast, the next you
watch a TV show from the UK. Write your plan and leave it somewhere in your house, think about
what time of day you will practice your English, do it when your brain is concentrated and when
you do your daily practice, cross it out in your plan.

: 3. At the beginning of the video they talk about some situations, name at least two of those

-you are listening to an English teacher, speaking British English, speaking slowly and clearly.

-you're on a train, there are four non-native speakers from four different countries talking to each

: 4. In the minute 3:31 other language is spoken, what language was that?

the language is portuguese.

5. Which are the 2 rules for the 5th step?

Rule #1: do something every day.

Rule #2: do something different every day.

6. What is the lesson plan that they propose? What kind of lesson plan would you propose?

The plan they propose is to follow the 2 rules mentioned above, taking 15 or 20 minutes a day, for
example, on Monday to listen to a song two or three times, on Tuesday to see an American
podcast, on Wednesday to see a television program of the Kingdom United, listening to exercises
from a textbook on Thursdays, watching 15 minutes of a news program on Friday, watching 15
minutes of an old movie on Saturday, calling a friend on Sunday and speaking 15 minutes in
English with him.

This plan seems perfect to me and I would like to follow it.

How to stick to your plan?

I stick to my plan by following the recommendations, being relaxed, focused and taking the best
time during the day to get it right.

8. Having in mind the video, where can you obtain material to practice English?

I can get material from google, I must also search my own materials.
✓ Movie’s name.


✓ The plot. (Beginning, knot, ending)

The story of Riley, a young woman who is in her transition from childhood to
adolescence and while this personal change occurs experiences a series of
emotions: joy, fear, anger, disgust and sadness.
Riley struggled to adjust to her new environment, the emotional turmoil shown
by anger, sadness, fear, and Desgrado handle her. They were present in the
day to day of the personality of this little girl represented by various islands or
dependencies that surround

Reily began to experience the familiar warmth, filling her with comfort
and regret at the same time, for letting herself be carried away by her
impulses, and in the end it was difficult for Riley to adapt to her new
environment, but with a correct handling of emotions, she succeeds

✓ What did you learn about the movie?

that we should not hide or escape from emotions.

that we must know how to experience and live them

✓ How did the movie make you feel?

well i got really excited

✓ How is the film related to the academic program you are studying?

Psychology, the importance of our emotions plays a very important role to have optimal mental
health, and how these emotions shape our personality and the way we relate to other people.

✓ Another ending for the film could be ...

Another ending begins when Reyli plays with emotions without hurting herself and being the best
friends to live happily.