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Come from Away

a. Book, Music & Lyrics: Irene Sankoff & David Hein
b. Director: Christopher Ashley
c. Producer: Junkyard Dog Productions
2. Premiered: March 2017 on Broadway after being in Oakville, San Diego, Seattle, Washington
D.C. and Toronto
3. Criticism: Generally, very well-liked by critics. They seemed to enjoy the hopeful nature of the
show. It had elements of happiness, sadness, excitement and nervousness which makes it full
4. The show has no leads. It is an ensemble cast that make usage of many different characters
stories and experiences. There are two very basic groups of characters, passengers and locals.
This means the people who arrive in the town and those who live in the town. It follows all their
stories through the experience of the town.
5. Come from away is based on the true story experience that happened on the five days following
9/11 in Canada. Planes on their way to the USA were all diverted to other airports as the USA
was declared a no-fly zone. 39 planes arrive in the small town of Gander in Canada. This town
had a population of 9 000 people and received a further 7 000 people. The town took these
people into their town with open arms. The story is shown from the perspective of both the
people who opened up their homes and people who were welcomed into peoples homes.
There were people from all over the world and they bonded as one unit. They had so much fun
together that the locals felt empty once the people left the town. The end of the musical shows
all the people reuniting on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in the town and celebrating once more.