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FST OI FO ae SND LEON cE ORGANISATIONS OF THE OLD WorED RS OPN FP OE SPN eee Writing and Design: Eric Cagle, David Chart, Steve Darlington, Andrew Law, Jody Macgregor, and Chris Pramas Development: Chris Pramas Editing: Evan Sass Graphic Design and Art Direction: Hal Mangold Proofreading: Scort Neese & Darron Bowley Cover Art: Pat Loboyko Interior Art: Lee Carter, Andy Law, Eric Lofgren, Britt Martin, ‘Jeremy McHugh, Tony Parker, John Wigley Cartography: Andy Law Senior WFRP Developer: Jay Little ‘Managing Developer: Michael Hurley Publisher: Christian T. Petersen FANTASY Fantasy Flight Games FLIGHT 1975 West County Road B2 GAMES Roseville, MN 55113. USA No part ofthis publication may be reproduced, stored ina retrieval sytem, of transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the publishers. © Games Workshop Limited 2008, Games Workshop, Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the foregoing marks respective logos and all asociated marks, logos, places, names, erature, races and race inignialdevicelognsmbok, vehicles locations, weapons, units and wnie insignia, characters, products and illusations frm the Warhammer World and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game sting are ether ®, TM andlor © Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2008, variably registered in the UK and ther countries around the world. This edition published under license to Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. Fantasy Flight Games and the FFG log ar trademarks of Fantasy Flight Publishing, inc. All Rights Reserved to sher respective owners. Produet Code: WH26 ISBN: 978-1-58994-465-7 For mote information about the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay line, free downloads, answers co rules questions, ‘orto participate in the online communiry, visit us online a www. IsrnopucTion ... Cuarren t: ‘Atrporr Docuns.. Meter Bei Player's Setion 4 hd Reponsblie ss Perper GM's Section. Hifory omnes Sewctires Goats and oaer———— SymteeandSigmiomommn? Spe loro Membership ane Sample Location. Recuirment “orth Tan ann Member Bees Using th Dressers to tnd Response. a GM's Seeion ‘Gioni00s REvoUTION oF ‘Tex Proms (Reon). 4r Player's Section "i be Mowing Blt ——14 Using the Adorf Dockers Plo 0045 ae nemnet5 (Cuarren I: BROTHERS OF HANDRICH . 16 Semple Manors Kiera deen Beary GM's Section... bry peer) ‘nd Repost GM's Scion. . Servolo dph 8 Als a Ene 5 ewer he olen Bgl Inn—25 he Hanh Helse Using he Organon 9? Ling etiggitionagt Reto Pos Hooks i Ouareex VI Ta, Cuarren Vie Qunsusany Lovee. ‘Tite DiteIAL NAVY we.72 Players Section Dask Tidings Player's Sion» <5 Geostand Mosc —— Symols and Sgn Morr TN Monter Bois ecruionene= ‘nd Reports, Meber Bendis GM's Scion ‘Sere ofthe Orgeniation 8 cede ime inh pg oe nee Quinsberrs Leds ir open y Cum De Pla Hoot Goal and Modoes. Spl ond Sipe? Member Brice Gd Reyonslies oad GM's Section ‘a0 Serato) the Roaduwerdns20 ‘Aen et nd Repoaliiis Enema GM's Scion. “ya Sample Menon an Sterasof the Kigitncge Sample Losin The Lacing Academy———-08 Far Rie Keep nant Using the Orgeniseion 4 Plo Hoots The Coessonne Academy 93 Sa INTRODUCTION Wie: Sate npr. ook amp illuminate various aspects of life in the Empire by looking at some of the organisations that allt home. They range from stret level gangs like the Altdorf Dockers Imperial institutions like the Roadwardens. Adding onc, some, orall of these organisations ro your campaign can aad depth and complexity to your game, They ean serve as allie or enemies tothe PCs, and provide the sparks for many adventures Shades of Empires vided ino nine chapters, each of which details an organisation Inside each chapter a Players Section provides information tha is sale fr players to know. Phyee (Characces can join any of the organisations and many offer new careers. There are benefits and drawbacks to joining, an organisation, as one would expect. The GM's Section of the chapter deals che secrets that plyers should not know. Such revelations ate bever eft for discovery in play: GM. information inciudes sample mentors for PCs, adventure hooks, secret histories and example locations Both players and Game Masters should find Shade of Empire 2 useful resource. Just one ofthe organisations contained herein can provide a framework for an entire campaign. You may alo find yoursell inspired to make up new organisations ot your own. There’ always more room inthe shadows on