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1. POSSESSION AND USE. The Lessor shall give possession of the premises to the Lessee for the term. The
Lessee shall take possession of and use the premises only as a private residence. The Lessee shall not use the
premises for any business, unlawful or hazardous purpose. There is no guarantee on weather conditions. No portion
of rent will be refunded for inclement weather. The key to the property will be mailed to you after final payment is
received or you may alternately be given lockbox code for the key.
2. OCCUPANTS. The number of overnight guests under this rental contract is 6 (2BR), 8 (3BR), 10 (4BR) adults
and children (minors) and is strictly enforced. The Lessee affirms that they are an adult over 25 years of age and the
property will not be occupied by a minor unless an adult is present.
3. PETS/SMOKING. No pets shall be brought on the premises. There shall be no smoking of any nature
permitted within the house. The Lessor reserves the right to cancel this Agreement if pets are found on the premises
or smoking is discovered in the house, and all rental money will remain with the Lessor.
4. ORDINANCES AND STATUTES. Lessee shall comply with all statutes, ordinances and requirements of all
municipal, state and federal authorities now in force, or which may hereafter be in force, pertaining to the use of the
premises. Lessee shall be responsible for any fines imposed by Municipality for violations during tenancy.
Landlord has supplied rental unit with a smoke detector and carbon dioxide detector as required by State statute.
Lessee agrees that immediately upon occupancy, the lessee shall test both detectors to insure proper functioning of
same and shall immediately notify the landlord if said alarm becomes non-functional during the period of tenancy.
5. DAMAGES. Lessee is liable for all damages caused by Lessee’s violation of any term in this Agreement. This
includes attorney’s fees and costs.
6. LESSEE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR. Lessee shall (a) pay for all repairs, replacements and damages
caused by the act of neglect of the Lessee, his family, invitees or guests, (b) keep and maintain the premises in a
clean and sanitary condition at all times, (c) not allow injury to the landscaping, (d) promptly notify Lessor when
there are conditions which need repair, items missing or cleaning is not satisfactory within 4 hours of check-in or as
applicable during the lease term , (e) follow any written instructions of the Lessor for the care and use of appliances,
equipment and other personal property in the premises, (f) do nothing to destroy, deface, or remove any part of the
house or furniture therein or on the premises, (g) do nothing to destroy the peace and quiet of other Lessees or
persons in the neighborhood, (h) do not move furniture from where it currently exists. Upon the termination of the
tenancy shall surrender the premises to Lessor in as good condition as when received, ordinary wear and damage by
the elements excepted. Lessee is expected to remove all trash & recyclables following the township’s procedures,
empty refrigerator, wash cooking and eating utensils not leaving anything in the sink or dishwasher, sweep, vacuum,
clean the outside grill, launder any soiled mattress pads, pillows and duvet covers before check out. If the property
requires cleaning in addition to changeover cleaning, that fee will be deducted from the security deposit. Any
item(s) damaged by the lessee or their guests shall be replaced or repaired with like kind quality and lessee shall pay
the worth of the item(s) to the lessor.
7. LESSOR’S REPAIR. The Lessor shall make any necessary repairs and replacements to the vital facilities
serving the premises within a reasonable time after notice by the Lessee. Any appliances and/or television sets left
for lessee’s use are represented by lessor to be in working order. No guarantee is made to the functionality of
appliances or equipment.
8. RIGHT OF ENTRY. Lessor reserves the right to enter the demised premises at all reasonable hours for the
purpose of inspection, and whenever necessary to make repairs and alterations to the demised premises. Lessee
hereby grants permission to Lessor to show the demised premises to prospective purchasers, mortgagees, lessees,
workmen, or contractors at reasonable hours of the day. Notwithstanding the fore-going, Lessor shall have access to
the storage area on the premises for any reason and without prior notice.
9. LIABILITY OF LESSOR AND LESSEE. Lessor is not liable for loss, injury or damage to any person or
property unless it is due to Lessor’s act of neglect. The Lessee is liable, jointly and severally, for any loss, injury or
damage to any person or property caused by the act or neglect of the Lessee, Lessee’s family, guest or invitee.
10. ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLETTING. Lessee shall not assign this Agreement or sublet any portion of the
premises except as temporary guests without prior written consent of Lessor.
11. UTILITIES. Lessor shall be responsible for the payment of all utilities and services.
12. DEFAULT. If Lessee shall fail to pay rent when due, or perform any term hereof, after not less than three (3)
days written notice, via email, of such default given in the manner required by law, Lessor, at his option, may
terminate all rights of Lessee hereunder, unless Lessee, within said time, shall cure such default
13. SECURITY. The damage/cleaning deposit in the amount of depends on unit, shall secure the performance of
Lessee’s obligations hereunder. Lessor may, but shall not be obligated to, apply all or portions of said deposit on
account of Lessee’s obligations hereunder. Any balance remaining upon termination shall be returned to Lessee in
accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
14. DEPOSIT REFUNDS. The balance of all deposits shall be refunded within one (1) week from date possession
is delivered to Lessor and as soon as key(s), if applicable, is (are) returned.
15. TERMINATION. This Agreement and the tenancy hereby granted may be terminated at any time by either
party hereto by giving the other party not less than one full month’s prior notice in writing, provided that, (a) if
Lessor is the terminating party, all monies deposited up to the termination date shall be returned to Lessee and (b) if
Lessee is the terminating party, without the approval of Lessor, all deposit monies will be non-refundable unless
Lessor finds a replacement Lessee, in which case Lessor shall refund deposit money to original Lessee to the extent
the replacement Lessee terms are not less than the original Lessee terms less a 10% cancellation fee or $100,
whichever is higher. In the event the property is not re-rented, lessee is responsible to pay balance due as per
original terms of agreement.
16. Renter acknowledges that the home is a duplex(if applicable) and will conduct themselves accordingly so as
not to disrupt the quite enjoyment of all parties on the premises and in the neighboring homes. Owner reserves the
right to evict renter at any time with no refund of rent or security deposit if complaints are received and not rectified
immediately. There are absolutely NO PARTIES, gatherings, or events permitted in the house or on the property.
17. FULL AGREEMENT. The parties hereto have read this Agreement. It contains their full agreement. It may
not be changed except in writing by Lessor and Lessee.
18. ATTORNEY’S FEES. The prevailing party in an action brought for the recovery of rent or other moneys due
or to become due under this lease or by reason of a breach of any covenant herein contained or for the recovery of
the possession of said premises, or to compel the performance of anything agreed to be done herein, or to recover for
damages to said property, or to enjoin any act contrary to the provision hereof, shall be awarded all of the costs in
connection therewith, including, but not by way of limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees.
The parties hereto have executed this Agreement in duplicate the day and year written below.

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Lessee Lessor
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NOTICE: State law establishes rights and obligations for parties to rental agreements. This agreement is required to
comply with the Truth in Renting Act or the applicable Landlord Lessee Statute or code of your state. If you have a
question about the interpretation of legality of a provision of this agreement, you may want to seek assistance from a
lawyer or other qualified person.