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Part 1. For questions 1-5, listen to part of a phone conversation between an advisor called Lisa
and a language student. What does Lisa say about each object? Write the correct letter, A
(ESSENTIAL), B (RECOMMENDED), or C (NOT RECOMMENDED) in the corresponding space

Objects Your answers

1. Sponsor’s letter ____________
2. Warm clothing ____________
3. Personal computer ____________
4. Favourite tapes or CDs ____________
5. Photos from home ____________

Part 2. For questions 6-10, listen to a news report on the leading causes of death in countries
around the world and decide whether the statements are True (T) or False (F). Write your answers
in the corresponding numbered boxes provided.

6. ‘Years of life lost’ measures how early people die before reaching their realistic life expectancy.
7. In poor African countries, about half of every ten deaths are among adults.
8. There are 90 deaths daily on Saudi roads due to lax speed limit enforcement.
9. In Venezuela, uncontrolled gang violence stems from inadequate prosecution.
10. Shorter life expectancy contributes to the risk of strokes among the Chinese.
Your answers:
6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Part 3. For questions 11-19, listen to a report on historical revolutions and complete the following
notes. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS taken from the recording in each blank.


Definition A (11) _____________________________ transition from one government to another.

• (12) ______________________________________
characteristics • Mass frustration
• Shared motivation
• State crises

The - Was one of the earliest revolutions in modern history.

Revolution - Was facilitated by contribution to (13) _______________________.

- Was partly a result of social inequalities caused by an (14)

Examples The French ____________________________.
- Eventually (15) _______________________________ for good.

The Latin
American - Challenged traditional (16) ________________________________.

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- Ultimately led to the fight for (17) ___________________________.

The Russian - Occurred due to the government’s (18) ______________________.

- Replaced (19) ___________________________ with its communist

Part 4. For questions 20-24, listen to part of a programme in which a coach called Rob Johnson
and a physiotherapist called Donna Davies are discussing health and fitness, then choose the
correct answer A, B, C, or D which fits best according to what you hear. Write your answers in the
corresponding numbered boxes provided.

20. When asked about the best sport for fitness, Rob says that
A. more research is needed to reach a definitive answer.
B. it all depends on the proficiency of the participant.
C. even he is no longer certain on this issue.
D. no two people will give the same answer.

21. When talking about what constitutes fitness, Donna says that
A. a new theory can be discounted.
B. she is aware of seeming contradictory.
C. the answer is much simpler than people imagine.
D. a popular misconception exists.

22. Both speakers regard ‘cross training’ as

A. unnecessary for most people. B. a misleading name for what it achieves.
C. counter-productive for serious athletes. D. something that can stress the body too much.

23. What does Donna say about gyms?

A. Some users would do better to go elsewhere.
B. The variety they offer can provide motivation.
C. They enable people from different sports to learn from each other.
D. Some of them encourage false expectations.

24. On the issue of whether fitness is related to good health, the speakers agree that.
A. there is surprisingly little evidence to support this.
B. it is possible to take too much exercise.
C. this is true regardless of a person’s age.
D. unfit people are by definition unhealthy.
Your answers:
20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

Part 5. For questions 25-29, listen to a news report predicting the winner of the 2018’s World Cup
and match each number (25-29) in A with one corresponding letter (A-I) in B. Write your answers
in the corresponding numbered boxes provided.

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A. may gain an advantage due to its high investment capabilities.
25. Brazil B. has the most abundant pool of grassroots players.
26. Pakistan C. is expected to excel at this year’s game after a period of downfall.
27. Switzerland D. has the highest funding towards top-notch training and facilities.
28. Russia E. increases its chance of winning by playing host this year.
29. England F. is forecasted to win this year’s game with a success rate of nearly 30 percent.
G. shows the least interest in the competition according to a source.
H. stands the highest chance of victory due to home advantage.
I. possibly makes it to the final thanks to an outstanding player.

Your answers:
25. 26. 27. 28. 29.

Part 6. For questions 30-40, listen to a news report on the world’s biggest superpowers and fill in
the missing information. Write NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS taken from the recording for each
answer in the space provided.

As we move closer to a (30) ___________________________________________ world, certain

countries have been more influential than others.

Overall, a superpower can be considered as any state that has (31) _____________________________.

This sort of hegemony is best characterised by seven dimensions of power, which have historically
represented (32) _____________________________________, such as Ancient Egypt, the Mongol
Empire and the Roman Empire.

World War Two was one of the first major displays of global power, and the start of globalisation through
(33) _________________________________________________ as it is known today.

The British invasion of Egypt not only failed but also (34) ______________________________ of the
United States and the United Nations.

Having been weakened militarily by World War Two, the British withdrew in a humiliating move that (35)
______________________________________ to maintain their own dominance.

In the Cold War, the United States was a (36) ___________________________________ of Western
Europe, the former British Empire, and was ________________________________ most of the world’s
largest economies.

With the dissolution of the USSR, the United States (37) _____________________________ over the
world at large.

Emerging economies, known as the BRIC nations, have seen (38) _______________________________
and population boom.

Such countries have seen renewed influence, with China as a (39) ______________________________,
India with the second largest population on Earth and Russia as a ______________________________.

As the rest of the world (40) ____________________________________, it may only be a matter of

years until a new superpower emerges to rival the United States.

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