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Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Department of Business Administration

Faculty of Business and Economics

Trimester Summer 2015

Course Title Compensation Management
Course Code MGT-406
Course Instructor

Course Description:
This course addresses the key elements and strategies of benefits and compensation
management. Students will gain an appreciation for the complexities of strategic
compensation planning, job evaluation systems and the establishment of an effective
compensation structure. Additional focus is placed on employee benefit programs,
incentive plans for non-management, management and executive employees.

Course Objectives:
This course aims at providing key concepts related to compensation management, which
is an integral part of human resources management, and, from the point of view of
employees, probably its most important part. Upon completion of this course, the
student will be able to:

1. Explain the concept of compensation and compensation management and the

impact of compensation management on business.
2. Explain the meaning and dimensions of compensation management and its
impact on business.
3. Identify the different compensation management evaluation methods.
4. Develop a comprehensive idea about compensation management.
5. Describe the basic idea of various strategies of compensation management.
6. Describe the basic activities of various functional areas of compensation
management such as HRM, marketing, accounting and so on.
Course Materials and Readings:

Text Book:
1. Compensation management in knowledge based world by Richard I. Henderson,
10th edition, Prentice Hall, New Jersey USA.
Reference Books:
1. A guide to compensation management by Peter T. Chingos, 2nd edition.
2. The Compensation Handbook: A State-Of-The -Art Guide to Compensation Strategy
and Design by Lance A Berger, Dorothy Berger
3. Compensation and Benefit Design by Bashker D. Biswas

Lecture Schedules

Chapter Chapter Name Topics to be covered

Chapter 01 Compensation in a Compensation management, Lifestyle and
knowledge-based Compensation, Pay and social class, Lifestyle and
global economy social class in the Bangladesh.
Chapter 02 The reward system: The reward system, Compensation system,
Compensation and Compensation dimensions, Noncompensation
noncompensation dimensions.
Chapter 03 The world of pay and The compensation program, Determining rates of
compensation pay
Chapter 10 Surveying market pay Critical pay survey problems, Determining the
and compensation need for a survey, Data collection techniques,
practices Identifying survey methods, Designing the survey
Mid-Term Examination
Chapter 12 Team-based pay in a Kinds of team, Skilled based pay, Knowledge based
knowledge based world pay, Competency based pay
Chapter 13 Measuring and paying Pay for performance in a knowledge oriented,
for performance service sector economy, Application of motivation
theories, Merit pay, Performance appraisal
Chapter 14 Short-term incentives Premiums and differentials, Individual based
bonuses and awards, Organization wide short
term incentives
Chapter 15 Long-term incentives Designing a long term incentive and deferred and
and wealth building compensation plan, Qualified deferred
compensation arrangements
Chapter 16 Executive and Executive compensation, International
international compensation
Chapter 17 Benefits and services Benefits administration, Employee benefits,
Employee services.
Final Examination