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Empowering From Our President - Pat Kolodziej

Happy Holidays
Women Don’t you just love the hustle and the I know how hard
bustle of the holidays? The pushing it is to get through
To empower women to
and shoving at shopping malls, the the holidays
succeed in business personally
hundreds of feet of wrapping paper, the financially and
and professionally through
church and school Holiday programs, emotionally but
networking and education
while building key relationships all the holiday cards that need mailing hopefully you
and having fun! and the parties every weekend make for can find a way do
a crazy holiday season. to something for
Well, during the craziness, the others this holiday season. It can be a
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Inside This Issue

Women’s Leadership Network took small gesture like donating a canned

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time to help two women. Through good or putting a $1 into the Salvation
Member Spotlight: P.E.A.C.E. 4 ALL, the WLN sponsored Army bucket. Whatever it is, it shows
Michelle Wood, Wood two families this year. For the second that this is truly the time for giving.
Writes year in a row, the WLN shopped for I would also like to take the opportunity
Page 4 these families and purchased their to think about the men and women
A Good Handshake Christmas presents based on “wish who are not with their families this
Page 4 lists” that each member of the family year during the holidays – the ones in
created. Part of your annual dues and the military or the ones in the hospital.
Dates To Remember monthly contribution to our dinner Keep them in your thoughts and
Page 5 meetings contributed to the purchasing prayers.
of these gifts for these families. It
Meet the Board/ While you gather around the Christmas
Ambassadors gives me a feeling like nothing else tree or dinner table, I hope you enjoy
Page 5 to help someone less fortunate during your families and friends as you
this time of the year. It makes me celebrate this holiday season. Enjoy
appreciate what I have. them and do not take them for granted.
The gift cards collected during the Wishing you all a joyous and blessed
December meeting will also go to this holiday season and a safe and Happy
organization to assist other families New Year!
with things like gas or groceries
– things that we automatically take Women’s Leadership Network, see you
for granted. A $10 gift card may not in 2008!
Monthly Meetings
2nd Wednesday of each month
seem like a lot to you but to someone “It is Christmas in
that simply cannot afford it, it’s worth the heart that puts
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM millions. The WLN on behalf of
$35.00 (includes dinner) Christmas in the air.”
P.E.A.C.E. 4 ALL thank you for your
generosity! W. T. Ellis
o Collage
November’s Life is partly what we make it,
and partly what it is made by
the friends we choose.

Chapter President, Pa
t Kolodziej and Stacia
Don’t miss out on
the networking,
training and fun!
Plan on making
onquin Library, November 10, 2007
t Educational at Alg the next meeting.
WLN Firs
We’ll see
you there!

How Can I Deal With it All?

By Lisa Martin

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have a you find fun and only you can do... Stuff it.
to-do list a mile long? An in-tray that’s now. Don’t undertake everything at If there are tasks that continue to show
about to collapse? Closets that are jam- once or set unrealistic deadlines. Just up on your to-do list year in and year
packed with junk and a stack of family do one small task to build momentum. out, it may be time to drop them. All
photos? Baby steps will turn into giant leaps. the magazines you’ve been planning to
Often when we look at all there is to Remember make it fun. You’ll have read, get rid of them. That fancy photo
do, it can seem and is overwhelming. a good time and feel a sense of album/baby book you’ve imagined
But if we chunk it down into smaller accomplishment. with stencils, calligraphy and witty
tasks, the world starts to look a lot Share it. comments might need to be replaced
brighter. Try this 4S strategy. The items you designated as “don’t with a simpler version. Old baby
Sort it. like to do” are the ones you should clothes and toys, could be passed on
delegate. If you really don’t want to to others. Make some choices and give
First review the four areas you want
do these things then it’s time to find yourself permission to let go. You’ll
to tackle and determine the following:
someone else to do them. There will feel great and get rid of clutter at the
1) tasks you enjoy and only you
always be something else you prefer same time.
can do (such as attend to personal
appointments); 2) the things you don’t to do. So, those items that you are the Lisa Martin, PCC, is a certified executive coach
like doing and can transfer to someone least enthused about will continue to be with 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial
a source of frustration and an energy experience, and the founder and president of
else; and, 3) those items you’ve been Briefcase Moms®. Courtesy of DSWA,
meaning to do. drain for you. Find family members
who can help out or hire someone to do
Start it.
the job.
Stop procrastinating. Start doing what
Goal Failure: How To Avoid It
Goal failure can happen for a number chance of succeeding. • Goal setting can be unsystematic,
of reasons. It can be devastating to the • Goals can be set unrealistically sporadic and disorganized. In this
self esteem and can make the idea of high. When a goal is perceived to be case certain goals will be forgotten,
setting any new goals mute. unreachable, no effort will be made to and the achievement of goals will
To avoid goal failure, pay attention to achieve it. Set realistic goals so that not be measured and feedback will
the following recommendations: you can best decide how to go about not occur into new goals. The major
achieving them. benefits of goal setting have been
• Setting “Outcome” Goals. Set lost. Be organized and regular in the
performance goals instead of • In retrospect to the above, goals way that you use goal setting.
outcome goals. Outcome goals can be set so low that you feel no
force you to focus on the end result challenge of benefit in achieving the • Too many goals that aren’t given
immediately, instead of taking your goal. Setting goals has been a waste priority may be set, leading to a
time to go through the steps of goals of time. Always set goals that are feeling of overload. Remember that
setting. challenging enough to be worth the you deserve time to relax and enjoy
effort, but not out of reach. being alive and not solely focused on
When you set goals properly, you will your goals and achievements.
be doing it in a step by step manner. • Goals can be so vague that they
Where you are using outcome goals, are useless. It is difficult to know With goal failure, not only are the
and you fail to achieve the goal for whether vague goals have been benefits of goal setting lost, but the
reasons outside your control, this achieved. If achievement can’t be whole process of goal setting can fall
can be very dispiriting and can lead measured against your expectations, into disrepute. By avoiding these
to loss of enthusiasm and feelings of then your self-confidence will not problems, and setting goals effectively,
failure. benefit from goal setting, nor can you you can achieve and maintain a strong
observe progress towards a greater forward leap into your future thus
Always set performance goals avoiding the trap of goal failure.
instead, as this will give you a higher goal. Set precise and quantitative

When you join an The Most Important Week of

organization or a Chamber
of Commerce, try to the Year By Beth Jones-Schall

become an active and

Spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day laying the foundation
visible member. Join a for a successful year -
committee, suggest and
1.Organize your office - freshen up files, purge, re-organize your space for ease
implement new ideas
and productivity.
and programs, or join
the Board. Volunteer 2.Input, input, input - catch up on customer and contact files and clean up your
for tasks and be sure to database for future email, mailings, follow-up contacts.
follow through on them. 3.Personal Shopper Service - design a plan to capture host and cutomer
People will unconsciously birthdates, anniversary dates, favorite products and contact information of
associate how you family members so you can assist with year round gift giving.
perform as a volunteer 4.Inventory your supplies - check on paperwork and product supplies you need to
with how you operate in order or purchase now.
your own business. They 5.Map out your calendar/schedule - get serious about establishing your business
are much more likely schedule so your commitment will be evident with a consistent business
to utilize and refer your calendar that balances with your family calendar.
services after getting to Courtesy of Spirit of Success, Inc.
know you in a volunteer Contact Beth at (813)654-1540 or
Copyright © 2006 Spirit of Success, Inc. Reprint by permission only.
By Wendy Brickman, Courtesy of
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Part 3: Selling Skills and The 10 Characteristics of World-Class

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To your enemy, forgiveness.
VP Admin. Kris Freeman
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Body Talk Practitioner To a friend, your heart.
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Email To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
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To yourself, respect.”
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