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August 2007

To succeed in business personally &
professionally through Networking &
education while building key
relationships & having fun!

F r o m o u r P r e s i d e n t
P a t K o l o d z i e j
Membership – Taking it to the Next Level

August, September and Octo- tionship is not an easy thing. It’s Reach out to them and talk to
INSIDE THIS ber is set as our first official a process that takes time – you them about joining.
ISSUE: Membership Drive. With the need to nurture a relationship. We are having an official Mem-
new leadership, we have said Once the relationships are built, bership Drive to truly encourage
we want to take this group to business will follow. Other our members to reach out to
the next level. One way is to women truly enjoy the comrad- other women. In the next few
reach out and bring in new ery that we have. This is usually months, I am challenging you to
members. New members al- a byproduct of building these invite as many women as you can
ways bring a freshness to any relationships. Other women, to our meetings. Once these
Dinner meeting group. Their new ideas and including me, enjoy interacting
Photo Collage 2 women have an opportunity to
different outlook are always with other business owners to see what this group has to offer,
welcome. This is how we grow get ideas or assist them in solving I am confident that they will join.
as a group. problems. A lot of us are on our All it takes is for them to see for
Why is growth important? own and do not have coworkers themselves the energy that
Well, in business, most busi- or staff to have conversations comes when our members and
ness owners want their busi- with. So the dinner meetings are guests come together every
Member Spotlight always a time to go and interact
Norine Wiebmer
3 nesses to grow. For a group month.
like the WLN, growing our with other business women.
Along with our $5 off coupon
group can bring endless possi- Are we having fun? For me, the for every guest that you bring to
bilities of business opportuni- meetings are truly fun – this is our dinner meetings, there will
ties and long lasting relation- important to me. If you are hav- be a grand prize for the one
ships and even friendships. ing fun, you will not have to member that has the most new
Meet the Board 4 You never know what the po- work at building these relation- members join during this three
tential is when a new member ships, rather, they will come month period. So as the new
joins. You never know where naturally. leadership has set this challenge
your next big client will come Would you like to build relation- for you, I hope that you search
from. ships with other women? Are out any woman that you believe
Do you remember your first there any professions you would would be an asset to this group
Ambassadors 4 WLN meeting? Wasn’t it an like to see represented? Do you because you just never know.
exciting time? Would you like know women that would love to On your marks, get set, go!
to share this energy with other network with the women in our
women? group? Do you know women
The benefits of being in our that work at home all day by
group are many but can be themselves that would love the
different for all of us. Most opportunity to mingle with other
women want to get business. business owners?
The first step in doing this is Do you know women that
building a network of other would like to be part of a nation-
business people around them. wide women’s group that has
To do that, you need to build much to offer its members? I
relationships. Building a rela- encourage you to invite them.
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M e m b e r S p o t L i g h t
N o r i n e W i e b m e r

Tell us a little about your background and your cur- ing networking techniques and mentoring for
rent business. What makes you successful?I have been busy business owners is an untouched market.
in a mentoring position for 25yrs. First as a nurse Most buisnesses focus on computer networking
training nurses and doctors and then as a Mary Kay but we are focused on putting the ersonal touch
sales director. As a director I mentored 10 ldies at a back into business. Building relationships that
time who produced on ave. $400,000 in sales / year. It last!
was a natural transition for me to create Image With
Impact and Networking with Impact. The goal og Who is your perfect power partner? Anyone
these 2 businesses is to teach other professionals how who services busy business profeffionals: orgs-
to build their business hrough refining their image nizational co., delivery services, staffing agen-
and networking. cies, HR departments. Marketing and training
companies. Our current clients give us the best
How did you get involved in WLN – any success sto- referals. We have seen 50% increase in our cli-
ries? ents business after only 2-3 months of service.
I joined WLN at their first meeting. I have always
been an advocate of profeaaional womens roups. I What tip can you give to a business looking for
remember the energy I felt at our frst meetiin. Thes your services?
ledies were excited to learn more and grow their busi-
nes. This was not going to be a coffee clutch group. It Look at your marketing dollars. Networking is
is here I first met sandra Larkin. Sandra and I spent a the least sexensive form of advertising but it can
year traveing to a variety of businesstraing their em- take work. Wouldn’t it be great tohave a con-
ployees. We shared the same dreams of builed up a stant list of warm leads being enerated for you.
company one employee at a time. She helped me to see We will concintrate on finding the leads and you
that my talents were valued beyond Mary Kay Cos- consintrate on the follow up.
metics. So many of ourmembers suypported my mary
Kay business as well as helped me to form my new How do you deal with stress? Would you like to
company. Ronin Braga, Kathy Klank(sp) of cabi and I share any tips?
held image workshop together. Pat Kolodziej set up I use to be a lot more streesed. I have learned
my accounting, An Ward my web site, Pat Fredrick through a few great mentors, to slow down, take
heped with event planning, Jackie Phren my graphic a deep breath, sit back and take a look at the
design. My clients have been Lisa Davidson, Kim stressful situation. Put it into perspective. I try
Gaxiola, janet Morse,Cassie Augustine and Susan to hand all of my problems over to God. No-
from vino 100. What a great support system I have. theing is too big for Him to handle and I learn
through a serious illness that you need to sur-
Who is your perfect client? A very busy business pro- render your fears and let Goc take over. He can
fessional who is looking to build their business thrugh see the big picture, He knows my future. I try to
networking. We can help them with their people find a lession or a positive side to every situa-
skills, build power partners and connect them to a tion. You can’t always control the situation but
very large data base of networking friendly busi- you can control how you respond to it. How will
nesses. We accomplish this through one on one men- you let it affect you? Remember, that others are
tring sessions, group interactive classes and by repre- watching your response, your employees, your
senting our clients at networking events. We are the business associates and your family. How you
answer to the cry,”I wish there were 2 or 3 of me.” handle it says volumn about your character and
We will actually go out and network for you. teachs others how to handle future stressors.

What keeps you ahead of your competition? I really

have no compition. Our two largest focuses are teach-
President: Pat Kolodziej
PK Tax Services

Monthly meetings are located at:

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiono Past President Kathy Hardtke
Milestone Mortgage
1524 South Randall Road
Algonquin, IL 60102
2nd Wednesday of each month
5:30 pm — 7:30 pm
VP of Membership: Robin Braga
Silpada Designs

• Leadership development programs

• ABWA-KU MBA Essentials
VP of Finance: Anne Ward
• ABWA-KU Management Certificate Series Creative Core
• In-depth business skills training 847-854-1111
• Continuing education certificate programs
• Tuition reimbursement for approved accredited

VP of Programs: Lisa Davidson

Northwest Mutual

If you should have any questions please contact

one of the board members listed or visit us on
VP of Marketing: Mary Anne Muscat
the web.
Milestone Mortgage

Ambassador of Membership: Siree Sandberg VP of Administration: Kris Freeman
Ambassador for Visitor Welcoming: Norine Wiebmer Body Talk Practitioner
Ambassador of Events: Carol Palframan 847-975-9406
Ambassador of Events: Kathy Glink
Ambassador of Events Wendy French
Ambassador of Programs: Terri Williams
Ambassador of Marketing: VP of Events: Lisa Krupp
Ambassador of Membership: Susan Skawinski Island Relief
*Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador? If so,
please contact Robin Braga.