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Mike Dastic - Sales Strategies and Benchmarking

• Benchmarking to generate more sales

• In this blog Mike Mastic gives us alternatives and some good advice to implement in our sales strategies, and thus improve the
prosperity of our business.

• Mike Dastic is a renowned salesperson, and he tells us about it thanks to the different sales and marketing strategies he uses
with his clients.

• If you want your company to have a noticeable improvement and evolve in the market, it is important to be up to date so as not
to let the competition ruin our sales, for this there are different techniques such as benchmarking.

• Do not stay the old way! Using sales strategies rooted in the past is not good for your company, since today thanks to the
internet, the competition is tougher.
• Start the search for what works and adapt them to your business in the most convenient way, you
can acquire ideas and material from some other company and mold it to your needs.

• Benchmarking consists of taking ideas of products, services and even work processes that belong
to other companies that are obviously having a very high impact on the market or are meeting the
expectations that you have in mind for your business.

• It is not only about taking ideas from other businesses but also comparing and taking what can
really work for yours taking into account your market, to be a good competitor in the market.
Mike Dastic - Types of Benchmarking

• There are different types of benchmarking that you can apply in the different departments of your
company or business, you have to start with an analysis of the aspects of the company to improve, as
well as choosing the companies that you will evaluate to improve.

• If you do not know how to do it or this process seems complicated, Mike dastic tells us that there are
currently different companies and organizations that provide these services without the need to get so
involved in this process.

• Internal benchmarking

• This is used when a comparison is generated in your company or business as its name says internally,
between projects or departments in which there is no equal function or results to see the areas to
improve, thus working on the one that has more areas of opportunity to improve.
Functional benchmarking

• In this type of benchmarking, a focus is generated in a certain area to improve, that is, choosing a
department to compare it with that of another company to see how it can be improved and thus start
to obtain better results in it, usually the companies that are They take as a reference they are
usually the competition or a role model.

• Benchmarking Direct competition

• This Benchmarking uses the information of direct competitor companies, investigating and obtaining
information on strategies and results in order to compare them with your company and business
and make improvements, but nevertheless it is one of the most complicated, since it is difficult to
collect such information from a reliable source.