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Student need to login into the ExamClick (CAS) using ecap.diet.ac.


Track the application at ExamApplicationTrack Application Status

Go to ExamApplicationGenerateApplication in the menu

If you have any fee due you will be shown as follows

Then you will get the screen as follows (if you don’t have any fee due)

Click on “Click Here”

Check the subjects applied and click on Submit

Click on Print & save it as PDF in the application

Now the Track Application Status need to be like this with application no

Now need to pay the amount shown in the application in the bank to our college account
Then Click on ExamApplicationUpload Application & Bank Receipt

You need to check the mobile no or update it if needed with the new one, enter the bank
transaction ID and upload the application saved from CAS as PDF and bank receipt as JPG
Upload Successfully

Then the track the application will be as follows:

Where you can view the application and bank receipt also
When the application is authorized by the college then it will be updated in the tracking status
As follows: