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Sales, Christine Jane E.

June 16,2020
BSTM 1-A Mr. R.V Torres


Activity No. 1
“Effects of COVID-19 in the Lodging Industry”

This pandemic is one of the most challenges that are facing the whole world. It affects
many people, especially the one who are working or the one who is earning money for
their family. One of the most affected job is the one who is working in the lodging industry.
Lodging is a place where you can stay in a short term or a long period of time. It depends
on the people who are staying at the place. But the question here is what is the effect of
this pandemic in the lodging industry. Is it good or bad for the people who are related to
this industry.

The effect of Covid-19 in the lodging industry in the Philippines has a negative impact
for those who are working in this industry. Many people lost their jobs for a meantime,
some people don’t know where to stay because of no one can accommodate them, the
owner of the hotel or building don’t have income, and many more. Because of the
lockdown in the Philippines, no one tried to go on a vacation and have fun. No one tried to
book a hotel for a place to stay. No one is travelling to do a business because of the travel
ban. And this is the reason why some of the hotels are not open.

Covid-19 ruin the people’s lives by getting their job and having an income. Many
people living their lives for their family. They work hard to feed their family. The effect of
covid 19 in the lodging industry in the future are the hotels needs to make sure that their
hotels are safe and sanitize properly so that no one can infect others because we can’t sure
when this disease or pandemic are no longer exist in the world. They need to make sure
that they dispose the things that are needed to dispose like trash and they clean properly
the rooms that used by the other customers or visitors. Better be ready in this pandemic so
we will not regret for not being prepared and no one life will sacrifice on this disease.
Sales, Christine Jane E. June 16,2020
BSTM 1-A Mr. R.V Torres


Activity No. 2
“Effects of COVID-19 in the Food and Beverage Industry”

As of now, covid 19 still present in our country. This pandemic affect all the workers who
want to earn money for their love ones. Food and drinks are one of the essential for living. The
question here is what is the effect of covid 19 in the food and beverage industry. It is the same
as in lodging industry or it can be an advantage to those who are working in this industry.

All things that happen in our world or country have a pros and cons. But sometimes it can
be more disadvantage or advantage in it. But for the food and beverage industry, for me the
only advantage is some of the workers can spend more time with their family. The
disadvantages are you don’t have income, no more or limited stock of processed foods because
they need man power to manufacture foods, and also the supply of goods are limited because
of this pandemic. You are lucky if you have your own poultry or you have access on food, but
how about the others who don’t have food to eat.

We can’t solve this problem until our government finds a vaccine. As of now, our
government allowed some factory or establishment to open, but with the proper safety. We
need to do our best and always follow the instruction so that no one can infect others. Follow
the social distancing and wearing face mask. Food and beverage industry need to make sure
that all the food and drinks they manufacture are clean and safe. They need to sanitize their
workplace and make sure that their workers are healthy.
Sales, Christine Jane E. June 16,2020
BSTM 1-A Mr. R.V Torres


Activity No. 3
“Effects of COVID-19 in the Travel and Transportation Industry”

This pandemic brought us to stay only in our house. This cause our travel and
transportation industry to not allow any vehicle or transportation open. Many drivers are
affected by this and mostly our drivers are in the lower class of living. For every travelers,
transportation is more convenient than to walk miles away. Is this pandemic, good or bad for
the travel and transportation industry?

Transportation is very important in our daily lives because we can’t go to a place if we are
not using any vehicles. We all know that this pandemic is not good to our society because it
affects our economic and tourism sectors. Many travelers are afraid to travel around because of
this pandemic and also the drivers are worried because of the social distancing their passenger
are just half and their income are just half of their real income. It may also affect some industry
because they can’t go anywhere without the help of transportation.

As a solution to this, our government allowed some of the transportation to open but with
the proper management. So we need to take care more so that we can’t get covid 19. If you will
travel just to enjoy, please just stay at home and support our front liners. For those who are
driving their public vehicles make sure to sanitize and following the social distancing. If we will
follow to those rules we can beat this pandemic so be responsible citizen.
Sales, Christine Jane E. June 16,2020
BSTM 1-A Mr. R.V Torres


Activity No. 4
“Career Opportunities in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry”

When I was young, whenever I look at the sky and saw an airplane, I always said to my
parents I want to be a flight attendant because they are pretty, tall, and they look like smart.
They became my role model when I was in elementary. But when I grew up I already know what
I want, but I can’t reach because of circumstances. Tourism and hospitality industry has many
job opportunities. You can work in an airplane, cruise ship, hotel, restaurant, and many more.

When I finish my four years course in tourism management, I want to be a successful

owner of a travel agency so I choose the tourism management. I want to help other people to
arrange their vacation. My dream is to pay my parents for their hard work and I want to travel
with them and spoil them with the money I have. I know you will be confused on what job I
want to have because when I was young I want to be a flight attendant but that was all in the
past. Every little girl wants to be a flight attendant.

I hope that one day this dream will come true and all my sacrifices pass all my subjects will
become worth it. I don’t want to disappoint my family so I will pursue this. As long as my family
is on my back to support me, I am contented with it