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Case Study

“Lăptic” LaDorna / Flavoured milk from the enchanted little


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Acquired in 2008 by Lactalis, LaDorna is one of the most famous dairy product brands on the Romanian
market, with a well developed product portfolio. Until recently, LaDorna was represented on the children-
addressed dairy product market by only one chocolate milk SKU.

In the context of the major volume growth registered last year in the flavoured milk market, Lactalis decides to
complete its children-targeted product range with three new flavours: cocoa, strawberries and vanilla, in 1 l and
200 ml packages. In consideration of the need to adapt the design currently displayed on the chocolate milk
SKU, Lactalis management team addressed BrandTailors with this request.

As a result of assessing LaDorna brand in the context offered by children-targeted dairy products market,
BrandTailors consultants pointed out the opportunity to address this product range as a LaDorna sub-brand.

In this new context, the greatest challenge was to identify mothers’ purchase motivation that has the biggest
potential to generate sales volumes and children’s fundamental motivation for consumption in order to eventu-
ally come up with a differentiating brand idea by combining the two different motivations.

The package design concept is the result of the intersection of two main sources of inspiration: the need for a
natural product that mothers have and the unusual approach that children enjoy. Judging these two needs
through the eyes of the child and simultaneously through mothers’ reason, we tried to imagine how could
flavoured milk be obtained most naturally.

This is the way we created the sensational story of LaDorna flavoured milk, that is not manufactured in a
factory, but offered by an enchanted little cow. Named Dulcia, the little cow in Vatra Dornei accompanies her
friend Vlăduț on a trip, hoping to find sweet strawberries that didn’t grew on their farm.

“The little cow made a trip to Strawberryland – where she fed on the most ripened and freshest strawberries –
and came back with a wonderful present for all children: strawberry flavoured milk! Because she liked
straberries so much, she decided to wear strawberry patches on her skin. Who wants super-milk with

During the next trip, Dulcia got patched with vanilla flowers…

“In the Vanilla Continent, filled with wonderful flavours, our little cow ate small vanilla flowers and discovered
she was not offering plain milk, but vanilla-flavoured milk! And, in order to keep the most exquisite flavour, she
adorned her skin with vanilla flowers! Who wants super-milk with super-vanilla flavour?”

… and, her heart sweling with joy, she took Vlăduț in another trip…

“In the Land of Cocoa King, the little cow went grazing. Because it was so tasty, she rolled over the cocoa field.
She made a super-thing for you, too: cocoa milk for your breakfast. Who wants super-milk with super-cocoa?”

The manner of the graphic design execution keeps the focus on the children’s playful universe.

Drawing is one of the favourite activities of children and one of my

favourite activities, too. I enjoyed very much the process of giving
life to the enchanted little cow of Vatra Dornei and to create this
Cornelia Păscălin
playful universe. Junior Graphic Designer

The aspects of Dulcia and the graphic universe that surrounds her renders the package design visually impactful
at the retail shelf level. Moreover, the package design concept creates the premises for introducing new flavours
to LaDorna “Lăptic” product range.

Brand audit and brand strategy - Beatrice Daniş
Creative concept - Cornelia Păscălin, Beatrice Daniş
Brand rhetoric - Andreea Florea
Graphic design and illustration - Cornelia Păscălin
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea
Project management - Andreea Florea, Janos Kurko

Project implementation started in August 2009.

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