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Case Study

Tasty / Freshness from right under the canopy

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Libarom Agri has been activating on Romanian canned food market for more than 10 years, trading canned
meat, fish or stewed fruits under Tasty Freshness & Quality brand name.

With a price policy that positioned the product offering in the value segment of an unconsolidated market,
Tasty ranked among the first places in terms of sales volumes in its correspondent product categories, although
the product portfolio was distributed exclusively via traditional trade outlets (en-gross, market, kiosk, etc).

At the mid of 2009 Libarom Agri’s sales come to a standstill, meaning that Tasty had reached its maximum
volume potential that could be generated through traditional retail channels, reason why the company’s
management team decided to enter the modern retail.

As modern retail plays on different rules than traditional on and marketing function hadn’t been a priority for
the company, Libarom Agri’s representatives addressed BrandTailors’ team the request to develop a new brand
image so to slowly shift Tasty into a competitive brand.

The market audit undertaken by BrandTailors pointed out a fragmented, consolidated category, dominated by
low awareness vulnerable brand names. So developing a brand platform proved to be a difficult process due to
category’s lack of a frame of reference and of a benchmark, which the consultants could relate to.

As its portfolio is disputed on four subcategories (canned meat,

fish, vegetables and fruit), the more obvious became the fact that
Tasty must become an umbrella brand so as to compete with other
Andreea Florea
dedicated brands in each and every subcategory. Brand Consultant

Moreover, the audit revealed the fact that customs and features of the four subcategories required that the
product image should be illustrated as visible as possible especially on the metal cans, which made the product
from within completely invisible for consumer when being at the shelf. Also the different label sizes made
almost impossible the creation of a graphic system to enable stressing on those graphic elements having the
power to generate the desired brand associations.

Considering the fact that the most Tasty’s portfolio products are meant to be used for cooked meals, the new
brand visual identity preserved the existing connection to a cook’s image, being reinterpreted in a synthetic
shape of the iconic master chef’s cap. This symbol is meant to suggest Tasty products quality while inducing the
idea of being a chef option.

The package design concept was originated from the idyllic image of a greengrocery, fishery and butchery
family run businesses where relationships with consumers are still warm, friendly, based on trust and moreover,
freshness of the products is obvious. The three store types share a common visual element - the striped canopy
- a symbol to become a brand mnemonic.

The product’s image photographic manner implying the idea of natural taste is an essential element for the
canned food category. The package design solution based on blue and green stripes alternation guarantees a
high level of shelf visibility and a clear differentiation against competition, critical factors in volumes generation
through modern retail channels.

Brand audit - Andreea Florea
Creative concept - Melania Nemeș, Janos Kurko
Package design - Melania Nemeș
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea
Project management - Anca Andronescu

Project implementation started in March 2010.

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