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SWOT analysis

 All the employees are nicely trained before hired.
 Well secure and healthy environment for the children.
 We will always surly response to our customers as soon as possible.
 Well design and colourful infrastructure.
 Lots of different kinds of toys, games and other equipment’s.

 The canter is comparatively unknown in the market.
 Comparatively low client list than other competitors.

 In the Bashundhara R/A, there are a smaller number of competitors.
 The location is nice for a new business since there are many good
schools over here.
It’s really easy to communicate Easy to communicate through phone and
other social media and also location is good too.
 Since there are number of well-known establishments of school,
colleges, universities, and hospital. The movement of people are
increasing day by and people are started to prefer to live here.

 There are some already competitors in the market.
 Bashundhara authority can be a little disturbance to us at the starting
2. Which demand state does this business have ?

According to this globalizing world it has a full demand in the field. Since the proficiency
rate(especially of the ladies) is expanding step by step and the individuals who are getting education
they are moving into work area to have an offer in winning bread inside the family. Subsequently a
couple both are working so they need more time to deal with their youngsters and in such condition
day care focus is perfect for them to help their kids with the most ideal consideration needed. So
there is a full demand for this sector and it has a benevolent future market in the business.
Pastel analysis
There are 6 factors and they are___

Political Factors
Political factors often have an impact on organizations and how they do
businesses. Every country has their own system to follow and stablish a new
business in the market. If we can follow and maintain all the rules then we
will surly don’t have any problem to stablish the new organization in the
market. We must follow all the rules of govt. low , labour low , all sort of
govt. policies , tax etc. and by following them we can easily build a new
business in the market.

Economic Factors
Economic factors have a significant role for an organization to do a business
in the market. Based on this factor a business can actually survived in the
market. the more growth in economic the better chances for doing good in
the business. Bangladesh is a place where economic growth is increasing
day by day. And Dhaka city are the most crowded place in the world. In this
situation where Bashundhara R/A, is a place which is situated at Dhaka city
but also a place where environment is peaceful and quite over here. People
are love to live here. A new business-like day care or preschool for children
will much more profitable business for us.
Social Factors
Social factors are also known as socio-cultural factors. Factors include, the
economic conditions, social acceptance, people life style, educational, social
and cultural needs etc. Bashundhara is a place where every all of this thing
is available over here. And to stablish a new business will be a lot more
profitable for us.

Technological Factors
We all know that if a place is technologically advanced then it will be a lot
more helpful to stablished a business over there. Bashundhara R/A, is a
place where it is technologically advanced over here. Everything that is
needed technically are present over here to make our lives lot easier. It will
help us to reach out to our customers more easily.

Environment Factors
Environmental factors are also very important factor to stablish a business
in the market. Everyone wants to live in a safe and healthy environment.
Bashundhara R/A, is actually a safe environment to live in. because of this
there are lot of families are live here. A place where so many numbers of
customers are present will be a great place to start a new business. Day
care canter is one of them. Place where many different things are
stablishing at same time not harming the environment. This is a place
where a new business should stablish.

Legal Factors
Legal factors are one of the important factors of starting a new business.
When a countries govt. tries to make it difficult to stablish a new business in
market, it practically impossible to stablish a new business in the market
but when a govt. makes things easier for entrepreneurs to stablish a new
business in the market its far easier to stablish a new business. If we
maintain all the rules and regulations and maintain all the system correctly
it will be easier for us to stablish the business.

Competitor Analysis
It’s really important to understand who are our main competitors and how
strong are they!!
To know more about them here are the analysis ___

Identify competitors
The first step will be to identify who are the competitors. How strongly they
are in the market and how much market share each of them have for them in
the market.
There are many ways to identify the competitor one of them is to attending
any sort of conference related to the them of the business. The second one will
be going their customers or any people related to the market and ask them
about them. Third one ill be research deeply of the market and learn more
about them. But usually it takes more time than other two ways to find about
the competitors.

Research competitors’ websites and marketing channels

After knowing who are the actual competitors, its time to understand what are
they. So, to know more about your competitors we need to visit their website
and their marketing channels as well.
How they are serving their product to their customers, how they are focusing
on their products or services. How They putting price of their product and
services for their customer etc.

Compare products and services and prices

Next step will be to compare their product and services to our product and
services. The quality of the product and services. If their product and services
are better than ours then why they are better and how can we make the
quality of our product and services are better than theirs.
Comparing prices are very important. Because that is how we can defect them
in the competition. If the product and service line are same than we must
know how they are put prices of them.

Read Reviews or Speck with competitor’s customers

After comparing the next and final step should be to read reviews very
carefully. A small size of lacking of competitors are turned out to be a great
advantage for us. Even if it is possible than talk to their customers about their
services, ask them and try to find out what they are thinking about them.

Market Driven Strategy

Becoming Market Oriented
Customer will be the focal point of the business. Always try to update them
about their children. Always note down their change in behaviour so that we
can inform their parents about it. We will try to arrange a weekly bases parents
meeting so that we can discuss with the parents about their children progress.
Always try to be up dated about what our customers wants from us. Since it’s a
preschool or day care canter so we will surly teach them about basic things
and habits of life always. Like every day manner, drawing etc.
Determining Distinctive Capabilities
We will always try to serve the better things in every possible way. Everything
that we teach the children will make them better and ready for the world. Even
when we hire someone as employee, we will surly ty to train them so that they
can mange the children and be friends with them. We will check their
background before hiring them to our canter. We will try as much possible as
we can hire the employees so that one employee can take care not more them
2/3 children at a time.
Customer Value / Capabilities Match
We will always try to maintain good relationship to our customers. And also try
to make the children as much satisfied as they can be from us. always try to be
available at any time at the customers want. Try to give them every single
detail about their children as well.
Achieving Superior Performance
To provide better service to our customers we need to have a better employee
as well. To have a better employee we need to train them nicely and also try to
motivate them with every possible way so that they can work nicely over here.
Because our superior performance will mostly depend on our employees as

Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka is actually a great place to start a new business-like
day-care canter or preschool for children. From all the aspect it a that this area
has a great potentiality to do this kind of business. Since there are only some
number of competitors in this area and have vast number of potential
customers this area is more suitable than ever. Now a days our life is getting
expensive day by day so in this business organization as well.
situation both of the parents need to work for their livelihood. So, in this
situation a day care system will help them greatly and at a same time make us
a profitable business organization as well.