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The National Teachers College

629 F Nepomuceno St., Quiapo, Manila



2nd Semester, SY 2019-2020

Section/Year Level: 2-2 BSED ENGLISH Units: 3

Room: 424 Time: 08:30am – 10:00am
Professor: Ms. Mary Ann Bea Day: TF
Submitted by: Tansiongco, John Kyle C.

“Teaching and Assessment of Literature Studies” (TAL) is one of the subjects

that were being taught by Ms. Mary Ann S. Bea, the other one is “Teaching and
Assessment of Grammar” (TAG). These two subjects were both interesting and joyful
throughout the entire Prelim and first week of Midterm period. Ms. Bea discussed many
interesting topics, challenging activities, critical thinking skills. The midterm period was
ended abruptly due to the increase number of cases of Novel Coronavirus 2019
(COVID-19) and in some selected areas in the Philippines they were experiencing
“Enhanced Community Quarantine” (ECQ) to flatten the curve and it was extended ‘til
May 15, 2020, hopefully it’ll end soon.

Now, throughout the entire run of discussion in “Teaching and Assessment of

Literature Studies” (TAL), there are five (5) topics that were discussed by Ms. Bea, The
Reading Process, Recurring themes, KWL Chart, Interactive Reading Process, and
Communicative Competence. These topics that were mentioned are very interesting
and to be honest, I am very active in every discussion.

The reading process taught me to be a good reader and understand the

processes involving the reading and consciously that controls them. The awareness and
control of the reading processes is called metacognition that means “knowing about
knowing”. Recurring themes taught me the difference between the topic and theme.
“Topic” is the subject of the story and the “Theme” is the moral/value of the story and
central focus of the story. Now, recurring themes expresses the intended lesson,
conclusion, message, point of view of the author and it connect all the parts of the
story such as characters, plot, problem, setting, and events. The KWL chart is one of
the most popular chart that were being used by the teacher when they’re introducing a
new topic or lesson and it help the students organize information and used to engage
them in a new topic, activate prior knowledge, share unit objectives, and monitor
students’ learning. Interactive Reading Process (IRL) taught me the two processes, the
bottom-up and top and to be an active reader not only it helps me learn more, but it
also makes sure that I’m paying attention and get hook up into the lesson. And lastly,
Communicative Competence taught me to use the grammar and vocabulary,
relationships among the people communicating, read between the lines because
sometimes there are hidden meaning in the sentence, and being able to make
repetitions, clarifications, gestures, and taking turns in conversation.

All of these topics were all relevant nowadays because not all of the people were
able to read and understand the importance of it because it develops our thoughts and
gives us endless knowledge and keeping our minds active not to mention, having the
ability to read a book will surely expand our vocabulary and thinking skills. Activating
our prior knowledge and being competent in terms of communication. I wish Ms. Bea
would still be our teacher next school year because of the events that ended the year
unexpectedly and I’m grateful to all of the lesson that were discussed by her because
they are really educational and entertaining and also you’ll never get bored when she is