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ITL Public School

Evaluation II (2017-18)
Revision Worksheet (E II)
Environmental Science 1
Date: ClassIII Sec:

Name: Roll No.

Section: A EVS{(1) Science}
Q.1 Choose thee correct option and write in the box given below: 2.5
1. Which of the following is an edible stem?
a) Carrot b) Turnipc) Spinach d) Potato

2. Which of the following

ng food iitem is obtained from animals?
a) Tomato b) Onion
Onionc) Honeyd) Brinjal

3. Which of the following food is obtained from plants?

b) Milk b) Silk c) Carrot d) Wool

4. In which place would you find a houseboat?

a) Assam b) Rajasthan c) Kashmir d) Delhi

5. People living in a cold region have houses made from_________.

a) Mud b) Wood c)Bamboo d) Bricks

Q.2 Fill in the blanks : 2.5

a) We consume __________ seeds on having stomachache.

b) _________________ leaves add flavour to the food.

c) Radish is the __________ part of the plant eaten as food.

d) ______________ are built using cloth canopies.

e) Rainfall is very scarce in _______________ region


Q.3 Correct the given statements and rewrite them: 2

a) People who do not have houses live in bungalows.
b) Fish is obtained from jute plant.

Q.4 Give Reason: 2
a) Green plants are important for us.
Reason: ___________________________________________________________

b) Stilt houses are built in north eastern parts of India receiving heavy rainfall.
Reason: ___________________________________________________________

Q.5 Answer the following questions based on the given pictures: 2

a) Which part of the given plant is eaten as a food?

b) In which region would you find such types of roofs and why?


Q.6 Answer the following questions: 4

a) Why is food important for us? Name the different parts of the plant eaten as
food, giving two examples of each type.
Ans. _____________________________________________________________


b) Why do we need a house? Name different materials used to build a house.


c) Practice the following diagrams:

1. Different types of houses
2. Edible roots, stem, leaves, flowers and fruits