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1) A bloody and cruel plot intended by the Popish army- and their
adherents, against the King's Majesty and all the Protestants of the
Kingdom... (TT. E.91.29). L., 4 March. 1643.
2) A brief discourse upon tyrants and tyranny. (TT.E. 127.45). L., 23
November. 1642.
3) A chaleng sent from Prince Rupert and the Lord Grandison to Sir
WilliamBelford... (TT.E.85.34);18 January 1643.
4) A collection of prayers and thanksgivings used in His Majesties
chappel and armies... (ТТ. E.69.6). Oxford! 27 September. 1643.
5) A declaration and ordinance... touching the Great Seale of England...
(TT.E.75.25). L., 11 November. 1643.
6) A declaration of the House of Commons touching the breach of their
privileges... L., 19 Jan. 1642.
7) A declaration of the Lords and Commons... concerning His Majesties
Proclamation for adjourning the terme to Oxford... (TT.E.85.43). L.,
23 January 1643. (
8) A declaration of the Lords and Commons... shewing the reasons why
they cannot consent to the keeping of Easter Tearme at Oxford...
(TT.E.97.11). 19 April. 1643.
9) A declaration of the Parliament of England to the States of the United
Provinces. (TT.E. 121.23). L., 8 October. 1642.
10) A dialogue betwixt a Courtier and.a Scholler... (TT.E.122.7). L.,
13 October. 1642.
11) ,A discourse between a resolved and a doubtful Englishman.
(TT.E. 128.41). L., 3 December. 1642.
12) A discourse or dialogue between the two now potent enemies...
(TT.E.240.28). L., 7 October. 1642.
13) A display of the royal banner and standards bore by the loyalists
in the Grand-Rebellion. Begun Anno Dom. 1641. L., 1722.
14) A. H. A speedy post from Heaven to the King of England. (TT.
E.121.6). L., 5 October. 1642.
15) A happy deliverance or a wonderful preservation... L., 1642.
16) A letter from an officer in His Majesties Army... (TT. E. 101.25).
Oxford, 1643.
17) A letter from a private gentleman to a friend in London in
justification of adhereing to His Majestic (TT.E. 128.24). 28
November. 1642.
18) A letter written by master Symon Rodes... L., 1642.
19) A letter written out of Bedfordshire unto the Earl of
Manchester... (669.f.8.13). 15 July. 1643.
20) A loving and loyal speech... by Sir Hugh Vaughan... (TT.E. 122.
16). 2 October. 1642.
21) An elegie sacred to the immortall memory of the most worthy,
and most lamented, John Pym, Esq. (669.f.8.42). L., 15 December.
22) An essay of a King. (ТТ. E. 128. 38). 2 December. 1642.
23) A New-years-gift for His Majestie, or a humble petition of his
subjects... (TT.E.81.5). 1644.
24) Animadversions upon the King's answer... (TT.E.86.4). L., 24
January 1643.
25) An oath taken by the gentry and inhabitants of the city and
county of York. (669.f.8.3). Oxford, 1643.
26) An order for publishing declarations and books set forth by his
Majesties command. Oxford, 1644.
27) An Ordinance... also, an Order of the Commons in Parliament,
Prohibiting the Printing and Publishing of any lying Pamphlet
scandalous to His Majestie, or to the proceedings of both or either
Houses of Parliament. (TT.E.93.1). L., 10 March. 1643.
28) An ordinance of the Lords and Commons... with instructions for
the taking of the League and Covenant in the Kingdom of England
and Dominion of Wales... (TT.E.33.8). 15 February. 1644.
29) Another famous victory obtained by the Earl of Essex... (ТТ. E.
129.6). L., 3 December. 1642.
30) A parallel between the Israelites desiring of King Saul and
England's.desirihg of Parliament. (TT. E.247.9). L., 24 March'. 1643.
31)> A perfect Declaration of the barbarous and cruel practices... in
his Majesties army. (ТТ. E. 242. 33). L., 3 December. 1642.
32) A perfect diurnal of passages in Parliament 24. — to the last
January L., 1642.
33) A plaine case, or Reasons to convince any... which side to take in
this present warre... (TT.E.56.14). Oxford, 1 July. 1643.
34) A plea for peace; shewing the dignity of princes, against the
railings of the rabble. (ТТ. E. 118. 23). 22 September. 1642.
35) A prayer of thanksgiving for His Majesties late victory over the
rebels. (669. f.5.92). Oxford, 2 November. 1642.
36) A private letter from an eminent Cavalier to his highly honoured
friend in London. (E. 116. 32). 10 September. 1642.
37) A proclamation for the authorizing anuniformity of the Book of
Common Prayer... (669.f.5.147). Oxford, 16 March. 1643.
38) A proclamation of his Majesties grace and pardon to all sea-men,
sailors, mariners... (669. f. 5. 101). Oxford, 10 November. 1642.
39) A proclamation of his Majesties grace and pardon to the
inhabitants of the County of Oxon. (669. f. 5. 94). Oxford, 3
November. 1642.
40) A proclamation of His Majesties grace and pardon to the
inhabitants of the County of Wilts... (669 f. 5. 91). Oxford, 2
November. 1642.