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Social Media Network

This is a web platform for people to interconnect and interact in various ways from the same or
different geographical areas.

Social media provides a wide range of activities to human beings which are beneficial while
some are detrimental to human health. The following are some of the benefits that humans get on
social media.

° Promotion of socialism.

Humans are social in nature and cannot do at all without interactivities, therefore, social media
provides a platform for supporting and enhancing this unique characteristics of human beings.
Through platforms such as Facebook with millions of people subscribed, provides such a
balcony for these people to interact in many ways by creation of groups, pages and connecting
to your friends. The groups and pages mostly with a name that people with common interest join
to enable a deep discussion with an aim of finding a relevant solution, or just to share ideas to
enlighten members.

° Access to education

Many social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram to mention but a few, have
adjusted their sites to enable different forms of activities. Among these, education is one of them.
You can easily for instance open a page on Facebook with an intention of educating the public
on a given topic, or a course or more than one course. Those interested will like your page and
thereafter continue benefiting from your teaching posts. Moreover, you can also upload video
tutorials and even go online to teach your audience directly from home. The latest trends in
social media platforms like Zoom allows the people connected to see each other and interact
directly, making it an excellent appliance as far as education is concerned.

° Entertainment.

Without any iota of doubt, there are indeed several forms of entertainment on Social Media
Network starting from music which can be easily uploaded, dramatic video plays as well as
videos. All mentioned has always a sense of entertainment to humans beings, a very good reason
why many people are subscribed to social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Tubidy,
Instagram and emerging platforms such as Likee, Tiktok and Snapchat.

° Entrepreneurial promotion.

Entrepreneurial skills are promoted by learning by educating young entrepreneurs on new skills
as well as improvement of their skills by adding new ideas in the industries through tutorials,
articles et cetera et cetera.

° Tele-conferencing

Via Social Media Network, businesspersons can easily conduct conferences from different
geographical areas, a process that has been eased by emerging trends such as Zoom application.
It has really helped especially in these days of global Covid-19 Lockdown, where many activities
and conferences have been navigated to social network to maintain physical distance thus
curbing the spread of the noel virus, while at the same time allowing human socialism.

° Access to a wide range of marketing.

As many people subscribe to social media networks, they form a great potential for marketing
industries to easily display their products and services for sales without travelling. A good
paradigm is Jumia where a variety of goods are displayed on their website, and purchasing from
any geographical place is possible while goods and services are transported to your door.
Another popular such platform with many subscribers is Alibaba just to mention a few which
have proven successful by selling their products and services online.
Furthermore, as days compile up, technology advances and people turn to manipulate it to their
advantage. That means that in future, a higher than the current number of people subscribed to
social media platforms will be notified.