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1st Travel Abroad

• On May 3, 1882-- Rizal left for Spain to complete his studies and widen his political knowledge through
exposure to European governments.

• On his way to Madrid-- he stopped over Singapore then boarded the ship Djemnah, which was a French
steamer and left Singapore for Europe on May 11.

• He passed through Punta de Gales, Colombo and Aden. Along the road to Marseilles, he went across
Suez Canal and visited the Italian city of Naples then left Marseilles, France for Barcelona on May 15.

• After few months, He left Barcelona for Madrid and on Sept 16, 1882-- he met Consuelo Ortiga y Rey.
• Rizal enrolled in Medicine and Philosophy and Letters at the Universidad Central de Madrid on Nov 3,
• He became penniless as his family encountered economic regression. Fast forward to 1885 where he
finished his 2
courses in Madrid.
• He then went to Paris, France and from Nov 1885-Feb 1886 he worked as an assistant of
ophthalmologist Dr. Louis de Weckert.

• On Feb 3, 1886-- he left Paris for Heidelberg, Germany where he attended lectures and training at the
University of Heidelberg-- completed his eye specialization.

• For 3 months he settled in Wilhemsfeld at the pastoral house of Protestant pastor, Dr. Karl Ullmer.
• Long distance friendship with Jose and Ferdinand Blumentritt began.
• Next he travelled to Leipzig and attended lectures in universities.
• On October 29, 1886-- he reached Dresden and met Dr. Adolph B. Meyer (director of the
Anthropological and
Ethnological Museum)
• On Nov 1886-- he went to Berlin and further enhanced his skills and knowledge in ophthalmology. He
became a member of various scientific communities.

• On Feb 21, 1887-- he finished his 1st novel, NOLI and was published a month after.
• GRAND EUROPE TOUR-- with his friend, Maximo Viola.
• They first left Berlin and spent time in Dresden on May 11, 1887 where they witnessed the regional
floral exposition

• Afterwards, they went to Leitmeritz, Bohemia where Prof. Blumentritt warmly welcomed them.
• On May 16-- they left Leitmeritz for Prague and saw the city’s historic spots. Rizal and Viola visited the
tomb of Copernicus, the museum of natural history, the bacteriological laboratories and many more.

• They left Prague for Vienna but stopped at Brunn on the way there-- In Vienna, they met Austrian
novelist Norfenfals and Rizal was interviewed by Mr. Alder (correspondent of a newspaper)

• They left Vienna to see sights of the Danube River. Afterwards, from Lintz they had a short stay in
• They reached Munich wherein they tasted local beer advertised as Germany's finest.
• In Nuremberg, they saw torture machines used in Catholic Inquisition.
• Then they left and journeyed to Ulm -- climbed Germany's tallest cathedral.
• Then went to Stuttgart, Baden and then Rheinfall-- they saw Europe's most beautiful waterfall.
• In Switzerland, they stayed in this city from June 2 to 3, 1887. They toured to Basel, Bern, and
Lausanne. After sightseeing in Lausanne, they left from Leman Lake to Geneva.

• Rizal received sad news from his friends in Madrid of the deplorable conditions of primitive Igorots
who were exhibited in this expositions

• On June 19, 1887-- Rizal's 26th birthday wherein he treated Viola. After that Viola returned to
Barcelona and Rizal travelled to Italy.

• In Italy, He visited Turin, Milan, Venice and Florence and on June 27, 1887, he reached Rome.
• In Rome-- he visited historical places (Amphitheatre and Roman Forum)
• On June 29th, Rizal visited for the first time the Vatican, the “City of the Popes” and the capital
• Rizal then went back to the Philippines afterwards despite his family warning him not to return.
2nd Travel Abroad
• On May 16, 1888-- In the ship called "City of Rome" Rizal sailed for Liverpool and arrived on May 24.
• A day after, he reached London and stayed in Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor's home. He also boarded at the
Beckett residence-- served by Gertrude, daughter of the landlord.

• In London, he manually copied and annotated Morga's Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas.
• He became the honorary president of Asociacion La Solidaridad (patriotic society-- Solidaridad
Association)and wrote articles for La Solidaridad.

• Short visits in Paris, Madrid and Barcelona

• In Spain, he met Marcelo H. del Pilar (one of the renowned members of the propaganda movement
along with Graciano Lopez Jaena, publisher of La Solidaridad)-- propaganda was a patriotic socio-
political organization found in 1872 by Filipinos in Europe. -- La Solidaridad and other propaganda
movements were active and happened during Rizal's time in Spain 1888.

• On March 1889-- He went to Paris once again.-- formed the Kidlat Club (temporary social club--
brought together Filipinos witnessing the exposition
• He also organized-- Indios Bravos (association which envisions Filipinos being recognized for their
skills); and • Redencion de los Malayos (Redemption of the Malays-- aimed to propogate useful
• Finished and published annotation of the Sucesos.
• On Jan 28, 1890-- Rizal left Paris for Brussels

• In Belgium, Rizal was writing the FILI and contributing to La Solidaridad (pen names: Dimas Alang
and Laong Laan)
• Calamba agrarian trouble-- due to this Rizal went to Madrid (Aug 1890) to look for a lawyer/influential
people who could defend the Calamba tenants
• While in Madrid-- His family was forced to leave their land in Calamba and attempted duels between
Rizal, Antonio Luna and Wenceslao Retana occurred. Leonor Rivera got married and lastly, the Del Pilar-
Rizal rivalry for eadership of Asociacion Hispano Filipino also occurred.

• On Feb 1891-- Rizal took a vacation in Biarritz where he continued to work on EL FILI and completed
its manuscriptn March 29, eve of his departure to Paris.

• April 1891- arrived in Brussels where he revised and prepared the printing of EL FILI until June 1891.
• July 1891-- He went to Ghent-- cost of printing was cheaper.
• Publisher F. Meyer-Van Loo Press, No 66 Viaanderen Street agreed to print El Fili.
• Rizal=no funds= printing got suspended on Aug 6
• Sept 18, 1891-- Due Valentin Ventura's rescue-- El Fili came off the press.
• Lastly, 2 weeks after Rizal went back to Paris to say goodbye to his friends and compatriots.