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ISSUE 743 • May 2015


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Pitch your concep
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and-true practic
or a news direct Good Press, See Page 18

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Good Press, Continued From Cover

“Incorporate the five Ws into

a well-written story pitch to
a business or news editor”
It’s the last “W” that is perhaps the most important of all. In Create a professional-looking Facebook and Twitter page that
the hustle-and-bustle of news coverage in 2015, reporters are includes a company logo, address, phone number and website.
often covering multiple stories every day. Their inboxes are also Then, make sure it stays updated regularly. I’m not saying 10
flooded with press releases and media statements, many of tweets or posts an hour, but the smart money says to at least
which wind up in the trash bin. share some information once a day. It can be anything from your
newest employee to an upcoming discount you offer customers.
So, when it comes to a new business, make sure you wow
them. Economic growth is a continual hot topic in the Myrtle The point is, in this digital age, you have the freedom to be
Beach area, so discuss how many employees your company your own best promoter. And the more information you put
plans to hire. Also, make a point of referencing some unique or out there, the better the chances are local press will gleam on
interesting fact about your business. Finally, and I can’t stress to some of it.
this enough, tell the media why your business is above and
beyond your competition. Really hammer home the point of Finally, the story pitch. This can be effective, but needs to be
why they should pay attention to you. handled with care. First off, the safe bet is to send your pitch in
the form of an email. Again, unless your name is Warren Buffet
Oh yeah, one other thing; make sure your company’s logo is or Donald Trump, a phone call about a new business opening
included on the press release, along with a contact person and might fall on deaf ears.
phone number.
Instead, incorporate the five Ws into a well-written story pitch
OK, now that you have done all of this and distributed the to a business or news editor. Make sure you send it out roughly
release, what about preparing for the onslaught of media two weeks before your event, be it a ribbon-cutting, major
that will descend upon your business for the ribbon-cutting? acquisition, etc. Remember to also include that company logo
Here is the part where I have to be truthful with you and say and contact information. Oh, and make sure the email’s subject
the chances are slim they will attend, unless your business is a line is attention-grabbing. Something like “Upcoming Ribbon-
Fortune 500, or is expected to bring hundreds of new jobs to Cutting” is too generic and won’t peak much interest.
the area.
However, if your subject line is in the vein of “Myrtle Beach
But don’t be discouraged. The majority of our area media do Area Family-Owned Carwash Celebrates 50 Years of Making
business roundups, which is a list of all new companies that have Vehicles Shine,” you’re apt to immediately grab the attention of
opened doors or are celebrating milestones. Your company’s an editor who might see a strong feature story on the horizon.
information can still be sent out to the masses, and the more
meat you feed them, the better your chances are of winding Once the pitch has been made, follow up with that same editor
up toward the top of the business section. no more than five days before the event. Reporters’ assignments
are often given at morning staff meetings and are based a lot on
Moving from press releases to social media, if you’re a business what is happening that day. Don’t let them forget about your
owner, it is time to seriously consider creating that Facebook or great story pitch by calling too far in advance.
Twitter page.
So, there you have it. These are just a few tips I can offer
In 2015, we are bombarded with information at a constant rate following my previous career as a journalist. Good luck, and
because of those smartphones we keep clutched to our side. happy pitching!
And the media definitely leafs through those endless streams
of data looking for those juicy nuggets. So, make sure you’re
helping to feed the news cycle.

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