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Instruction: Write your name, age, sex, height, and weight.

Monitor your
Time Heart Rate (THR) when you do the moderate and vigorous activities
and indicate the result in the space provided.

In the Physical Components and Tests, you will do what is indicated in each
number and record the score you get.

Fitness Assessment

Name : Ashley Jade V. Domalanta

Age: 16 Sex: Female

THR: 22-32(Moderate Activity) THR:23-45(Vigorous


Weight: 49 Height: 5’3

Classification :

Physical Fitness Components Score

and Tests

1.Sit and Reach (lower back and 30 inches

hamstring flexibility)

2.Shoulder Flexibility Test 17 inches

(shoulder and upper flexibility)

3.Push Ups (upper body strength) 9 reps

1.Crunches (Abdominal 35 reps

2. Shuttle Run 4 laps 10 55 seconds

3. 50m Sprint 30 seconds

4. Body Composition (weight 19.1 (kg/m2)

& Height)

5. 3 minute step test 27-37 (bpm)

(15 seconds)

Note: Please have a short video documentary while doing the assessment.

Processing Questions

1. What did the result of the fitness test reveal about your fitness level?

The result of the fitness test revealed about my fitness level is that I can
manage and perform these Physical Fitness Components and Tests. I
discovered/determined my strengths and weaknesses after the results. For
example: In Sit and Reach , my score is 30 inches. It measures my flexibility,
and specifically measures the flexibility of my lower back and hamstring
muscles. This test is important because tightness in this area is implicated in
lumbar lordosis, forward pelvic tilt and lower back pain. In the Shoulder
Flexibility Test, my score is 17 inches. The results revealed to me that both from
a strengthening and stretching perspective. I need strength to help support the
joint and decrease risk of injury. I also need flexibility to maintain a pain-free
range of motion. In Push Ups, my score is 9 reps. This result assesses my
upper body fitness and to monitor progress during strength and fitness training.
This simple test helps me compare my own upper body muscular endurance to
others of my age and gender and track my fitness program over time. In
Crunches, my score is 35 reps. It tones the core muscles of my body. This
exercise aids in strengthening my core muscles, improving the posture, and
increasing the mobility and flexibility of the muscles. In Shuttle Run 4 laps 10
meters, my score is 40 seconds. It helps me develop speed, power, agility and
coordination. In the 50m Sprint, my score is 30 seconds. It determines my
acceleration and speed. In Body Composition (weight & Height) my BMI or Body
Mass Index is 19.1 and my result is normal. Lastly, in the 3 minute step test, my
score is 27-37 (bpm) (15 seconds) It measures my aerobic (cardiovascular)
fitness level based on how quickly my heart rate returns to normal after

2. Which did you score satisfactory? Poorly? What should you do about it?

I scored satisfactory in Sit and Reach (lower back and hamstring flexibility) with
a result of 30 inches. In the Shoulder Flexibility Test (shoulder and upper
flexibility) with a result of 17 inches. In Crunches (Abdominal Strength) with a
result of 35 reps. In 50m Sprint with a result of 30 seconds. My Body
Composition (weight & Height) with a result of 19.1 which is normal. Lastly, in
the 3 minute step test, my result is 27-37 (bpm) (15 seconds). I scored poorly in
Push Ups (upper body strength) with a result of 9 reps and in Shuttle Run 4 laps
10 meters, with a result of 55 seconds. In Push Ups I will be starting from the
bottom, modify, Place my hands a little more than shoulder-width apart, Keep
my ips from sagging toward the ground, Don't Drop my Head as I lower yourself
down and I will focus on quality, not quantity.Practicing poor movement patterns
can lead to muscle imbalances and eventually injuries. In the shuttle run I’m
going to improve my speed and agility.

3. How important is your taking your THR when participating in a certain

physical activity?

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things I can do for my
health.Everyone can experience the health benefits of physical activity – age,
abilities, ethnicity, shape, or size do not matter. In my own perspective, Heart
rate is important because the heart's function is so important.