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SESSION 2009-2011


ROLL NO: - M.B.A/09/06
Infosystems Ltd.



MAHAVIR INSTITUTE OF ENGG. & TECH. Sonepat hereby declare that I
have carried out my project in titled “Consumer behavior and sales
promotion’’. I further declare that this project is my original work and no part
of this report has been published or submitted to any body or University for
award of Degree/diploma.The seminar presentation of the report

Was made on

& the suggestions given by the faculty member were duly incorporated.
Infosystems Ltd.


This report has been prepared in accordance with the M.D.U, ROHTAK for the
MBA session 2009-2011.

I got an opportunity to undergo my summer training in the reputed company

“HCL Infosystems Ltd.” Sales activities in Noida region, where I was assigned
to work on the project titled “consumer behavior & sales promotion” of
HCL’s product.

I have taken extra attention to ensure adequate coverage of each & every topic.
This report provides clear and complete explanation, step-by-step procedures &
numerous calculations important working notes are shown in the back of report
in annexure.

Further I had given suggestion for the improvement to be required in the

company. At last, I would like to thank HCL Company and the college who had
given me an opportunity to have the training.

Infosystems Ltd.


The study is not the work of individual but a number of persons are directly or
indirectly help me in preparation of this project report. So it is my duty of
express my gratitude to those that helped and assisted me in giving shape to this
project report.

First an foremost, my intellectual debt is to those persons who have contributed

significantly to the emerging field of my project and whose work has been
quoted copiously and used extensively by me in completing this book.

I am thankful to Mr. Manoj Mudgal (Regional Manager) HCL Infosystems,

who guided me to complete my project report having very friendly nature.

I would also like to thank my HOD MRS.Priyanka Sehgal. Who helped me in

the preparation of my project report. In spite of her busy schedule, gave me time
and valuable guidance through out of my guidance work.

However, I accept the sole responsibility for any possible errors of omission and
commission and would be extremely grateful to the readers of this projects.

Infosystems Ltd.



PART – 1 1

Company profile 1
Introduction 2
Chairman & CEO’s profile 9
About the product 12
Guiding principles 26
Vision and mission 26

PART – 2 27

Introduction of study 28
Objective 35
Consumer behavior 37
Objective of sales promotion 40
Limitation of sales promotion 44
Factor governing the sales promotion 45
Major findings 48
Problem and limitation 49
Infosystems Ltd.

PART – 3 50

Research methodology 51
Definition of research 52
Universe of study 53
Research process 54
Research objective 55
Collection of data 56
Research method 57
Research techniques 58
Contact method 59
Size of sample 60
Sampling procedure 61

PART – 4 71

Graphical presentation & findings 72

Problems and limitations 88
Conclusion 89
SWOT analysis 92
Strength 92
Weakness 93
Opportunities 93
Threats 94

PART – 5 95

Suggestions and recommendations 96

Don’ts 97
Bibliography 98
Questionnaire 99
Infosystems Ltd.
Infosystems Ltd.

• Introduction
• Chairman & CEO profile
• About the product
• Guiding principle
• Vision & mission
Infosystems Ltd.


HCL Info systems Ltd are one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market, with its
origins in 1976. For over quarter of a century, we have developed and
implemented solutions for multiple market segments, across a range of
technologies in India. We have been in the forefront in introducing new
technologies and solutions. The highlights of the HCL saga are summarized
below: —

Y E A R 1976

 Foundation of the Company lay.

 Introduces microcomputer-based programmable calculators with wide
acceptance in the scientific / education community.


 Launch of the first microcomputer-based commercial computer with a

ROM -based Basic interpreter.
 Unavailability of programming skills with customer’s results in HCL
developing bespoke applications for their customers.

Infosystems Ltd.

 Initiation of application development in diverse segments such as

textiles, sugar, paper, cement, transport.


 Formation of Far East Computers Ltd., a pioneer in the Singapore IT

market, for SI (System Integration) solutions.


 Software Export Division formed at Chennai to support the bespoke

application development needs of Singapore.


 HCL launches an aggressive advertisement campaign with the theme '

even a typist can operate' to make the usage of computers popular in the
SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) segment. This proposition involved
menu-based applications for the first time, to increase ease of
operations. The response to the advertisement was phenomenal.
 HCL develops special program generators to speed up the development
of applications.


 Bank trade unions allow computerization in banks. However, a computer

can only run one application such as Savings Bank, Current account, and
Loans etc.
 HCL sets up core team to develop the required software.
Infosystems Ltd.

 ALPM (Advanced Ledger Posting Machines). The team uses reusable

code to reduce development efforts and produce more reliable code.
ALPM becomes the largest selling software product in Indian banks.
 HCL designs and launches Unix- based computers and IBM PC clones.
 HCL promotes 3rd party PC applications nationally.


 Zonal offices of banks and general insurance companies adopt

 Purchase specifications demand the availability of RDBMS products on
the supplied solution (Unify, Oracle). HCL arranges for such products to
be ported to its platform.
 HCL assists customers to migrate from flat-file based systems to


 HCL enters into a joint venture with Hewlett Packard.

 HP assists HCL to introduce new services: Systems Integration, IT
consulting, packaged support services (basic line, tramline).
 HCL establishes a Response Center for HP products, which is connected
to the HP Response Center in Singapore.
 There is a vertical segment focus on Telecom, Manufacturing and
Financial Services.


 HCL acquires and executes the first offshore project from IBM Thailand.
Infosystems Ltd.

 HCL sets up core group to define software development methodologies.


 Starts execution of Information System Planning projects.

 Execution projects for Germany and Australia
 Begins Help desk services.


 Sets up the STP (Software Technology Park) at Chennai to execute

software projects for international customers.
 Becomes national integration partner for SAP.


 Kolkata and Noida STPs set up.

 HCL buys back HP stake in HCL Hewlett Packard.


 Chennai and Combater development facilities get ISO 9001 certification.


 Acquires and sets up fully owned subsidiaries in USA and UK.

 Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia.
 HCL ties up with Broad vision as an integration partner.

Infosystems Ltd.

 Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia.

 Chennai and Combater development facilities get SEI Level 4
 Bags Award for Top PC Vendor in India.
 Becomes the 1st IT Company to be recommended for latest version of
ISO 9001: 2000.
 Bags MAIT's Award for Business Excellence.
 Rated as No. 1 IT Group in India.


 Launched Pentium IV PCs at below Rs. 40,000.

 IDC rated HCL Info systems as No. 1 Desktop PC Company of 2001.


 Declared as Top PC Vendor by Dataquest.

 HCL Info systems & Sun Microsystems enter into a Enterprise
Distribution Agreement.
 Realigns businesses, increasing focus on domestic IT, Communications &
Imaging products, solutions & related services.


 Became the first vendor to register sales of 50,000 PCs in a quarter.

 First Indian company to be numerous undo in the commercial PC market.
 Enters into partnership with AMD.
 Launched Home PC for Rs. 19,999.
Infosystems Ltd.

 HCL Info systems' Info Structure Services Division received ISO

9001:2000 certification.
 Launches Infiniti Mobile Desktops on Intel Platform.
 Launched Infiniti PCs, Workstations & Servers on AMD platform.


 Ist announces PC price cut in India, post duty reduction, offers Ezeebee at

Rs. 17990.
 IDC India-DQ Customer Satisfaction Audit rates HCL as No. 1 Brand in
Desktop PCs.
 Maintains No. 1 position in the Desktop PC segment for year 2003.
 Enters into partnership with Port Wise to support & distribute security &
VPN solutions in India.
 Partners with Microsoft & Intel to launch Beanstalk Neo PC.
 Becomes the 1st company to cross 1 lac unit milestone in the Indian

Desktop PC market
 Partners with Union Bank to make PCs more affordable, introduces
lowest ever EMI for PC in India.
 Launched RP2 systems to overcome power problem for PC users.
 Registers a market share of 13.7% to become No. 1 Desktop PC company
for year 2004.
 Crosses the landmark of $ 1 billion in revenue in just nine months.
Infosystems Ltd.


Ajai Chowdhry
Chairman and CEO, HCL Infosystems Ltd.

An engineer by training, Ajai Chowdhry is one of the six founder members of

HCL, India's premier IT enterprise. HCL, a start-up in 1976, touched Rs.11, 000
crores for the last 12 months.
Ajai Chowdhry took over the reins of HCL Infosystems, the flagship company
of the group, as President and CEO in 1994. He was appointed the Chairman of
HCL Infosystems in November 1999. Under his stewardship, the company's
turnover has grown to Rs.7783.6 crores in 2004-05 from Rs.400.6 crores in
1994. With employee strength of over 3600, it has emerged as country's leading
information-enabling powerhouse.
Ajai has been a key force in driving the growth of HCL Infosystems. The credit
of setting up HCL's overseas operations, starting with Singapore in 1980, goes
Infosystems Ltd.

to him. During this tenure he extensively covered South Asian Markets

including Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the People's Republic
of China, expanding business operations, which paved the way towards
enhancing HCL's core competencies in bringing the best international
technologies to domestic market.

Driving the thrust on IT, Telecom and Imaging, Ajai perceives the role of his
company as that of enabling information. Credited with providing momentum to
key IT phenomena - within the company as well as in the industry - he has
constantly added newer and cutting edge technology skills to the company's
portfolio. Under his leadership, several new projects have been undertaken in
the company that have had a lasting impact - getting into IT retailing,
spearheading the company wide Quality movement, and the very recent low cost
PC initiative and IT for masses are some examples. An absolute stickler for
customer focus, he himself spends significant time, personally listening to
Ajai sensed an emerging opportunity early in telecom and imaging category and
today HCL Infosystems is poised to exploit this opportunity to offer a richer
bouquet to its customers.

It is a recognition of his visionary status that Ajai was part of the IT Hardware
Task Force, set up by the Prime Minister of India to give shape to the country's
IT strategy. Ajai has repeatedly championed the cause of improving PC
penetration in the country. He has worked closely with many Government
bodies to take IT for masses agenda forward. Presently he is part of several
government committees to take forward the course of IT and Hardware in India.
He was awarded with 'IT Man of the Year' by The Skoch Consultancy and 'Best
Infosystems Ltd.

IT Man of the Year' by The Foundation of Indian Industry and Economists. Ajai
also addressed CII's flagship hardware event 'India e-Hardware Summit 2004' at
Hyderabad as a keynote speaker recently.Ajai has a bachelor's degree in
electronics and communication engineering, and attended the Executive
Program at the School of Business Administration at the University of
Michigan, US.Ajai is an avid reader and is fond of Jazz and the fine arts. He and
his wife Gita live in New Delhi.
Infosystems Ltd.


Business PCs

HCL recommends Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Professional for

Business support.htm

The marketplace is constantly changing in terms of consumers,

competition and strategies to garner market share. Almost all aspects of your
business are ever evolving. The only change over the past few years is that the
pace of change has accelerated! In fact, it is increasing even as you read this.

Information Technology (IT) changes accordingly, perhaps even faster.

What is vital is that the decisions you make today need to have the capacity to
address situations for at least the next three years and the changes that are bound
to occur in that time.
Infosystems Ltd.

Infiniti is the market leader in commercial desktop segment in India,

ahead of competition. Infiniti is the only brand in Indian IT that offers you
Remote Support for Software, an innovative support mechanism that is end-user
friendly and extremely efficient in problem resolution, saving you time and

We, at Infiniti Product Development recognize this need as the key to

success for you, and for us. Infiniti, backed by direct selling and built-to-order,
ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 manufacturing, ensures that you get the best available
product at the time of delivery, rather than at the time of order.

This Technology First brand features the latest innovations in Central

Processing Unit (CPU) design, graphics design, display design, I/O
advancement and a host of other technologies that have made Infiniti the
number one corporate PC brand in India.

Home PCs HCL recommends Microsoft® Windows® XP

Professional support.htmsupport.htm

The all-new Beanstalk Series, where performance is rivaled only with

elegance of design. You get superior technology and great value for money, all
fused into one. It comes with the super-speed Intel® processor, plus SD RAM
and Ultra ATA Hard Disk that gives it incredible speed.

What's more, it is upgrade friendly and so virtually future-proof.

Manufactured at HCL Info systems' state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified plant, it
is designed to outperform every other Home Computer you have ever
seen or heard about. And with more than 250 Support providers across the
Infosystems Ltd.

country, its widespread network ensures excellence in Customer Care. So go

ahead and enjoy the wonder that is HCL Beanstalk, and watch, it will
amaze you for years to come.
Infosystems Ltd.

It is faster than the fastest home computer. The HCL Beanstalk comes
equipped with the lightening fast Intel® Pentium® 4 processor which means
you can now get mind blowing multimedia performance from your computer.
With its high performance processor, it brings you the internet like no other
computer can. So get ready to experience 3D graphics, virtual reality and
realistic audio-video, like never before.

The HCL Beanstalk with Intel® Pentium® 4 processor. the center of your
digital world is designed to meet not just your today's computing requirements,
but also the needs of your future. So bring home the HCL Beanstalk today and
stay ahead of the rest of the world

HCL launches the New Beanstalk Media Center PCs. Digital Home
Entertainment now at the touch of a button with a full feature remote…. Check
it out!

The new Toshiba Protégé A100 that lets you enhance your mobile
lifestyle with its attractive Pearl White Design and Intel Centurion mobile
technology…. Check it out!

The new range of HCL Home PCs with futuristic technology, amazing
performance at unbelievably attractive prices.

HCL offers Toshiba’s complete range of Mobile Computing Solutions,

the ultimate in style and performance.

The HCL Busy bee range of PCs offers performance, with maximum returns for your
Business. Home | Legal Notice | Contact.


Infosystems Ltd.


 Business PCs
 Home PCs
 Infiniti Powerlite Notebooks


 Infiniti Challenger Workstations

 SUN Workstations



Intel Servers
 Infiniti GL Servers
 Infiniti Solutions

Infiniti Xcel Line Servers

 Infiniti Xcel Line 2200 Series

SUN Servers

HP Risc Servers & Workstations


 Winbee Thin Clients

 SUN Thin Clients


Product Line-up




 HCL InfoWall
 HCL InfoSecuAccess
 HCL InfoVPNe
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 HCL InfoNetMon
 HCL InfoSurveillance
 HCL InfoSecuDesk - Biometric Logon
 HCL InfoSecuDesk - SmartCard Logon
Infosystems Ltd.

 HCL InfoSmartCard
 HCL InfoLoadBalancer
 HCL InfoDashboard

HCL recommends Microsoft ® Windows® XP Media Center Edition

This is when HCL recognized this need-gap and launched HCLbeanstalk-the

first PC for the home segment in India. Offering complete ‘edu-tainment’ for the
entire family, HCL beanstalk delivered the best technology, equipping its
customers for the future. Today HCL beanstalk is an integral part of millions of
homes India. And the number is increasing ceaselessly.
Infosystems Ltd.

HCL offers Toshiba’s complete range of Mobile Computing Solutions, the

ultimate in style and performance.
Infosystems Ltd.

The most affordable’qualityPC’

Finally a quality, branded PC that was affordable. The launch of HCL ezeebee,
revolutionized the Indian PC market. A quality of PC available at just rupees
399/- per month. The advantage of owning an HCLezeebee is its quality and
reliable after sales service. HCL with its service location all across the state and
country offers customers the comfort of trouble free operation of its system,
where ever they may be. All the component used in HCL ezeebee are selected
from the best manufactures in the world and are tasted tomake sure they work in
tropical climates.
Infosystems Ltd.

HCL Busybee

India’s largest installed business PCs

A computer system designed and configured to meet the required business

computing needs. Everything with a value-loaded package that can only be
made by HCL.HCL Busybee is manufactured in HCL’s state-of-art ISO 9001
certified plant. NO wonder, HCL busybee has emerged as India’s largest
installed business PC’s.]
Infosystems Ltd.

Digital music player

Neopod is a digital music player that offers a whole new dimension of

usefulness in the category of personal entertainment device. This sleek, compact
device, not only stores thousands of titles and plays great music;but can also be
used as a pocket hard drive for PC file backup, as a digital photo storage for
digital camera, as a voice recorder and as a digital FM radio.
Infosystems Ltd.

The perfect world in the perfect colors: Neocam

The HCL Neocam has 3x zoom feature, 4 different image resolution, six scene
modes and exposure compensation. Along with a 1.6” TFT LCD screen that
makes easier picture previewing, the Neocam stores images on an external

HCL Ezeebee

Notebook computer

Experience mobility. Experience flexibility. Experience performance. With

HCL Ezeebee notebooks. Backed by the reliable HCL technology, these

notebooks are designed to impress. Sharp resolution for high quality images,

integrated speakers and superior graphics make HCL ezeebee notebook the
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perfect choice to meet all your business and communication needs. sleek, smart

and lightweight. That’s HCL ezeebee notebook for you.

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HCL Beepos

Expanding business opportunities

HCL Beepos is a readily installed user-friendly application to provide the end

user the power of POS.This product is designed for ruggedness, security and

reliability. Beepos supports wide range of peripherals CCD Barcode scanner,

Laser Barcode scanner, customer pole display, thermal printer, programmable

keyboard, etc.Beepos supports programmable keyboard which can be

customized as per user requirement.

Infosystems Ltd.




"Together we create the enterprises of tomorrow".


"To provide world-class information technology solutions and

services to enable our customers to serve their customers better".


"We deliver defect-free products, services and solutions to meet the

requirements of our external and internal customers, the first time, every time".
Infosystems Ltd.


• Objective

• Consumer behavior

• Objective of sales promotion

• Limitation of sales promotion

• Factor governing the sales promotion

• Major finding

• Problem and limitation

Infosystems Ltd.


Under this summer training, I was entitled to make project report on topic
“Consumer behavior & sales promotion” on first day of my training my Boss
Mr. Manoj Mudgal (Regional Manager, HCL Infosystems, dehradun) offer me
topic to go ahead.

At first I hard to formulate the problem accrue in the field of sales promotion,
for which, I went to know consumer behavior.

It was the time when, computer with desirous configuration was available at the
HCL store.

There is no of leaptop with deferent configuration was launched and we had to

make aware the potential customer about the HCL system leaptops, financial
schemes, configuration and service point.

Under this project there were some popular systems & leaptops.

HCL Desktop

HCL AMD - 1600 (Due to cheap price) 15400 + tax

CHL AMD - 2600 (Due to cheap price) 16240 + tax

HCL Celeron - 2.13 (Starter edition per loaded) 18100 + tax free


HCL P – IV - 2.66 Ghz (Due to suitable configuration and

Technology) 22740 + tax.

Infosystems Ltd.

HCL P – 3.06 Ghz (Due to advance configuration and best

technology) 25740 + tax

HCL Beanstalk - 4988 Due to smart configuration and better

product design wireless key board mouse.

HCL Beanstalk - 4958 Due to better configuration and attractive

product design and high quality software, like

media center edition.

Intel Celeron Mobile Technology ( Intel Celeron M processor 370

29490 + tax due to cheap price)

Intel Pentium Mobile Technology (Intel Pentium M processor 725

34490 + tax due to advance configuration

with cheap price)

Intel centurion Mobile Technology (Intel Pentium M processor 725 41990 +

tax due to smart configuration with
attractive deign.

(Price has been given for dealer’s, it varies due to certain condition)

The above mentioned systems with different configuration were provided at

very attractive and lower rates to the state government employees according to
their need.

We were providing finance facility on the minimum EMI of Rs 399 per month.
Infosystems Ltd.

The Celeron Machine (starter edition) has the additional facility of the audio and
video so that the customer or their family person can learn on their own that how
to operate computer with theory and practical, there was software to assist them,
who don’t know about, net operating and system fundamentals knowledge.

What is a monitor, what is mouse, what is keyboard etc.

In addition they are provided with the facility of free installation of any software
according to their need and free home delivery from the nearest dealer to their
home from anywhere in Uttarachal they like.

There was a new technology machine namely “Beanstalk” It gives the facility of
pausing, saving, recording of live television. So that the viewer can pause the
live show or match which are stored on the hard disk so that the person can see
it afterwards as per his convenience?

The state government employees, ITR (Income Tax return) payee, private Job
holders are also provided finance facility from.

Union Bank

Central Bank on India

State Bank of India

Punjab National Bank and

Bajaj finance and many more.

Later on to remove the inconvenience of the state government employees the

finance was provided from the salary account of bank which maintains the
account of their office where they work.
Infosystems Ltd.

There is some features and gifts for HCL Systems

 Extended 3 years warranty (selected models)

 Free Upgrade from 15” to 17” inch (selected Models)
 Free Upgrade from 128 MB ram to 256 MB ram (selected models)
 Free Installation of software
 Free home delivery
 Easy finance on minimum EMI
 0% finance facility
 Latest antivirus software, can be upgrade through Internet
 Exclusive price benefit
 Original software
 All over Uttaranchal service
 Free UPS or TV Tuner card (Selected dealer)
 Free Tata Indicom wireless phone (selected dealer)
 Free 100 hrs internet package (selected dealer)
 Free 1000 games CD.

The above mentioned ore some of the highlight of the HCL systems and its
service but to take a deep knowledge about them, lets us sees what are their

Price can be vary according to the configuration of the system because we

provide system according to the customer need for customer satisfaction. If
configuration will change defiantly price will be change.

In other hand price of the computer vary with the deferent dealer due to certain
Infosystems Ltd.

Bank finance system

We get finance scheme from maximum bank of uttaranchal all bank demand
approximately same documents to pass loon. Some of the nationalize bank like
SBI gives the facility of 90%, some of the private bank pass 80% finance for the
1,2,3,4 year maximum bajaj finance has some unique and best scheme for the
customer having 0% finance scheme.

The documents that are required are as follows.

Residence proof. (any one)

Electric bill, waters bill, house tax receipt, lease agreement rashan card etc.

Photo ID proof. (Any one)

Voter ID card, passport, driving license, pan card .

Income proof.

Salary sleep (last two month)

Infosystems Ltd.

Income tax return (last 2 years)

Bank statement (last six month)

2 photo one granter

Infosystems Ltd.


This summer training program continued for almost two month where the main
focus was on the management of the event that were conducted in the
organization and what are the different sales promotion activities keeping in
view the customer requirement, their conveniences their budgets, needs and the
services provide to them.

The main focus was on both the category i.e. a layman person and a person
having knowledge and using computer.

First we try to know their needs requirement budget and then we recommend
appropriate configuration of system they should purchase.

We try to increase the share market of HCL. And overall objective of the
program was to determine the scope of operation in the potential and implement
sales promotion plan.

Main highlight of training program were

Why consumer purchase computer?

Where they purchase?

How they purchase?

They are satisfied from HCL or not

How are HCL’s services?

How is technology?
Infosystems Ltd.

How is HCL’s price ?

what should prefer to company for acreage market share?

monitoring on the behavior of the consumer.

analyses the fact that determine the usage or purchase of a specific computer

Finding reasons why people switch to assembled or other company’s computer.

How much effective are the event and the sales promotion program

How to manage these event and what are the procedures.

Infosystems Ltd.


The aim of the marketing is to meet and satisfy target customer’s needs and
wants. The field of consumer behavior studies how individuals, group, and
organization select, buy, use and dispose of goods, services, ideas or experience
to satisfy their needs and desires.

Understanding consumer behavior and “knowing customers “ is never simple.

Customers may say one thing but so another. They may not being touch with
their deeper motivation. They may respond to influences that change their minds
at the last minute. Small companies, such as a corner grocery store, and huge
corporation, such as whirlpool, stand to profit from under standing how and why
their customers buy.

Influencing buyer behavior

The starting point for understanding buyer behavior is the stimulus response
marketing and environments stimuli enter the buyer’s consciousness the buyer’s
characteristic and designs processes lead to certain purchase designs.

A consumer buying behavior is influenced by cultural social, personal and

psychological factors.

Culture factors

Culture, subculture and social days are particularly important in buying

behavior. Culture is the fundamental determinant of a person’s wants and
Infosystems Ltd.

Each culture consists of smaller subculture that provide more specific

identification and socialization for their members

Social classes reflect not only income, but other indication such as
occupation, education, and area of residence. Social classes differ in dress,
speech patterns recreational preferences and many other characteristics

Social factors

In addition to cultural factors a consumer’s behavior is influenced by such social

factors as reference group’s family and social rates and statuses.

Reference groups

A person’s reference group consists of the entire groups that have a direct (face
to face) or indirect influence on the person’s attitude or behavior. Group having
a direct influence on a person are called. Membership groups. Some member
ship groups are primary groups such as family, neighbors and co-workers, with
whom the person interacts fairly continuously and informally. People also
belong to secondary groups such as religious professionals and trade union
groups, which tend to be more formal and require less continuous interaction.
Infosystems Ltd.


In a vital sense, sales promotion has three specific objectives. The first
communicate marketing information to the potential buyers or actual users or
resellers. The second is to persuade and convince them by exercising persuasive
measures. And the third is to act as a powerful tool of competition. Noted expert
T.A.A. Latif says, the man objective a sales promotion scheme is to attract the
prospective buyers towards the products, and induce him to by the product at the
product at the point of purchase. Art the salesman’s level, the objective is to
enable him to achieve more sales in his territory, by means o incentive
campaigns or contests etc.

At the retailer’s level, the object is to enlist his co-operation to sell one
brand is to enable the consumer to buy more of the product and more frequently
too, so that a brand acceptance is established for the particular product. Many a
time, the object is to introduce new users for the product.
Infosystems Ltd.

In the face of aforesaid viewpoints, we find the following objectives of

sales promotion as follows:-

1.To introduce new products:

The primary objective of sales promotion is to introduce new products. In
this respect, K. Francis says, ‘Although, it is most essential for a new product
where the sales department makes use all its weapons to make know the product
to the people and to the people and to influence them to purchase, it is also
undertaken for the old products in order to make them more popular or to lessen
stock of such old products by influencing or motivating the potential buyers,
actual users, re-seller or middleman. For this purpose, we find free samples and
premium. As and when the new products are to be penetrated in the market, it
becomes essential that new incentives are given to the potential buyers and the

2. To start new customer:

In addition to the introduction of new products, the sales promotion is also
done with the motto of attracting the new customers. The potential buyers or the
actual users are motivated by paying to them different incentives. Particularly
the Potential buyers or prospects are induced by padding to them free samples,
gifts, premiums and so on.
Infosystems Ltd.

3. To provide new incentives to the actual users:

The sales promotion is also done with the motto of providing new incentives
to the actual users of the products in order that they do not shift to there other
products of the other producers. Hence, we may also call it a positive effort to
create the permanent group of users. For this, the actual users the permanent
group of users.

4. To reduce seasonal fluctuation:

We generally find seasonal fluctuation in the de4mand of the goods. This

is mainly on account of the new incentives given by the rival competitions. The
sales promotion is also done to reduce the seasonal fluctuation. As, for example
the demand for electric fan, are cooler, refrigerator or so is reduced, particularly
in the winter seasons.

To maintain their normal demand, we find the provision off-season discount or

concession or gifts.

5. To counter-attack the competitors:

In a few cases, the sales promotion is also adopted to attack the demand
of the rival competitors. As and when a competitive firm provides promotional
benefits, the rival competitors are also forced to adopt the same. They do such
mainly to affect the demand index of the competitors.

6. To simplify the task of selling:

With the introduction of potential buyers or actual users of the product.

Hence, it would be right to mention that sales promotion is also done with motto
of simplifying the task of selling. The distribution channel in general prefers to
sell promotion-oriented goods.
Infosystems Ltd.

7. To induce middlemen:

The sales promotion is also introduced with the purpose of influencing or

inducing the middlemen. The promotion-oriented goods witness positive
responses of the retailers and so, the middlemen do not hesitate to place an order
for such goods.
Infosystems Ltd.


No doubt, the sales promotion is a sensitive promotion tool as it creates
and stimulates the impulse buying. However, we find a-few limitations of this
promotional tool. It is pertinent that we assign due importance to all these
limitations before it is brought into the actual practice.

1. It is a short-term device
2. It is not independent tools.

3. It increases the indirect cost.

4. Some time it gives wrong message to costumer.
5. Advertising is also requiring.
6. Some time it is unruliest.
7. It may reduce the quality in sense of customer.
8. it is seasonal tools.
Infosystems Ltd.


The launching of sales promotion campaign is vital issue before decision
makers. The effectiveness of sales promotion campaign depends on its
monitoring strategy. Hence, it is pertinent that following factors are taken into
consideration before starting a sales promotion campaign.

1. Stage of the product:

The first factor to be considered is the stage of the product. It is quite

natural that the sales promotion strategies would vary in the background of
product life cycle. The products facing declining likely to enter in the market
would require distinct treatment or devices. This would help in deciding the
magnitude of treatment or the selection of appropriate devices.

2. Timing & Duration of the Scheme:

The second factor to be considered is the timing & duration of the sales
promotion schemes. It is well known that sales promotion is a short-term
measure for boosting the sales. Hence, it becomes important that keeping in
view the competition or the stages of product, the executives takes a decision
regarding the life of the scheme.

3. Effectiveness of Advertising:

It is also felt that the success of sales promotion scheme depends on the
effectiveness of the advertising campaign. The marketing experts consider it a
missing link between the personal selling and advertising. If the advertising
programmers or measures are ineffective, the sales promotion scheme would be
Infosystems Ltd.

least sensitive. Unless and until, it is well propagated, the responses would not
the positive.

4. Channel Management:

Before starting a sales promotion campaign, the authority should also

have a careful study of the distribution benefits. This would induce the
middlemen, either wholesaler or retailer for stocking the goods in huge quantity.

5. Product Display:

The last point to the considered is the display of the product. It is essential
that display of the product is arranged at almost all the-key selling points. This
factor is important because the cumulative effect of all visual aids creates a
desire in the consumer to actually see the products in the showcase.

6. Budgeting:

It is also an important aspect to be a considered before launching a sales

promotion campaign.
Infosystems Ltd.

During the project we were selling computer through demonstration, I
found following facts ;

(i) So many government employees are not able to work with

(ii) Near about 20% employees using there own PC’s at home.
(iii) They were very much price conscious.
(iv) Most of the HCL users say that HCL is good in after sale
(v) Most of the persons using computers got information by
advertising in newspaper.
(vi) Most of HCL users do not want to change their computers
even though they are getting better technology.
(vii) Most of HCL users are not happy with the price of HCL of
they want reduction in its price.
(viii) Most people are interested in assembled computer.
(ix) Some people were facing the financial problem like salary or
the extra budget.


In my project work, I found certain problem ;

(i) High costs of computers.

(ii) Lots of customers are using assembled computers.
Infosystems Ltd.

(iii) It is very difficult for customers to choose a good brand because

lots of branded computers like Compaq; IBM, Wipro, Samsung,
and HP etc. are there.
(iv) People of the government employees not showing the proper
(v) Time constraints was major problem with employees to
participate in the demonstration
(vi) At some places electricity problem was also there so that proper
demonstration was absent.
(vii) Attractive package was not there.
(viii) School College were closed.
(ix) Some time ,I faced the location problem.
(x) Customer don’t want to say address.
(xi) Some time, I faced the weather problem. mainly rainy season
was there.
Infosystems Ltd.


• Definition of research
• Universe of study
• Research process
• Research objective
• Collection of data
• Research method
• Research techniques
• Contact method
Infosystems Ltd.

• Sampling design
• Size of sample
• Sampling procedure
Infosystems Ltd.



1. “A systematic search for knowledge”

2. “Movement from known to unknown”.
3. Research in common refers to search for knowledge. One can also define
research as a Scientific and systematic research for pertinent information
on specific topics.

It is a way to systematically solve the research problem. In it we study various

steps that are generally adopted by a researcher in studying his research problem
along with the logic behind them. It is important for the researcher not only to
understand the research methods and techniques but also the methodology.

Universe of study
During my training program in dehradun. I have visited Masoorie, Gopeshwar,
Pauiri and Srinager and I Collected data from these town.
Infosystems Ltd.


Formulating research problem

Steps of Extensive literature survey.

Developing hypothesis.

Preparing research design

Data mining sample design.

. Collecting the data.

Execution of project.

Analysis of data.

Hypothesis testing.

Generalization & interpretation.

Report writing.
Infosystems Ltd.
Infosystems Ltd.


The purpose of research is to discover answers to question through the

application of scientific procedure. The main aim of research is to find out the
truth which is hidden and which has not been discovered as yet. Though each
research study has its own specific purpose, we may think of research objectives
as falling into a number of following broad groupings:

1. To gain familiarity with a phenomenon or to achieve new insight into

it (studies with this object in view are termed as exploratory or
formulative research studies).
2. To portray accurately the characteristics of a particular individual,
situation or a group (studies with this object in view are known as
descriptive research studies)
3. To determine the frequency with which something occurs or with
which it is associated with something else(studies with this object in
view are known as diagnostic research studies)
4. To test a hypothesis of a causal relationship between variables (such
studies are known as hypothesis- testing research studies).

The research objective of the project is “Consumer Behavior and

Sales Promotion”
Infosystems Ltd.


It dealing with any real life problem it is often found that data at hand are
inadequate and hence, it becomes necessary to collect data that are appropriate.
There are several ways of collecting the appropriate data which differ
considerably in context of money costs, time and other resources at the disposal
of the researcher.

Primary data:-

Primary data can be collected either through experiment or through survey. If

the researcher conducts an experiment, he observes some quantitative
measurements, or the data, with the help of which he examines the truth
contained in his hypothesis, But in the case of survey, data can be collected by
any one or more of following ways.

(i) By observation:
(ii) Through personal interview:
(iii) Through telephone interview.
(iv) By questionnaires:
(v) Through schedules:
(vi) Other method:

a) warranty card
b) mechanical devices
c) Projective techniques
d) Depth interview.

Secondary data:-
Infosystems Ltd.

Secondary data means data that are already available i.e., they refer to the data
which have already been collected and analyzed by someone else. when the
researcher utilizes secondary data, then he has to look into various sources from
where he can obtain them.

Secondary data may either be published data or unpublished data. Usually

published data are available in (a) various publication of central, state are local
governments, (b) technical and trade journals (d) books, magazines, and
newspaper. (e) Reports and publications of various associations connected with
business and industry, bank stock exchange (g) Public record, and statistics,
historical documents, and other sources of published information like website of
industry or company.

Data is collected from both the Primary and Secondary sources

Research Method

The basic types of research are as following:

(i) Descriptive Vs. Analytical: Descriptive research includes survey and

fact – finding enquiries of different kinds. The major purpose of descriptive
research is description of the state of affairs as it exists at present.

In Analytical research, on the other hand, the researcher has to use facts or
information already available, and analyze these to make a critical evaluation of
the material.
Infosystems Ltd.

(ii)Applied Vs. Fundamental: Applied research aims to finding a

solution for an immediate problem facing a society or an industrial/ business
organization, whereas

Fundamental research is mainly concerned with generalizations and with the

formulation of a theory.

(iii) Quantitative Vs. Qualitative: Quantitative research is based on the

measurement of quantitative or amount. It can be terms of quantity.

Qualitative research on the other hand, is concerned with qualitative

phenomenon, involving quality or kind for instance investigating the reason for
human behavior.

(iv)Conceptual vs. Empirical: Conceptual research is that related to some

abstract idea or theory. It is generally used by philosopher and thinker to
develop new concepts or to reinterpret existing one.

Empirical research relies on experience or observation alone, often without due

regard for system and theory. We call it experimental type of research.

I have chosen survey method because of the following advantages:

Advantages of survey method.

(i) Survey is conducted in case of descriptive research studies.

(ii) Survey –type research studies usually have larger samples because the
percentage of responses generally happens to be low, as low as 20 to
30 %, especially in mailed questionnaire studies. Thus, the survey
method gathers data from a relatively large number of cases at a
particular time it is essentially cross- sectional.
Infosystems Ltd.

(iii) Survey are concerned with describing, recording, analyzing and

interpreting conditions that either exits or exited, The researcher does
not manipulate the variable or arrange for events to happen Survey are
only concerned wit condition or relationships that exits, opinion that
are held , processes that are going on, effects that evident or trends that
are developing . They are primarily concerned with the present but at
times do consider past events and influences as they relate to current
conditions. Thus in survey, variables that exist or have already
occurred are selected and observed.
(iv) Survey is usually appropriate in case of social and behavioral sciences.
(v) Survey is an example of field research.
(vi) Survey may either be census or sample survey. They may also be
classified as social survey, economic survey or public surveys. The
method of data collection happens to be either observation, or
interview or questionnaire or some projective technique.
(vii) Possible relationships between the data and the unknown in the
universe can be studied through survey.


(vii) By observation: This method implies the collection of information

by way of investigator’s own observation, without interviewing the
respondent. The information obtained related to what is currently
happening and is not complicated by either the past behavior or
Infosystems Ltd.

future intentions or attitudes of respondents. This method is no

doubt an expensive method and the information provided by this
method is also very limited. As such this method is not suitable in
inquires where large samples are concerned.
(viii) Through personal interview: The investigator follows a rigid
procedure and seeks answers to a set of pre-conceived questions
through personal interviews. This method of collecting data is
usually carried out in a structured way where output depends upon
the ability of the interviewer to a large extent.
(ix) Through telephone interview. This method of collecting
information involves contacting the respondents on telephone itself.
(x) By mailing of questionnaires: The researcher and the respondent do
come in contact with each other if this method of survey is adopted.
Questionnaires are mailed to the respondents with a request to
return after completing the same. It is most widely used method in
various economic and business surveys.
(xi) Through schedules: Under this method the enumerators are
appointed and given training. They are provided with schedules
containing relevant questionnaires. These enumerators go to
respondent with these schedules. Data are collected by Filling up
the schedules by enumerators on the basis of replies given by
Infosystems Ltd.


Personal contact method was used: - This is the most versatile method. The
interviewer can ask more question and record additional observation about the
respondent, such as dress and body language.

These are of two forms

(i):- Arranged interviews: - Responded are contacted for and appointment

and often a small payment or incentive is offered.
Infosystems Ltd.

(ii):-Intercept interview: - Involved stopping people at the shopping mall

or busy street corner and requesting an interview. Intercept interview is the gives
of Non-probability sample.

Infosystems Ltd.


A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from a given

population. It refers to the technique or the procedure the researcher would
adopt in selecting items for the sample. Sample design is determined before the
data are collected.

Sampling Unit: - A decision has to be taken concerning a sampling unit

before selecting sample. Sampling unit may be a geographical one such as state,
district, village, etc., or a construction unit such as house, flat, etc., or it may be
a social unit such as family, club, school, etc., or it may be an individual. The
researcher will have to decide one or more of such units that he has to select for
his study.

Size of Sample: - This refers to the number of items to be selected from the
universe e to constitute a sample a major problem before a researcher; the size
of sample should neither be excessively large, nor too small. It should be
optimum. An optimum sample is one which fulfills the requirement of
efficiency, representative ness, reliability and flexibility, while deciding the size
of sample; researcher must determine the desired precision as also an acceptable
confidence level for the estimate. The size of population variance needs to be
considered as in case of larger variance usually a bigger sample is needed. The
parameter of interest in a research study must be kept in view, while deciding
the size of the samples. Cost too dictate the size of sample that we draw. As
such, budgetary constraint must invariably be taken into consideration when we
decide the sample size.

Sample size of 200 consumers is taken from the target Institution.

Infosystems Ltd.

Child (10 yrs to 15 yrs) 25

Students (above 15yrs) 80

Girls students 20

Business man 10

House wife 10

Government employee 25

Doctor 05

Teacher 15

Computer engineer 10
Infosystems Ltd.


On the representation basis, the sample may be probability sampling or it may

be non- probability sampling.

Probability sampling: - Probability sampling is also known as ‘Random

sampling’ or ‘Chance sampling’. Under this sampling design, every item of the
universe has an equal chance of inclusion in the sample. (i.e., once an item is
selected for the sample, it cannot appear in the sample again.

Non Probability sampling: - Non – probability sampling is also known by

different names such as deliberate sample, purposive sampling and judgment
sampling. In this type of sampling, items remain supreme.

Non-Probabilistic Sampling procedure is adopted for the Project

Infosystems Ltd.
Infosystems Ltd.


• Problems and limitations

• Conclusion
• SWOT analysis
• Strengths
• Weakness
• Opportunities
• Threats
Infosystems Ltd.


There are many situations in every day life where the researcher is interested in
presenting certain characteristics of data without using complex mathematical
calculations. This type of presentation can be done by means of graphs and
diagrams. A common man generally dislikes numerical statements and have
preferences and love for beautiful pictures.

Under my Graphical presentation I have written finding in every question. So

finding is not given in other places.

I have made a questionnaire having 19 question and I have include various kinds
of people under my research. There were 200 sample size, due to lack of time.

Some of the people refuse to tick on the income group. So I was suffering from
some problem.

At last I have given some space to know our respondent suggestion or comment
of HCL but some of the respondent refused to write any thing.
Infosystems Ltd.

(1). Do you have computer?

46 154
23% 77%



40% 23%



Conclusion:- I found that, there was a loge potential customer they want to
purchase computer systems.

There was some serious customer. Also they want to purchase computer
Infosystems Ltd.

(2). If yes than state the brand.

HCL Compaq & HP IBM Assemble Others

9 8 3 12 14
19.6% 17.4% 6.5% 26% 30.4%

30.00% 26%
20.00% 17.70%
10.00% 6.50%
HCL Compge IBM Assemble

Conclusion:- This shows that, there is most of customer go for assemble

computer due to cheap.

Compaq and hP is the strong competitor also.

(3). If no, that state the brand willing to purchase

Infosystems Ltd.

HCL Other

187 13

93.5% 6.5%





HCL Others

Conclusion:- There is strong potential customer.

Marcel movement towards HCL.

More people want to purchase HCL PCS.

(4) .Are you computer liter ate?


182 18
Infosystems Ltd.

91% 9%





Yes No

Conclusion:- I got there is most of people are computer liter ate and they need

(5) .Have you done any computer course?

Yes No

142 58

71% 29%
Infosystems Ltd.




Yes No

Conclusion:- now a days student have computer course?

Computer course is very necessary.

There is a target for computer company.

(6). while purchasing computer, faster do you consider?

Price Quality Brand name Technology After sale/service

86 39 26 36 13
43% 19.5% 13% 18% 6.5%
Infosystems Ltd.


19.50% 18%
10% 6.50%

Price Brandname Aftersale/servic

Conclusion: - It make clear that price is mega matter hers.

Due to price market can be made.

Quality is also matter here.

Technology is also appraise by the sum customer.

I found that we should go for improving price .

(7). How will you prefer to purchase?

. Cash Financial scheme

42 158
21% 79%
Infosystems Ltd.



40% 21%

cash Financialscheme

Conclusion:- There is a huge market they like finance.

Some of the customer want to purchase to cash.

There is an opportunity. If they launch some attractive financial scheme to

pursue them, those want to purchase through financial scheme.

(8) .Which one are more users friendly?

Computer Laptop
114 86
57% 43%
Infosystems Ltd.


Conclusion:- there was tough completion is computer system and leaptop,

some of the higher class people, they accept laptop as move uses friendly, but
low income lave customer they accept computer as more user friendly.

(9). Do you have further plan to purchase laptop is near


Yes No
86 114
43% 57%
Infosystems Ltd.

Yes No

Conclusion:- There was some officials and students they have future plan to
purchase laptop they accept that every student should have laptop .

I found that laptop have opportunity in near future.

Infosystems Ltd.

(10). What is the purpose of purchasing laptop?

Personal use Office use Study Entertainment

59 45 35 61
29.5% 22.5% 17.5% 30.5%

35.00% 30.50%
25.00% 22.50%
20.00% 17.50%
offeceuse study Enterairment

Conclusive:- There is two thing entertainment and personal use people purchase
laptop for these two aim.

My intention was to know the behavior of customer.

I found that laptop customer are liveries.

Infosystems Ltd.

( 11). Do you know? That HCL have I-pods digital comer and
digital media player.

Yes No
11 179
5.5% 94.5%

20.00% 5.50%

Yes No

Conclusion:- Very little people know abut digital comers and media player,
because, we are not dealing and company is not trying to inverse market share,
there is need to advertisement of I – pods items.
Infosystems Ltd.

(12) .What do you suggest to increase market share of HCL


Advertisement Attractive package Sales promotion Finance sachem

25 86 41 48

12.5% 43% 20.5% 24%

45.00 %
30.00 24
% 20.50 %
% %
% 12.50
15.00 %
% AdverhzemeAttractivepacha
salspromoti Financesche
nt ge on w

Conclusion :- attractive package and sales promotion is the key of increase

market share of HCL some to the customer like financial scheme also.
Infosystems Ltd.

( 13). Do you think? every student should have laptop/PC.

82% 18%

100% 82%
40% 18%
Yes No

Conclusion:- most of the people think, that every student should have
computer. The shows that 82% respondent are in fore of this question.
Infosystems Ltd.

(14). Are you an are that HCL’S laptop range starts from Rs.
25000/ =.

Yes No
155 45
77.5% 22.5%



40.00% 22.50%

Yes No

Conclusion: -This shows that, mostly people aware, about the HCL range and
they accept that HCL is the cheap and best brand.
Infosystems Ltd.

(15). Do you want to suggest/ comment HCL infosystems.

 HCL,S having minor fault.

 Lock of product design.
 Cheap & best hope that, will make a segment for poor people.
 Need to quality check
 Problem of “ out of stock”
 HCL. Should improve product design.
 Make a segment of children PSc.
 And many more suggestion and comment are presenting there. Some of
respondent appreciating but some angree also due to lock of stock or
quality check.
Infosystems Ltd.


In my project work, I found certain problem ;

(xii) High costs of computers.

(xiii) Lots of customers are using assembled computers.
(xiv) It is very difficult for customers to choose a good brand because
lots of branded computers like Compaq; IBM, Wipro, Samsung,
and HP etc. are there.
(xv) People of the government employees not showing the proper
(xvi) Time constraints was major problem with employees to
participate in the demonstration
(xvii) At some places electricity problem was also there so that proper
demonstration was absent.
(xviii) Attractive package was not there.
(xix) School College were closed.
(xx) Some time ,I faced the location problem.
(xxi) Customer don’t want to say address.
(xxii) Some time ,I faced the weather problem. mainly rainy season
was there.
Infosystems Ltd.

In the present scenario there are many brands of computers in the market.
People preferred the different brands according to their job requirements. They
study of my project on “consumer behavior and sales promotion” shows that
majority of consumer preferred the attributes like Quality, Accessibility (Speed),
low radiation, Color Monitor, warranty period and after sales services etc. in
their PCs.

Mostly Consumer Preferred the HCL Computers, because of its good

product features, warranty period, after sales services and reliable relation with
the consumer. These companies pay their full attention on sales promotion
scheme and advertisement to highlight the features of their brand and to create
brand loyalty in their users.

In the competitive marketing place, it is important to get the message

motivated by the consumers. So the concept of integrated marketing
communication is to be followed. Synergising all the communication effort is
important. Utilizing all the available communication channels leads to
successful communication used. Multimedia advertising to focus on cricket
related campaigns to target its young consumers.

one thing should take into consideration that is quality control, some of the
respondent said about the minor fault in HCL’s systems.

The product design is not so attractive like Compaq, hp, and lenevo, they are
providing nice product look.

HCL should make a segment for children. because guardians more interested
to purchase system for there child in cheap.

Infosystems Ltd.

Company should focus on providing value added services to the consumers

and special schemes in order to attract the people who to bye a new a
personal computer and who were using the assembled ones or who are
thinking of other companies.

More emphasis should be on the improving awareness about the computers

and the services among the consumers. Proper care given to the above points
will surely lead the company in right direction of success and goal

And HCL’s should control quality better and improve HCL’s product design.

Company should make there more demand for children PC.means cheap and
appropriate configuration through which children can learn easily and could
be familiar with the system.
Infosystems Ltd.



Cheap best

Wide network of dealers.

Enthusiastic sales team.

Different value additive services.

Customer orientation.

Technological excellence.

Quality soft wares.

Better market segmentation

Best distribution channel

Market movement towards HCL.


Product design is not more attractive.

Dissatisfaction among few consumers with services.

Infosystems Ltd.

Lack of timely delivery.

Wrong address and verification procedures reduce reliability.

Lack of quality control.


Pre loader soft ware

Free soft ware and additional configuration and no handling charge attracts the

More utility in terms of music listening and movie viewing as well as games.

Internet facility to the consumers for a of time.

Child as target .

Financial scheme

Cheaper laptops

Cheaper desktop


Compaq in product design.

Competition from HP in terms of configuration.

Cut throat price competition.

Competition. With the assembled computers in terms of price and configuration.

Infosystems Ltd.

• Suggestion and recommendations

Infosystems Ltd.

• don’ts

• bibliography

• questionnaire
Infosystems Ltd.

According to me following are the suggestions that should HCL adopt to attract
of customer.

(1) Proper advertisement of HCL computers through every type

of media especially through newspaper, magazine and T.V.
(2) There should be continuous sales promotion schemes like,
adding some extra feature, installment, road campaigning &
(3) There must be some improvement regarding after sale
service. A service engineer should be provided to every dealer
by the company.
(4) Hot enquiry should be followed continuously with the
interested customer.
(5) Company should emphasis on providing different model.
(6) Offering different motivation schemes.
(7) Prime focus on the configuration, quality, price, timely


• Avoid giving biased information to the customer by executives and

• Heavy discount to customer to win the competition should not affect
goodwill of the company and sustain trust of the customer.
Infosystems Ltd.

• Category of the customer should be analyzed first before targeting them.

Infosystems Ltd.


• Kotler Philip, Marketing Management

• Kothari C.R. Research Methodology
• Hindustan Times (Old Editions)
• Business Today
• HCL Times
• Magazines.


• www.hclinfosystems.com

• www.hclstore.com
• www.hcl.in
Infosystems Ltd.



NAME …………………………………..AGE ……………………….

DESIGNATION ……………………….. LOCATION ………………….

ADDRESS ………………………………………………………………

MOBILE NO ……………………………….

Annual income:

(a) <100000 (b)< 200000 (c) < 300000 (d) >300000

1. Do you have a computer?

(a)Yes (b) No

2. If yes, then state the brand …………………………..

3. If no, then state the brand willing to purchase ………….
4. Are you computer literate?

(a) Yes (b) No

5. Have you done any computer course?

(a) Yes ( b)No

6. While purchasing computer, which factor will you consider?

(a) price (b) Quality (c) Brand name

Infosystems Ltd.

(d) Technology (e) After sale /service

7. How will you prefer to purchase?

(a) Cash (b) Through financial scheme.

8. Which one is more users friendly?

(a) Computer system (b) Leaptop

9. Do you have any further plan to purchase leaptop in near future?

(a) Yes (b) No

10. What is the purpose of purchasing leaptop?

(a) Personal use (b) Office use

(c) Study (d) Entertainment.

11. Do you know that HCL have I – pods digital cameras and digital

Media player?

(a) Yes (b)No

12. What do you suggest to increase market share of HCL product.

(a) Advertisement ( b) Attractive package

(c) sales promotion (d)Finance

13. Do you know about HCL financial scheme?

Infosystems Ltd.

(a) Yes (b) No

14.Do you think, leaptop is more costly?

(a) Yes (b)No

15.Do you think, leaptop is very useful device?

(a)Yes (b)No

16. Do you think, every student should have leaptop /PC?

(a) Yes (b) No

17. Are you aware, that HCL’s leaptop range starts from 25000/-?

(a) Yes (b) No

18. Are you aware that, HCL’s PC range starts from 13999/-?

(a) Yes (b) No

19. Do you want to suggest/ comment HCL info systems?


Prepared by : ASHISH TYAGI

( MBA 3rd sem)

Infosystems Ltd.