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Tag line -( integrity commitment excellence)

Certified for ISO 9001:2000, Birlasoft has formally mapped Six Sigma rigor
with its SEI CMMI Level 5 Quality Management System (QMS) in each of its
global development centers. In fact, Birlasoft is the first Indian IT Services
Organization to be appraised at SEI CMMI Level 5 on Continuous

Services List

• J2EE
• Mercury ITG
• Oracle
• PeopleSoft
• Siebel
• Peregrine
• Plumtree
• Caché And Ensemble
• VisionPlus

Industry Practices List

• Retail
• Manufacturing
• Banking and Finance
• Insurance
• Mortgage
• Independent Software Vendors
• HealthCare

• Birlasoft will become a quarter billion dollar company by the year 2008.
• It will achieve global leadership (among top three) in three service areas.
• It will become an employer of choice and will achieve retention rates of 80%.
• It will achieve repeat business in excess of 90% by providing the highest quality
delivery and exceptional customer experience.


• We have an environment of openness, trust and collaboration.

• We do not play the blame game.
• We have a strong system of accountability, authority and responsibility.
• We have a high level of ownership and commitment.
• We communicate and share information across the organization.
• We aim high, take risks and grow faster than the market.
• We strive for excellence in everything that we do.
• We provide a superior customer experience in all our engagements.
• We are a caring organization and we treat our employees with respect.
• We are proud of being a Birlasoftian and passionate about building Birlasoft into a
great organization.

Management Committee

Kamal Mansharamani
Chief Executive Officer

K S Ananthanarayanan
Chief Financial Officer

Avinash Singh
Chief Operating Officer

What We Do

Is your goal to drive change in your business?

Now is the time for enterprises to move beyond managing a budget to managing for growth:
creating new markets, achieving real growth in margins, and responding to stakeholders and
customers. Few can do this alone. Establishing the right mix of internal and external IT and
business process capabilities has become essential. Outsourcing (global delivery of services)
is not only a mainstream choice for all enterprise buyers but is also the means for achieving
competitive parity.
Birlasoft believes that a portfolio of inflexible outsourcing deals, driven by tactical cost
cutting will NOT address the changes in the current economic and business conditions. We
believe that success will come only to those who understand the full range of business and
sourcing models, understand the dynamics of the IT and business process services market,
know how to choose their external partners wisely, and, once chosen, know how to
seamlessly integrate and manage outsourced and in-house processes, applications and
services. Birlasoft has an inbuilt framework that enables enterprises to quantify the
strategic and financial consequences of each of their available sourcing options and re-
engineering internal and external capabilities to deliver more value than either could alone.

The Framework for Success

Birlasoft has in place a set of guiding principles and a decision framework to manage this
extensive change. Our organization structure addresses key performance and delivery
indicators. As an agile, responsive and flexible organization, we are equipped to effectively
manage the environment.

Our Heritage

The foundation for the Birla House in India was laid in 1861.

The GP-CK Birla Group was established by Mr. B.M. Birla, a great visionary and one of India’s
outstanding business leaders of all time. The mantle of his rich legacy is carried forward by
his grandson, Mr. C.K. Birla, son of Mr. G.P. Birla.

Spanning four continents, the GP-CK Birla Group has global revenues of more than $1.2
billion with interests in major industries, including automobile, bearings, earthmoving and
power transmission equipment, heavy machinery, paper, cement, building products and
electrical products and information technology. The group has a track record of successful
partnerships and collaborations with technology leaders like General Motors, Caterpillar,
Ford Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Isuzu Motors and NTN to name a few.

The group entered the information technology arena in 1992-93. Initially, the company, Birla
Horizons International, concentrated on professional services with offices in New Delhi,
New Jersey and California. In 1998, the company was rejuvenated and renamed Birlasoft
Inc. when GE Capital joined the company as a strategic investor. Over the years Birlasoft
has evolved into an institution with more than 3,400 employees across the globe.
People Practices

The cornerstone of our people management philosophy rests on our unshakeable belief
“Customers and Employees are both our Top and Bottom Lines”. From this belief we derive
all our People Management Practices. The broad principle derived is: Job Satisfaction is the

Key to Employee Satisfaction. We sincerely attempt to provide this via the following:
• Ensuring that Birlasoftians understand the significance of their individual
contribution to the achievement of overall objectives of the organization.
• Trying our best to give each Birlasoftian the kind of role that she/he identifies
• Providing variety in work through job rotations and giving opportunities to
contribute to organization-building efforts above and beyond the regular work.
• Providing constant and timely feedback on performance and organization
membership as well as creating avenues by which Birlasoftians give feedback to the
• Enabling requisite levels of freedom and independence in work delivery and staying
away from undesirable monitoring and controls.

To enable all this, the organization is being built brick by brick by adopting the framework
of the People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) - a global system that guides our people
management practices into a coherent whole. Some of the key people processes that we are
working on are:

Focusing on establishing effective communication throughout the organization and to ensure
that Birlasoftians have the skills and avenues to share information and coordinate activities

Performance Management
Driving the organization’s and its members’ progress by establishing objectives related to
committed work against which performance can be measured, ascertain capability
development assistance required to continuously enhance performance.

Competency Development
This starts with identification of requisite competencies at the organization level which are
ultimately dependent on competencies that are needed to be identified, built or enhanced in
the individual Birlasoftian. Enhancing constantly the capability of Birlasoftians to perform
assigned tasks and responsibility in turn uplinks to the organization capability building.

Training and Development

To ensure that the identified competency requirements are built through a systematic and
focused approach.
To provide all individuals with remuneration and benefits based on their contribution and
value to the organization in a fair and transparent manner. Competitiveness of the
compensation offered in comparison with the prevailing markets' reality is the driving force.

Career Development
To ensure that individuals are provided opportunities to develop their competencies that
enable them to achieve professional and personal career objectives within the organization’s

Participatory Culture
A myopic outlook of utilizing talents of people only in the delivery of assigned duties has two
broad undesirable effects: It prevents people from developing as well rounded
professionals; and it denies the organization the readily available multi-talented internal
resource pool that could potentially contribute to most of the challenges and opportunities
facing the organization. Building a participatory culture enables availability of avenues to
harness/give exposure to employees’ full capability by involvement in making decisions and
solving problems that affect the performance of business activities.

Fast Facts

• Part of $1.2 billion CK Birla Group.

• Strategic Equity Investment by GE Capital.
• Marketing headquarters in New Jersey, USA.
• Offices in US, Europe, Singapore, Australia and India.

Quality Processes

• The first Indian IT services organization to be appraised at SEI CMMI Level 5 on

Continuous Representation.
• ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification.
• Mapped CMM Level 5 QMS with Six Sigma processes.
• BS7799.

Our Workforce

• 3,400+ professionals.
• Hired from industry, leveraging business and technical expertise.
• Extensive training and development program in technical as well as soft skills.

Birlasoft acquires popular banking product in Australia


Already being implemented in world's largest banks

NOIDA: Birlasoft, the software company of C K Birla Group, has acquired the
assets of Sydney-based Fusion Technology Group and the IP rights of Portfolio
Insight(tm), a real-time, risk-based loan pricing and active portfolio
management software product for banks and financial institutions.

Portfolio Insight(tm) has been implemented worldwide in some of the largest

banking institutions, including Wachovia, National Bank of Canada, CIBC,
Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, CommerzBank, Harris Nesbitt BMO
Bank etc.

Portfolio Insight(tm) helps bankers measure credit risk, risk adjusted return on
capital (RARoC) and other metrics. It allows the immediate "mark-to-model" pricing
of loans during their negotiation and origination stages, giving an immediate analysis
of key performance indicators such as economic capital, RARoC, shareholder value
and marginal risk contribution. Loan officers, relationship managers and business
development managers can also use powerful "what-if" analysis and On-line
Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools to model potential deals and extensions of
existing loan structures to their clients. It is built on scalable, modern, n-tier
architecture, using .NET technologies.

According to the product architect, Mr. Ray Camrass, Birlasoft's strategy, in the
long term, is to develop truly "ground breaking" technology for banking and finance
- technology that can give business managers and portfolio managers a unique edge
in their portfolio and treasury areas. "Birlasoft is breaking new ground and giving
its customers a quantifiable business edge with its paradigm shifting technology.
The first is Dynamic Hierarchies and Smart Calculations in the Portfolio
Insight(tm) application," he added.

"With increased legislation and regulatory pressure, banks all over the world are
actively looking to manage credit risk better. We believe that Portfolio Insight(tm),
with its rich functionality and robust architecture, is a sure winner. We already
have a very satisfied client base in North America, Europe and Australia, and are
looking to expand it further through this acquisition," said Mr. N. K Subramaniyam,
head of Birlasoft's Financial Services Group.

Birlasoft's Financial Services Group is among the fastest-growing business

divisions of the company. It offers a comprehensive software services portfolio
tailored for banking, financial services and insurance industry. "Portfolio
Insight(tm) is an excellent addition to our current market offering," said Mr. Kamal
Mansharamani, Birlasoft CEO. "With our strong domain knowledge in banking,
complemented by our technology and process capabilities, we are very well
positioned to meet the credit risk management needs of banks worldwide," he
More About BirlaSoft

Collaboration to Deliver Business Value

Birlasoft provides software application development and support services across
the globe in both onshore and offshore models. Its clients include large Fortune-
listed companies in Manufacturing, Retail, Banking and Finance, Insurance,
Mortgage, Healthcare and Independent software vendors etc.

Birlasoft is a part of the Global $ 1.2 Billion CK Birla Group, one of India's
premier commercial and industrial houses, with strategic equity participation by
GE Capital. Birlasoft offers IT services worldwide from development centers in
India and Australia.

Birlasoft has 3,400+ technical employees and a large number of clients among
Fortune 1000 companies. The company provides application development and
support services in eCommerce, Data Warehousing, Legacy Systems, QA, CRM,
RIMS (Remote Infrastructure Management Service) and ERP.

Birlasoft’s key strengths as an offshore outsourcing partner lie in its mature

and robust global delivery model that embraces Digitized Project Management
Methodologies, embedded within proven practices of Six Sigma, SEI CMMI
Level 5 on Continuous Representation and a secure services framework with
BS7799. Earning the trust of its customers and being honored with their repeat
business, is what we strive for each day. Birlasoft is uniquely positioned to create
value and provide a competitive advantage to our customers.

Real World Experience

Leveraging our experience, we help clients exploit the latest innovations in
technology and efficiently scale their businesses to meet the challenges of the new
economy. We have a reputation for delivering projects on budget, on time and
exceeding the clients’ expectations.

Process & Technology Innovation

As an ‘Off Sourcing’ partner, we offer our clients process and technology
innovations, mapping industry best practices to Birlasoft's internal QMS, a client-
transparent web-based project management system and a Six-Sigma driven VOC
(Voice of Customer) based engagement model.

A Continuing Commitment to Quality

Process maturity is the key to ensuring predictability of software solutions. The
higher the maturity, the more reliable the company to provide quality solutions on
time and within budget. Birlasoft has adopted the Six Sigma practice across the
organization. Everything works in synchronization to support and further validate
its high maturity level and technical qualifications.

Services Practices

• Global Development Center

• Application Development
• Application Maintenance & Support
• QA and Testing
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Enterprise Business Integration (EBI)
• IT Asset Management (ITAM)
• Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
• Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
• Portals