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Unit 8 Written quiz Name: __________________________ Total Score

Date: __________________________ ______ /50 points

A Listen to the conversations in people’s homes. Circle the correct answers.

Conversation 1 Conversation 2
1. What does Katie have to do? 3. How many meetings does Bill have in the morning?
a. meet a friend a. one
b. go to the library b. two
c. read a book c. three
2. What’s Jane going to do at the library? 4. When is Rita going to call the doctor’s office?
a. study with a friend a. right away
b. return her book b. between 8:30 and 9
c. write notes for an essay c. after 9

A _______ /8 points (2 points each)

B Complete the conversations. Put the words in parentheses in the correct order.
1. A Which sofa do you like? Do you like the ______________ (green / big) one?
B No, I like the ______________ (brown / small) one.

2. A I love the ______________ (big / square) clocks.

B I don’t. I prefer those ______________ (round / plastic) ones.
3. A I want to buy a ______________ (silk / beautiful) rug.
B But you already have two ______________ (Turkish / nice) ones.
4. A Look at those ______________ (antique / huge) lamps. Which one do you like best?
B I like that ______________ (cool / Russian) lamp.

B _______ /8 points (1 point each)

C Complete the conversations with mine, yours, hers, his, ours, or theirs.
1. A This is a really nice apartment. Wow! Is this your TV?
B No. Everything in the living room is Ken’s.
A What about the CD player? Is that __________ , too?
B Yeah, I have __________ in the kitchen. I like to listen to music while I cook.
A Really? We keep __________ in the kitchen, too. . . .
2. A I’ve got my tickets. Do you have __________ ?
B Yes, I do. Do you have Karen’s, too?
A No, she has __________ . Are we taking Mom and Dad’s car to the theater?
B No. Let’s go in my car. They’re going to need __________ tonight.

C _______ /6 points (1 point each)

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D Add two items to each group. Use each word in the box only once.

bathtub dishwasher nightstand stove

coffee table dresser sofa toilet

1. bathroom: sink, mirror, __________ , __________ 3. living room: armchair, lamp, __________ , __________
2. bedroom: bed, clock, __________ , __________ 4. kitchen: cabinets, oven, __________ , __________
D _______ /8 points (1 point each)

E Read each situation. Complete the request. Then circle the polite response.
Example: You need a ride to school tomorrow, so you ask a friend.
you give me a ride to school tomorrow
A Can _______________________________________________________ ?

B Sure, no problem. / No.

1. You’re at a friend’s house. You would like to listen to the radio.

A Do you mind _______________________________________________________ ?
B Yes, I do. / No, not at all.
2. You ask a friend to water your plants while you’re away for a few days.
A Could you _______________________________________________________ , please?
B No, I couldn’t. / No problem.
3. A friend is visiting you in your home. You need help in the kitchen.
A Would you mind _______________________________________________________ ?
B No, not at all. / Yes.
4. You are in a friend’s apartment. The window is open and you feel cold.
A Can I _______________________________________________________ ?
B No, you can’t. / Sure, go ahead.
E _______ /12 points (2 points each A answer; 1 point each B answer)

F Read the column. Then circle the four true statements.

a. Steve’s family’s photos are in a scrapbook. e. They don’t remember much about the newer photos.
b. The photos have dates on the back. f. A lot of the photos look very similar.
c. The photos are at Steve’s parents’ house. g. They don’t always agree on the date of the photos.
d. They look at the photos every year. h. They enjoy looking at family photos.
F _______ /8 points (2 points each)

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