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MTE MCQ Practice

Instructor: Rajesh Dorbala
• Which of the following is defined as a state of felt deprivation of some
basic satisfaction?
A. Need
B. Want
C. Demand
D. Product
• What is the term associated with the concept that involves a focus on
transactions and building long-term, and profitable customer
relationships. In this the companies focus on their pofitable
customers, products and channels?
A. Focus Marketing
B. Societal Marketing
C. Relationship Marketing
D. Marketing
• Which of the following best explains the societal marketing concept?
A. The consumer will buy anything that is cheap enough
B. If a company manufactures products of superior quality customers,
will by themselves cme to buy that product
C. A company has an ethical obligation towards society's long-term
D. A company can sell anything if it promotes it aggressively
• What is the concept which holds that consumers will favor those
products that offer the most quality, performance and innovative
A. Production concept
B. Product concept
C. Marketing concept
D. Selling concept
• Product planners need to consider the product on these levels. WHat
is the most basic level that addresses the question : WHat is the buyer
really buying?
A. Core product
B. Augmented product
C. Potential product
D. Expected product
• What is the set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its
marketing objectives in the target market called?
A. Marketing mix
B. Marketing environment
C. Marketing Channels
D. None of these
• What is the concept that holds that consumer will prefer products
that are widely available and are affordable called?
A. Production
B. Product
C. Marketing
D. Selling
• “A customer wants a car whose operating cost, not its intial cost is
low”. This need comes under which category?
A. Stated need
B. Real need
C. Unstated need
D. Secret need
• The difference between total customer value and total customer cost
is known as _________.
A. Customer delivered value
B. Total customer value
C. Total customer cost
D. None of the above
• What is the organization-wide approach to continuously improve the
quality of all its processes, products, and services called?
A. Quality organization
B. Quality maintenance
C. Total quality management
D. None of the above
• What is the type of marketing in which the company sales person
contacts the customer from time to time with suggestions about
improved product uses or helpful new products called?
A. Reactive marketing
B. Basic marketing
C. Accountable marketing
D. Proactive marketing
• Which of the following are the stakeholders of a company?
A. Customers
B. Employees
C. Suppliers
D. All the above
• A person, household or a company that overtime yields a revenue
stream that exceeds (by an acceptable amount) the company's cost
stream of attracting, selling and servicing the customer is termed as
A. Repeat customer
B. Prospective customer
C. Productive customer
D. Core customer
• Which of the term is not related to customer relationship
A. Suspects
B. Prospects
C. Disqualified prospects
D. Productive prospects