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GE6101 – Readings In Philippine History

QUIZ NO. 006

1.) The idea that societies around the globe are ending up increasingly coordinated and share various
commonalties regardless of restricted articulations and signs.
Select one:
a. Globalization
b. None of the choices
c. Westernization
d. Americanization

2.) The ________ individuals have one dialect with numerous variety, for example, the vernacular of the Jama
Mapun, and the Bangingi.
Select one:
a. Adat
b. Sama
c. Dama
d. None of the choices

3.) "Movement of the feet, arms and the entire body musically particularly to music. A few moves and tunes
are performed without melodic backup or a capella. Other than those specified before in the visual
expressions, the components of shape one of a kind to move are: body developments, motion, and
outward appearances, including outfit, organize setting, the sort of backup and social setting or
circumstance or events for exhibitions."
Select one:
a. Dance
b. None of the choices
c. Hip-hop
d. Music

4.) One of the most noteworthy of these bargain in the Philippine-American MBA which marked on
__________, just months after the affirmation of Philippine autonomy by the US.
Select one:
a. March 14, 1947
b. March 14, 1949
c. March 14, 1944
d. None of the choices

5.) _________ is a land rich in writing. Darangan is a case of this. The presence of darangan authenticates the
level of human progress that the Maranao have accomplished at a certain point.
Select one:
a. Lanao
b. None of the choices
c. Marawi
d. Iligan

6.) She was one of the lesser-known World War II veterans. She was known as the only Asian woman to
have been awarded the Silver Star Wolrd War by the United States.
Select one:
a. Josefa Llanes Escoda
b. Gabriela Silang
c. None of the choices
d. Magdalena Leones

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GE6101 – Readings In Philippine History

7.) Antonio Luna earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts from ___________________.

Select one:
a. Colegio de San Juan de Letran
b. None of the choices
c. Ateneo Municipal de Manila
d. University of Santo Tomas

8.) Since the extension of the Chinese individuals in the Han administration, Chinese individuals have
selected down into Southeast Asia and added to the shocking changes of local Southeast Asian societies
and the Philippine archipelago from the most recent hundred years BC to the present.
Select one:
a. Hindu-Buddhist
b. Islamization
c. None of the choices
d. Sinicization

9.) ________ a national lottery was established to create more revenue for the government.
Select one:
a. 1939
b. 1932
c. 1933
d. None of the choices

10.) The clan from Mindanao dwells in the islands of Sulu. They are known as ocean faring
individuals, imaginatively woven, beautiful sails.
Select one:
a. Badjao
b. Tumandok
c. None of the choices
d. Lumad

Quiz No. 006 P a g e |