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Process Process
Input Means required Responsibilit
Sr. Owner & Process Reference
Received Process Input Process Output Output Given To to complete y and Remarks
No. Main Process Sub-Processes Support Controls Documents
From process authority

1. Releasing of Adt.
2. Interview Qualified persons /
Human 3. Short listing Policy & Strategy of List of
1 Resource 4. Assisting HR Head Top Recruitment Recruitment New Employee Contractual Employee, AV-HR-03 HR Head
Management persons, resumes,
Development selection of suitable including its advt. interview Boidata

Top Salary
Fixing Salary HR Head Salary structure Appointment New Employee Salary Structure Range/Salary HR Policy HR Head
Management Criteria

Appointment to
prepare & issue HR Head Top Finalization of Joining of new employee & Fill Vacant Place Computer, Appointment Appointment HR Head
Management Recruitment introduction to all Stationary, Email Letter Letter

Plan & approval of

Study & process for Top Approved new hardware & Purchase List
purchase HR Head Management new hardware & equipment Employee requisition Infrastructure AV-HR-03 HR Head
equipment etc

Identified Training HR Head Other Training Need Scheduel Of Training HR Head Competency Training Need AV-HR-06 HR Head
Department Mapping, Skill Identification

Suitable place for

training, Training Training Plan
Training Organize HR Head HR Head Training Plan On Job Training, Improve Employee Employee plan, stationary, & Training AV-HR-05 HR Head
Attendance, Record
Competent Agency

Training Evaluation Decision on New Training, Update Training

Training Evaluation HR Head Trainer Employee Trainer Evaluation AV-HR-04 HR Head
Report Skill Level Sheet

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