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Offshore pump and pump systems overview

Alfsen og Gunderson AS is a leading supplier of fluid handling equipment for offshore use.
We deliver centrifugal pumps and pump systems, metering, dosing and injection pumps for
Alfsen og Gunderson AS also designs and builds complete skid mounted units, consisting
of pumps, regulation and monitoring systems acc. to API / NORSOK standards and
We have inhouse enginering capacity, and can do all kind of engineering, incl. drawing and
detailed design, production, automation, and commissioning works.

Alfsen og Gunderson AS also handles commissioning, start up and service worldwide.

Alfsen og Gunderson AS is approved and registered

in Achilles, id no 10758

Misc centrifugal pump packages:

Bombas Ercole Marelli S.R.L

Bombas Ercole Marelli S.R.L

Marelli - leading supplier of pumps for offshore applications
API 610 10th edition centrifugal pumps, up to 3000 m³/h &
Head=800 mLc
API 610 10th edition multistage pumps, up to 1500 m³/h &
Head=1500 mLc
Special CANNED versions for low NPSH available
Materials According to table H1-API 610 10th edition
Fabrication location: ILLESCAS (Madrid-Toledo), Spain
Dickow sentrifugal pumps
Dickow – German manufacturer of centrifugal process pumps.
Horizontal, vertical, semi submersible, sidechannel pumps. Singel and multistage
API 610 10th edition centrifugal pumps; up to 600 m³/h H = 150 mLc
API 685 latest edition magnetic driven centrifugal pumps.
Up to 250 Kw driven power, max temp 450 deg. C for magnetic pumps
Fabrication in Waldkraiburg, Germany

Metering, dosing and chemical injection


OBL – Dosing an metering pumps, max

Q =3800 l/h & max pressure 350 bar(g)
API 675 (Plunger/Diaphragm)
Available in, SS316, duplex, titanium.
Special material on demand

RAM - Large triplex plunger pumps acc to API 674

Capacity up to 1610 l/min, max pressure 750 bar(g)
GG, SS316 and duplex materials
Typical special pump for methanol and glycol injection

Alfsen og Gunderson AS also offers a variety of special

pumps: low shear pumps, AODD pumps etc. for
offshore services. Contact us for information.
Alfsen og Gunderson AS specialises in delivery of complex pump systems for the
demanding market. We deliver turn key solutions acc. to customers specifications.
Our services covers the whole range of tasks:

Construction and CAD works - Mounting and installation

Automation works - Commissioning and start up
Fabrication - Service and maintenance

Together with our partner JOTNE, we manufacture larger chemical injection/ modules
and high pressure Water injection Pumps/units. (Horizontal split double case pumps)

Vincent Chemical injection unit:

All process equipment delivered by Alfsen og Gunderson AS
All CAD and construction works done by Alfsen og Gunderson AS
All prefabrication done in own workshop
All mounting and installation done on site, Thailand
Comissioning on site, Singapore

Petrobras Golfinho project:

Marelli process centrifugal pumps
Dickow process centrifugal pumps

Kollsnes flash gas project

OBL Metering pumps
Vincent FPSO Chemical dosing unit

Customer Project Deliveries

Statoil ASA Kollsnes Flash gas project Upgrade 2 pcs Marelli centrifugal pumps
2 pcs OBL dosing pumps
Statoil ASA Huldra Upgrade 2 pcs Marelli hot sea water pumps
Norsk Hydro Oseberg B platform Misc pump package Marelli centrifugal pumps
Norsk Hydro Sture Terminalen Crude oil booster Marelli centrifugal pump
Norsk Hydro Sture Terminalen Sea water Cooling Marelli centrifugal pump
Maersk Vincent FPSO Chemical dosing unit 26 pcs OBL & RAM
chemical pumps.
Maersk Vincent FPSO Misc. pump package 19 pcs Marelli & Dickow centrifugal pumps
Maersk Volve FPSO Misc pump package 14 pcs Marelli & Dickow centrifugal pumps
Bluewater Ettrick FPSO Misc pump package 20 pcs Marelli & Dickow centrifugal pumps
Petrobras Golfinho Misc pump package 13 Marelli & Dickow centrifugal pumps
Kværner O&G Snorre B platform Boiler circ. Pumps 2 Marelli centrifugal pumps
Philips Petr. Eldfisk platform Misc pump package Marelli centrifugal pumps


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