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Tomorrow Subdivision Annual Meeting Minutes

Teed Elementary School, Kuna, ID 83634

Thursday, February 28, 2008
6:30 pm

The meeting was called to order at 6:32 pm. Stacy Wirick introduced herself (as the manager
for Park Pointe Management Services and Jenn Davies as the Association Manager).

Quorum was established for the meeting either in person or by proxy. Proof of meeting notice
was shown and recognized.

Meeting minutes from 2007 were read individually by homeowners. Stacy called for
corrections. None were made. Raymond R. Walker made a motion to accept the meeting
minutes from 2007 as written. Alden Vawter 2nd the motion, all were in favor and approved.

Wes Anderson and Larry Garcia (Advisory Board Members), reviewed the items that were
discussed at the last Annual Meeting and throughout the year. Park Pointe will look into a
way to notify homeowners of date the street sweepers will be scheduled to come out. Board
will send out a survey to all homeowners on how they want to resolve the playground issue.

Stacy went over the Financial Statement for 2007 and the Budget for 2008. Larry suggested
looking into different contractors for the bridge repair, in addition to the original installers
warranty. Another homeowner suggested double siding copies for agenda packages to help
save money.

Reports from Committees were tabled until later in the meeting.

Stacy announced that the homeowners now have more votes than the builder. Corey Barton,
as the Grantor, would still have control over the Architectural decisions of his lots and homes
he still owns. Instead of electing an Advisory Board, we would be electing a Board of
Directors. The floor was opened for nominations and volunteers. It was suggested that the
current Advisory Board stay on. Alden Vawter could not continue on the board. Larry and Wes
agreed to stay on and serve the Board. Mike Gartner was nominated to fill the position as
Secretary and he accepted the nomination. Board of Directors was approved by all. Positions
and terms will be finalized at the first Board meeting as the initial terms shall be staggered.

Unfinished Business was handled by Wes and Larry with the reviewed items earlier in the

Stacy reported that during the addition of Phase 3 in the subdivision, Phase 3 was recorded as
a separate entity instead of being amended into the CC&R’s of Phases 1 & 2. The intent of the
developer was for all 3 to operate and function as 1 corporation. Corey Barton is in the
process of fixing this; however, a Special Meeting will need to be held for Phase 1 & 2 to vote
in Phase 3 & for Phase 3 to dissolve itself as a corporation. The Special Meeting will be held
on April 10, if the school is available. Notices will go out to all homeowners regarding this

Meghan Anderson did the Reports from the Committees. She expressed the need for a
Neighborhood Watch Committee and that the Social Committee had some plans for the
upcoming year. All events and information regarding the community will be posted on the
website. Sign up sheets for various Committees were available for anyone to sign up.

Meeting Adjourned @7:35pm