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Metric Length Measurement: Word Problems


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Use the metric conversion chart to convert the metric units and solve the word problems below.

Metric Conversion Chart

Kilo - To convert to a smaller unit, move

1000 Hecto - decimal point to the right or multiply
Units 100
Units Deka -
10 Units Basic
Unit Deci -
0.1 Centi -
Units 0.01 Mili -
Units 0.001
To convert to a larger unit, move Units
decimal point to the left or divide

1. Kendrick walked 500 m per day, every Kendrick walked ________ km in one
day for one week. How many kilometers week.
did he walk all together?

2. Drake swam .7 km in his triathlon. How Drake swam ________ meters in the race.
many meters did he swim?

3. Beyoncé danced around the track three Beyoncé danced _____ kilometers.
times. The track was 400 meters. How
many kilometers did she
dance all together?

4. Ed lined up 10 guitar picks across his Ed’s line of guitar picks was ______
desk. Each pick was 12 mm wide. How centimeters long.
many centimeters long was his line of
guitar picks?

5. Selena sang while she rode her bike Selena rode __________________ millimeters.
down a block that was 50 meters long.
How many millimeters did she ride?

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