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BGM1: Intro music

Orpheus was born of Calliope, an inspiration of poets and musician. Orpheus is a demigod because his father is
Apollo, a god and his mother Calliope, a mortal. Orpheus has a remarkable talent in music.

BGM2: Lyre music

Orpheus plays his lyre sweetly and charms all things on earth. Men and women would gather around him and
forget their cares as they listen to his music.

Wild animals like lion, bear, cheetah, fox, and others lay down and gather around him as if they were tamed.
They are entranced by his soothing notes.

Rocks, trees, and flowers follow him, and the rivers change their direction to hear him play.

BGM3: Upbeat

Orpheus met a woman named Eurydice. They fell in love with each other and soon got married. On their
wedding day, everyone is happy.

BGM4 Orpheus and Eurydice looked forward to many years of happiness together. But soon after, a snake
sneaked in the wedding. Eurydice stepped on the venomous snake and was bitten. She fell and died.

BGM5: Death

Orpheus roamed the earth, singing sad melodies to try to overcome his grief. But it was no use. He longed for
Eurydice so deeply that he decided to follow her to the underworld.

“No mortal has ever been there before, but I must try to bring back my beloved Eurydice. I will charm
Persephone and Hades with my music and win Eurydice’s release!,” said Orpheus

BGM6: Underworld

He climbed into a cave and through a dark passage that led to the underworld. The underworld was guarded by
a fierce three-headed dog called Cerberus. No one passes the underworld without his approval. But when he
heard Orpheus plucking his lyre, (BGM2) he let him pass through the gate.

Orpheus continued to play his lyre tenderly as he made his way through the gloomy underworld.

King Hades and Queen Persephone rule the underworld. Both of them are stern to their decisions and they do
not favor anyone. However, Orpheus reached the palace of Hades and Persephone. Before they could order
Orpheus to leave, he began to sing his gentle song, pleading for Eurydice.

BGM7: Lament (show lyrics)

When the stern Hades heard the song, he began to cry. Cold Persephone was so moved, her heart melted.

“Oh, please my husband, let Eurydice be reunited with Orpheus,” Persephone said.

“I, too, feel the sadness of Orpheus, I cannot refuse him,” hades replied.
They brought Eurydice to Orpheus and the two lovers hugged each other and clasp hands together. Then, they
began to leave.


“Wait, Eurydice is yours to take back to earth on one condition.”

“What is that?”

“She must follow you, and you must not look back at her until you are on earth,” Hades said.

“I understand and I am forever grateful,” Orpheus replied.

Orpheus and Eurydice left the underworld and made their way through the dark passage that led to the upper
world. At last they reached the cave through which Orpheus had descended.

“I can see daylight ahead. We are almost there,” called Orpheus to Eurydice. But Eurydice had not heard him,
and so she did not answer.

Orpheus turned to make sure that she was still following him. He caught one last glimpse of her arms stretched
out to him. And then she disappeared, swallowed by darkness.

Orpheus heard Eurydice’s cry as she was carried back to the underworld. Orpheus tried to follow her but this
time the gods would not allow it. And so he wandered the earth alone. He sang his sad songs to the trees and
longed for the time when he too, would die and be reunited with his beloved Eurydice in the underworld.