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Our business will sell fresh cutted and chopped vegetables to women to save time. We will deliver all kinds
of fresh cutted vegetables online before the meal's preparation time on one click. All vegetables will be
clean, chopped/cutted, fully hygienic, and packed full of nutrition as per the customer's requirement.
Customers can easily order the meal's vegetables with cutting, including garlic paste, salad, chopped masala
via mobile app, WhatsApp, Chatbot, online website, message, and phone call. Ninja Veges follows
international hygienic standards and responsible for the quality product. No extra delivery charges will be
taken from the customer.

Target Market:

In the initial phase, we will target the Females of the Lahore (Pilot Testing; Gulshan Ravi and their
surroundings) as a segment. We have also categorized the Females into sub-categories as follows: working
women (Short time), Young females (Under-graduate, Postgraduate), Child's Mother, Women with bone's
problem (which cannot cut vegetables due to bone weakness).

In the second phase, we will expand it towards Chefs, Restaurants, Hotels, Cafés, and Supermarkets at the
same price as the free delivery offer.

Why Ninja Veges?

Female does not have time to cut vegetables due to the office and house workload. The main agenda is to
save the time by delivering fully hygienic, sealed packed cutted and chopped vegetables at your doorstep at
a reasonable price (Just a little bit above the Govt Listed Rates).

Your Order meal's preparation items will reach before the meal preparation time without any extra delivery
and cutting cost in just one click.

Besides all, Ninja veges beliefs in high customer satisfaction with fresh quality products (No Freeze
Products). Our Ninja's Riders will be responsible for delivering your order before your customized set
delivery time on our online automatic order system.

It will be in your comfort to pay by using any medium, i.e., Pre-Online payment (Debit, Credit Cards, Easy
paisa, Jazz cash, Master cards, Visa), Hand on Cash, and Post online payment (online payment at the time of
It's also an opportunity for women who cannot cut vegetables because of bone weakness (Osteoporosis, Shia
Teka, backbone issues, neck problems, and many more). They don't have to worry about the vegetable's
cutting to prepare the meals for their beloved family.

We are also here to help Mothers who want to take care of her child. The Mothers, who do not have time for
the vegetables cutting and chopping because of a long time hectic work with child care.

Special Feature – No Other Have.

We have different competitors with different features and characteristics, but no one is offering the same
services as we will be. They are delivering Groceries only, but we are specifically focusing on the specific
segment with the unique product idea, i.e., chopped and cutted fresh vegetables.

Our these features will make us distinct from others:

1 - Online meal planner (Our app and website will have a meal planner. People are worried about every
coming day meal. Every family has a hectic discussion, "what we have to prepare today?" So, our online
API will smooth your daily routine by suggesting you the customized meal for a whole week as per your
requirement. After the approval and verification, your order will book for an entire week with an option
prepayment, post-payment, and cash on hand delivery payment.

2 - Vegetables (spices) in paste form, i.e., Ginger Paste, Mint Paste, and Garlic Paste, etc.

3 - No Freeze Vegetables (Fresh Cutted Vegetables and pastes)

4 - Post Online Payments (Pay online after the order deliver)

5 - No preservatives and chemical-based packaging

6 - Customized delivery slots will be available for customer satisfaction because every family has a different
meal preparation time, i.e., some at 9 AM, some at noon, some at 4 PM, etc.

Management Team:

Initially we are going to need small teams of:

 Technicians.
 Finance and Accounts.
 Marketing.




Industry Analysis

History of Vegetables and Food industry

The global online food delivery market reached a value of US$ 84.6 Billion in 2018. Looking forward, the
market is further expected to reach US$ 164.5 Billion by 2024, showing a CAGR of 11.4% during 02019-
2024 According to FAO, Vegetable production increased to 5,45 million tons compared to last year's
production of 5.0 million tons in 2017. Vegetables account for 5.5 million tons in 2018 where 40% of
production is only attributed to onions with 2.1 million tons of production followed by tomatoes, carrots,
and turnip considered as major crops. Vegetable production increased to 5,45 compare to last year's
production of 5.0 million tons in 2017. Pakistan has a wide range of agro-climatic conditions which is
allowing the country to produce a wide variety of tropical and sub-tropical fruits and vegetables. Some of
the major fruits and vegetables produced are mangoes, oranges, apples, onions, tomatoes, carrots and
watermelons among others. Onions, carrots, and tomatoes together make up around 49% of the gross
vegetable production in Pakistan.

Growth rate and GDP contribution

In Pakistan, the varying agro-climatic conditions offer year-round production of an array of different kinds
of vegetables. The diverse eco-system offers more than 35 different types of vegetables cultivated
nationwide from the dry zones to the wet zones, low elevation areas to high elevation areas and rain-
dependent regions to irrigation-fed places. The total area and production of vegetables, during the five-year
period from 2013-17, averaged to about 442.4 thousand hectares and 6963.5 thousand tones, respectively.
Overall, both area and production of vegetables in Pakistan have shown an increasing trend during the past

In fact, in 2018 the total production of vegetables, estimated by Ministry of Agriculture, rounded close to
3.3 million tons on an increasing land area allotted for production of an estimated 274,000 hectares (ha.) in
total. On comparison of 5-year averages since year 2000, the production and cultivation land have both
registered increase of 3.62 and 11.4 percent, respectively. From this data, one can infer with ease that
successive governments have laid important emphasis on expanding the sector and with current
government’s initiatives on constructing new water ponds and dams and lining old canals to conserve water,
the future supply looks promising.

Income of vegetables/groceries selling firms

Inflation has made the life of a common man difficult. The government is increasing the prices of daily
necessities. The government also has no control over illicit profiteers. That level of competition would be
daunting, and might persuade most entrepreneurs to stay away from this space. According to his research,
the total potential value of e-commerce retail in Pakistan is estimated to be at $1.5 billion. And the biggest
category out of the entire e-commerce industry is grocery. The potential online grocery trade comes out to
be $360 million, which is 1% of the entire grocery industry (both online and offline).

Descriptive Analysis

Industry attractiveness

Competitor analysis

As there are very few competitors in the market so it will be easy for us to enter the market and gain
potential customers. As the age of online Vegetable industry is in its initial phase it will take time when it
approaches to maturity until then there is lot of untapped potential which needs to be explored.

Growth rate

At start the growth rate of the firm will be relatively slow but eventually with time business starts to grow
which implies stability. Along with stability your average income generated by your business also starts to

Importance of product

As we look around life is getting busy and in the busy schedules this delivery service can be very helpful to
same time. Also due to current COVID-19 situation most of the people are avoiding to go outside unless
there is something important so this is the best time for this service to be launched.
Target market attractiveness

Revenue generating methods

There are very clear methods of generating your revenue through your services in this industry but it is
difficult for you to create barrier to new entrants unless you make yours standards of service so high that it
looks very difficult to new entrant to meet those standards.

Customer satisfaction

As evident from our past survey which we conducted from our potential customers, most of them are willing
to buy which also shows their satisfaction level.

Marketing techniques to promote the firm’s product or services

The most important variable in the success of this type of services is marketing that how you advertise
yourself. Surely good advertisement will leads to more potential market as per our survey of willingness to
buy. As described earlier about the COVID situation and busy schedule of people and also as per the results
of our survey it is implied that there is huge excitement regarding the services which we are going to offer.

Market Timeliness

Momentum in market

Momentum of the market is rapidly growing if we continue to gain more customers.

New market offering

There is a huge need of the new service providers which provide quality products at economical rates. Ninja
vegetables is determined to provide these.

Planned entrance of large firms into the market

There is no recent news that if any large entity is planning to enter the market.

Porter Five Forces Market Analysis

We need to clearly understand the parties involved before doing the analysis

 Suppliers: these are the fruit and vegetable growers and producers of semi‐processed products
 Competitors: these are the processors of the end products that are consumable.
 Buyers: these are the end consumers

Threat of new entrants.

This force determines how easy it is to enter a particular industry. To provide this type of services does not
require too much startup cost and if an industry is profitable it makes easy for the new entrants to enter the
market. Customers can easily switch if new entrants start to provide services cheaper than yours. Since
buyers demand a high quality product with attractive and good packaging new entrants have to abide to high
standards. It is essential for us to create high barriers by providing high quality services at reasonable rates.
Threat of new entrants is low due to

 Low amount of capital is required to enter a market;

 Products are identical and customer can easily switch which show low customer loyalty.
 Existing firms do not possess patents, trademarks or do not have established brand reputation;
 There is no government regulation;
 Customer switching costs are low (it doesn’t cost a lot of money for a firm to switch to other

Bargaining power of suppliers.

In case of fruits and vegetables bargaining power of suppliers is low as there are number of suppliers in the
market from whom we can purchase in stock. This helps us in buying firms’ profits because we do not have
to pay more for vegetables as prices of fruits and vegetables are well controlled. In this case suppliers have
low bargaining power because:

 There are many suppliers;

 Many substitutes exist;
 Government controlled prices of vegetables

Bargaining power of buyers.

Buyers have the power to demand lower price or higher product quality from industry producers when their
bargaining power is strong. Buyer power depends on the structure of market channels as well as on the
character of the product. As a higher number of options are available to the buyer, bargaining power
increases. As there are very few competitors in the business of processed vegetables delivery so barging
power of buyers is low. So we need to continuously work on acquiring more and more customers. Increase
in customers reduces the bargaining power of customers.

Buyers exert low bargaining power there are not many substitutes.

Threat of substitutes.

This force is especially threatening when buyers can easily find substitute products with attractive prices or
better quality and when buyers can switch from one product or service to another with little cost. As fruits
and vegetables are the necessities of every house so if you provide fresh and well processed vegetables at
reasonable price it will be more difficult for that customers that they will switch to another competitor.

Rivalry among existing competitors.

The existing competitive structure of the sector in which the we will operate, there are limited number of
businesses who are providing home delivery of vegetables and fruits in the local and national area. In
competitive industry, firms have to compete aggressively for a market share, which results in low profits but
there are a few numbers of competitors. and there is a prominent current leader in the market.

So Rivalry among existing competitors is low

PEST Analysis


The political factors affecting the processed vegetables online delivery industry can vary from country to
country. Elements such as government stability, policies on agricultural activities can have an affect greatly
on most economical activities especially in the food industry. As due t change in any policy or due
instability prices fluctuate or hoarding of fruits and vegetables in the consequence of instability, prices
artificially goes up and that also changes buying behavior of consumers which ultimately effect sale of

One of the biggest environments that you can use to market your services is through ads and ads through
social media. While we like to think of the Internet as a global space, the social media and search engine
platforms popular in any local market may not be the same as another country. Here in Pakistan any social
media is always at risk of banning due to many reasons. As our main channel of marketing would be social
media and banning of any app would affect our cause of reaching to more customers.

Economic factors are financial fluctuations that are typically out of your control. Recently the economic
situation of Pakistan is in decline. Inflation rate in the year 2020 have increase up to 11% and the foreign
exchange rate is weakening. Out of vegetables and fruits, Veges are one of the necessities of every home and
change in price may not affect the consumption of vegetables but it may affect the buying behavior for
instance, if price of vegetables increase our client may think that firstly prices are high and then he has to
pay extra for delivery so he will prefer and do shopping by himself. So we will have to operate in that area
where fluctuation in price does not affect the buying behavior.

Another important factor is interest rates, for our startup we have to take a loan for some financial institution
and if economic condition of our country goes side ways , interest rates will be first thing that will change so
high interest rate will be a daunting thing to happen.


Healthiness is the focus in many countries. This is not only pushed by governmental authorities, but by
consumers, as well. Today’s consumers are highly concerned about the safety and quality of the food
products they purchase. This pattern is related particularly to the increased awareness of the importance of a
healthy diet and positive perception of food products in this respect. So our main slogan to pitch potential
customers will be clean and hygienic processed vegetables at your doorstep. Potentially target groups can
also include mothers, pregnant women, who have babies and elderly- pensioners.

Another important change that is happening in the global society right now is driven by the Coronavirus
pandemic. Globally, people’s lifestyles have undergone a major change during the pandemic. A lot of people
started working from their homes during Covid-19 and most customers are ordering from homes.
Coronavirus could have a major and lasting impact on people’s ;lifestyles, its impact on the industry could
also be severe and businesses need to respond with appropriate changes to their operating models.


With technology advancing, it helps businesses to reach consumers in new and easier methods. Social media
and online ordering have changed the style of service. Social media channels became the most important
venue for engaging customers. food brands have become innovative in other areas too. They engage their
customers on social media and collect feedback through several channels. Technology has grown all the
more important for businesses in order to sustain themselves during the crisis and ready themselves for the
post-crisis scenario. Since our main source of reaching target audience is social media so technology plays a
vital role in the development of our business.

Organizational feasibility analysis is conducted to determine whether a proposed business has sufficient
management expertise, organizational competence, and resources to successfully launch its business. Two
key aspects to consider include management ability and resource sufficiency. In our idea, we have a capable
team with unique set of expertise with limited resources.

1. Management prowess

Management prowess has potential to deal with the business effectively. Entrepreneur has also managed the
hundreds of business in all over the world via internet. This will be the new experience with skillful and
managerial team to deal. We don’t need lot of staff to start in initial phases.

The business has divided the Managements into different categories; Marketing Executives, Operational
Executives, Finance Executives and Technical Executives. Mr. Usama and Mr. Adil will be responsible for
the daily operations. Mr. Fahad will also perform duties to develop and implement the strategies for the
short and long term. Mr Faizan and Mr. Ahsan will monitor and analyze the technical department.

The firm structure will have three layers Top, Middle and Lower Managerial level to deal with the
employees in future.

2. Resource sufficiency Management prowess

We will start our operational from Gulberg Lahore. The perfect location to start because it has set of middle
and upper class families. We need some resources to start;

 Affordable office place

 Machine for cutting vegetables
 Packaging and Customer support team
 Technical tools i.e website and app
 Employee for daily operation/delivery.
Industry & Competitor Analysis

Industry Attractiveness Assessment Tool

Description Low Potential Moderate Potential Potential
1 Number of competitors Many Few None
2 Age of industry Old Middle aged Young
Little or no
3 Growth rate of industry Moderate growth Strong growth
Average net income for firms in
4 Low Medium High
the industry
5 Degree of industry concentration Concentrated Fragmented
nor fragmented
Maturity phase or Emergence
6 Stage of industry life cycle Growth phase
decline phase phase
Importance of industry’s products “Would like to
7 “Ambivalent” “Must have”
and/or services to customers have”
Extent to which business and
8 environmental trends are moving Low Medium High
in favor of the industry
Number of exciting new product
9 and services emerging from the Low Medium High
10 Long-term prospects Weak Neutral Strong

Target Market Attractiveness Assessment Tool

Sr. Low Moderate

Description Potential Potential High Potential
Number of competitors in target
1. Many Few None
2. Growth rate of firms in the target Little to no Slow growth Rapid growth
Market growth
Average net income for firms in
3. Low Medium High
the target market
Methods for generating revenue Somewhat
4. Unclear clear Clear
in the industry
May or may
Unable to
Ability to create “barriers to not be
5. create Can create
entry” for potential competitors able to create
Degree to which customers feel Neither
satisfied or
6. satisfied by the current offerings Satisfied Unsatisfied
in the target market
Potential to employ low cost
guerrilla and/or buzz marketing
7. Low Moderate High
techniques to promote the firm’s
product or services
Excitement surrounding new
8. product/service offerings in the Low Medium High
target market

Market Timeliness Assessment Tool

Sr. Moderate
Description Low Potential Potential High Potential
Customers are Customers are in a Customers are in
1. Buying mood of customers not in a buying moderate buying an aggressive
mood mood buying mood
Stable to losing Slowly gaining Rapidly gaining
2. Momentum of the market
momentum momentum momentum
Need for a new firm in the
with your offerings or
3. geographic Low Moderate High
Extent to which business and
4. environmental trends are moving Low Medium High
in favor of the target market
No larger firms
entered the
Large firms Rumors that large
Recent or planned entrance of market or are
5. entering the firms may be
large firms into the market rumored to be
market entering the market
entering the

Organizational Hierarchy

IT+Technical Operational Customer support

Marketing Finance
Department Department +Delivery
Department department

Digital + traditional
Production Quality Sales

Web & App

Daily price Administration


Customer Queries

Useful life QTY Rate Cost

Office Chair 5 Years 1 2,476 2,476

Office Table 5 Years 1 3,000 3,000

Total Furniture & Fixture 5,476

Intangible Assets
Website Development 5 Years 1 20,000 20,000
Android or IOS App 5 Years 1 100,000 100,000

Total Office Equipment 120,000

Office Equipment

Vegetable Cutting Machine 5 Years 1 10,000 10,000

Laptop/Computer 5 Years 1 35,000 35,000
LandLine set + wifi connection 5 Years 1 3,000 3,000
UPS 5 Years 1 7,000 7,000
Batteries 5 Years 1 9,000 9,000

Total Office Equipment 64,000

Rental Property

Gulberg Rent Room 15,000

Total 15,000


Delivery Fuel 7500
Salaries 20000
Room Rent 12000
Total Utility Bills 7000
Website & App maintainance 5000
Marketing Cost (Tradition and Digital) 10000
QTY Salary
Labour 1 10000
Delivery Boy 1 10000

Years Assets Cost D. rate Depriciation
1 204,476 10% 20347.6
2 204,476 10% 20347.6
3 204,476 10% 20347.6
4 204,476 10% 20347.6
5 204,476 10% 20347.6
6 204,476 10% 20347.6
7 204,476 10% 20347.6
8 204,476 10% 20347.6
9 204,476 10% 20347.6
10 204,476 10% 20347.6

Total Cost 203476

Salavage Value 1000
Useful Years 10
Dep. rate 10%

Projected Balance Sheet



Cash and Bank Balances 50,000
Pre-paid Rent 15,000



Intangible Assets 120,000

Furniture & Fixtures 5,476
Office Equipment & Tools 64,000
Less Depreciation 20347




Capital 234,129





Projected Profit & Loss

THE YEAR ENDED 1 2 3 4 5
Estimated Per day Sales (kg) 100 150 200 250
Projected Net Profit 766,500 1,095,000 1,460,000 1,642,500 1,825,000
Operating Expenses 738,000 738,000 738,000 738,000 738,000
Operating Profit 28,500 357,000 722,000 904,500 1,087,000
Depreciation &
Ammortization 20,348 20,348 20,348 20,348 20,348
Profit 8,152 336,652 701,652 884,152 1,066,652

Kg Average Sales After Cutting Total Per kg Per day Per day
Profit (Rs.) 17% Rs. Profit Rs. sales (Kg) total profit
Average Sale (Year 1) 1 7 14 21 100 2100