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МБОУ «СОШ им. Героя Советского Союза А.М. Селютина с.


Творческая разработка

открытого урока английского языка

в 7 В классе по теме

«Средства массовой информации»

в рамках школьного семинара

«Формирование проектных компетенций обучающихся

на уроках иностранного языка»

Разработала и провела:

учитель английского языка

Казиева З.Т.

1. Цели и задачи урока, средства обучения.

2. Ход урока.
3. Приложения (дидактический материал).
4. Рефлексия.

Цель: формирование проектной компетенции обучающихся.



 формирование навыков коммуникативной компетенции в чтении, говоре-

нии, аудировании, письме;
 расширение запаса слов;
 коррекция фонетических навыков;


 развитие творческих способностей обучающихся;

 развитие самостоятельности;
 развитие памяти, мышления, воображения;


 повышение мотивации к изучению иностранного языка;

 воспитание чувства взаимопомощи, умения работать в команде;


 знакомство с печатными изданиями Великобритании, т.е. развитие соци-

окультурной компетенции;

УУД (универсальные учебные действия)

 определение тематического поля;

 целеполагание;
 умение планировать деятельность;
 умение создать продукт и презентовать его;
 умение работать с информацией из разных источников;
 умение рефлексии;
 умение работать в команде.

Ход урока:
1. Оргмомент

Good afternoon, girls and boys! I am glad to see you! Sit down, please! Today we
live in the time of information. Where can we get information? What Mass Media do
you know?

2. «Мозговой штурм»: виды СМИ

TV & radio the press: newspapers

& magazines

Types of


the Internet
mobile phones

3.Фонзарядка с одновременным просмотром текста на слайде презентации:

Speak all together after me, please!

Newspaper, paper, tabloid, quality paper, heavy paper, local paper, magazine, feature,
brochure, rag, “The Guardian”, “The Financial Times”, foreign correspondent,
columnist, review, front page, was mentioned, broadsheet, sheet of paper, to be in
charge of, to be divided into, an editor, a creative director, a proof reader, a designer,,
section, low/high opinion.

4.Знакомство с печатными изданиями Великобритании (презентация Power


Look at the presentation and remember which newspapers are printed in GB. You
should answer some questions after it:
 What popular British newspapers do you know?
 What quality British newspapers can you remember?
 What types of media are used for broadcasting news?
 What is the home of British press?
 Which 2 groups are British papers divided in?
 What other types of papers were mentioned?

5. Практика чтения (Работа в группах “Matching-exercise”)

Match the words with the right description!

Group “PINK” (1-8) & Group “GREEN” (9-16)

1 brochure a) a newspaper with small pages, short articles

and lots of photos;

2 rag b) a newspaper that is printed on large sheets of

paper; is considered to be more serious than
other papers;

3 tabloid c) a magazine or booklet with pictures that

gives information about a product or service;

4 broadsheet d) people refer to a newspaper as a rag when

they have low opinion of it;

5 review e) one of the parts into which a newspaper is


6 front page f) the title of a newspaper story, printed in large

letters at the top of it;

7 section g) a report in a newspaper or magazine in

which someone gives their opinion of a new
book, film, concert ect.

8 headline h) a front page article or picture appears on the

front page because it’s very important or inter-

9 article i) a correspondent who sends news reports

from a foreign country;

10 feature j) the person who is in charge of a newspaper

and who decides what will be published in it;

11 supplement k) a journalist who is in charge of a particular

section of a newspaper;

12 reporter l) some sensational information catching eve-

rybody’s attention;

13 editor m) someone who writes new articles or reports;

14 journalist n) a prominent or special article or section in a


15 columnist o) a piece of writing in a newspaper or maga-


16 foreign correspondent p) a person whose job is to collect news or

other information and write about it or talk
about it on TV or radio;

6. Проверка работы в группах по ключу в презентации: Now take pens or

pencils of another color and check your work, correct if you find mistakes!

7. Создание продукта и его защита:

Let’s create our own newspapers. You are divided into 2 groups. Each group has a
sheet of paper, some articles , pictures for making a poster. Decide who will be an
editor, a designer, a proof reader, a secretary, a correspondent. Choose information
and create a front page of your own paper. One of you will be ready to present your
work and tell us about your mass media. Help each other and good luck!


 an editor –is in charge of a newspaper and decides what will be printed

 a creative director – generates smart ideas;
 a designer – makes the poster look attractive;
 a proof reader – checks for mistakes;
 a presenter – presents the poster when it is finished;
 a secretary – does technical work;
 a foreign correspondent – collects news from a foreign country;

Предполагаемый рассказ ученика:

Our newspaper is called “ Tabloid Teen”. It is a tabloid. It is devoted to some
events in GB. On the front page you can find information about the Queen,
popular singers, sport events ect. The feature is an article about a popular
actor. You can see his photo here. The columnist tells us about teens' problems.
There is a humor corner with funny pictures and jokes. Health, education and
accidents are mentioned, too. The newspaper publishes a lot of adverts. They
advise us to buy computers, mobile phones and so on. In my opinion the
tabloid is worth spending time.

8. Рефлексия: заполнение карточек самооценки достигнутого уровня во всех

видах деятельности на уроке (см. Приложение)

Well, we’ve worked hard, done and learn something useful. I’d like you to do self-
assessment. Take these sheets with tables and fill in. Just tick the right place!

9.Домашнее задание: составить мини-словарик по теме «СМИ»

My “Mass-Media” mini-dictionary

Aa – advertisement

Bb – broadcast, brochure

Cc – CNN, chat room, chat show, creative director

Приложение 1

newspapers review
magazines headline
article interview
issue commercial
radiostation BBC
Приложение 2
Приложение 3


(are) is characterized
is assotiated by…
with… consist(s) of…
(are) transmit(s)
is connected
with… channel
(are) programme
is devided into… news
(are) report(-er)
is devoted to… advertising
broadcast(s) current affair
(are) information
is reported by… serial
(are) soap opera
event comedy
sport cartoon
correspondent adventure film
showperson thriller
commentator interview(-er)
feature film
Приложение 4


All newspapers in Britain, daily or Sunday ones, can be broadly divided into
the quality press and the popular press. The quality newspapers are also known as
«heavies» and they usually deal with domestic and overseas news, with detailed and
extensive coverage of sports and cultural events. Besides they also carry financial
reports, travel news, and book and film reviews.

The popular press, or the «populars», are also known as tabloids, as they are
smaller in size being halfsheet in format. Some people also call them the «gutter
press» — offering news for people less interested in daily detailed news reports.
They are characterized by large headlines, carry a lot of big photographs, and
concentrate on the personal aspects of news, with reports of the recent sensational
and juicy bits of events, not excluding the Royal Family. The language of a tabloid is
much more colloquial than that of quality newspapers.

Here is a possibly witty though true classification of English newspapers:

The Times is read by the people who run the country.

The Mirror is read by the people who think they run the country.

The Guardian is read by the people who think about running the country.

The Mail is read by wives of the people who run the country.

The Daily Telegraph is read by the people who think the country ought to be
run as it used to be.

The Express is read by the people who think it is still run as it used to be.

The Sun is read by the people who don’t care who runs the country as long as
the naked girl on page three is attractive.

Questions for discussion

1. Do you enjoy reading newspapers?

2. What is your favorite newspaper? Why?
3. How can we devide the British newspapers?
4. Give the characteristics of the serious newspapers
5. What are the populars specialized in?
6. What is the language of the popular press?
Приложение 5

The Press


are known for... sensational and juicy bits of

events, colloquial language
domestic and overseas

detailed information

carry financial reports

travel news

book and film reviews

smaller in size

offer news in brief

big photographs

are characterized by

large head lines

personal aspects of news


is reported by...

correspondent reporter

is connected with

I’d like to read


Приложение 6

Situation I

Two politics are talking over newspapers news.

- I can’t believe that you read “Arguments and Facts”

- Sure, usually I read “heavies”. “The Izvestiya” for example, which deals
with domestic and overseas news, with detailed information of political events,
sports and culture. And what about you?

- So am I. Besides they also carry travel news and book and film reviews.

- And what do you think of such news?


- Wow! It’s the wast (best) news I’ve ever heard, I believe.

Приложение 7

Situation II

The British housewives are talking about newspaper news.

- Can you imagine the last issue of “The Mail”

- Sure! I’ve enjoyed every page of it: large headlines and news in brief. It’s
not difficult to read, because the language is colloquial.

- As for me, I concentrated on the personal aspects of news with reports of

the recent sensational a juicy bits of events, especially gossips about the Royal
Family, mainly Prince Charles and Lady Camilla. They’ve got married at last, and
seem to be happy.

- And what about this news?


- Oh, what a temble news! I think, that “No news is good news”.

Приложение 8

News in brief News in brief

What plants will be delayed by al least Where is Kazakhstan planning to build an

another 12 months? export terminal of grain?

Plants to the currencies of Russia’s southern neighbor

Russia and Belarus will be delayed Kazakhstan is planning to build a
by at least another twelve months, $26 million grain export terminal at
and may not become reality until the Latvian seaport of Ventspils that
2006, according to Finance would be capable of handling 2,5
Minister Alexei Kudrin. The million tons of grain per year, of
minister laid the blame for yet which two million would come from
another delay squarely at Belarus’ Kazakhstan.

neighbour – сосед
to unify – объединить
grain export terminal – терминал для
currency – валюта экспорта зерна

to be delayed – отложена to be capable of handling – быть

способным переработать
to lay the blate – возложить
ответственность, обвинить

squarely – непосредственно

feet (foot) – позиция

News in brief News in brief

What did Leonid Nevzlin say about his What has happened in Cote d’Ivoire?
political activity in Russia?

Leonid Nevzlin, one of A planned series of

Menatep’s major stock-holders antigovernment pretests came to
not in jail, has given up all of his an early end in Cote d’Ivoire after
political activities in Russia at the security forces killed at least 37
Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s request. and may have injured as many as
He said he would like to 300 demonstrators.
“disappear” from politics until
least 2007.
to come to an early en – прийти к концу

Cote d’Ivoire – Кот

stock-holder – держатель акций
security – служба безопасности
jail – тюрьма
at least – по меньшей мере
to give up – отставить
to injure – поранить
request – просьба

to disappear – исчезнуть

at least – по меньшей мере


News in brief News in brief

Read the article, answer the question: What will Russia make foreign dept
What did the U.S. military commanders service?

Russia will make foreign debt

U.S. military commanders service payments of $19 billion in
publicly stated that they were 2005 without resorting to its
reviewing sending thousands more stability fund. In 2004 Moscow is to
American soldiers to Iraq. They say make foreign debt service payments
that there are just enough troops of $16 billion after a record $17
to handle the current situation, but billion in 2003. Russia expects to
if circumstances worsen they will reduce its foreign liabilities to
have no choice but to call up more $113.6 billion by the end of this
soldiers. year.

military – военное(-ый) foreign dept service payments –

обслуживание по уплатам долгов за
to state - заявлять
to review – рассматривать
resorting – прибегая к помощи
troops - войска
stability fund – стабилизационный
to handle – держать в руках фонд

current - текущий liability – задолженность

News in brief News in brief

What bill did The State Duma pass? Why is the Polish prime minister to

The State Duma passed a bill

in its first reading that world allow The Polish prime minister,

foreign nationals to own up to 49 Leszek Miller, is to resign because of

percent of new aviation high unemployment and corruption
companies, up from the present 25 scandals. He agreed last week to
percent, although the head of any step down the day after Poland joins
such joint venture must still the European Union on May. His
possess Russian citizenship. most likely successor is Marek Belka,
an economic advisor in Iraq.

to pass a bill – принять

to resign – уходить в отставку
to allow – позволять
unemployment – безработица
to own up – владеть
corruption – коррупция
although – хотя
successor – приемник
to possess – обладать

citizenship – гражданство