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Quadratic Hard Questions

1. Consider the diagram below, where g ( x )=q x 2+ c and f ( x )=a x 2 +bx +c .

f and g intersect the x−¿axis at (3,0) and f has a vertex at ( 4.5 ,−2.25 ) .

Determine the equations of f and g .

2. Show that the equation a x 2+ bx=b x 2+ a will have equal roots for =2.
3. It was reported that a high-end fashion boutique sold 86 designer purses last month at a
price of $170 each. They want to increase their profits and have determined that for
every $10 increase in price they will sell 2 less purses. What price will maximize the
profits for the boutique?
4. Find a value of x that makes the area of the two rectangles equal.

x +2 5 x+ 2

x +3
7 x +1

5. A tunnel through a mountain has a width of 36 feet and a height of 20 feet at its centre.
a) Write an equation to model the arch tunnel
b) If a 6-foot man is standing 8 feet from the center of the tunnel, how high above his
head is the tunnel?
6. How would the graph of y  x  2 be affected if the function were changed to

y   x2  4
2 ? ( 2 points)

7. Consider f(x) = 2kx2 – 4kx + 1, for k ≠ 0. The equation f(x) = 0 has two equal roots.

(a) Find the value of k.

(b) The line y = p intersects the graph of f. Find all possible values of p.
8. The following table illustrates a company’s profit based on the number of widgets sold.
The number sold is in 1000’s of units, and the profit is in $10,000s.

number 2 3 4 5 .... 15 16 17 18
profit 0 26 48 66 ... 26 0 -30 -64
a) Is this relationship quadratic? How do you know?
b) Write an equation that models the profit in terms of the number of units sold. Your solution
must not rely on the graphing calculator.
c) How many widgets should be sold to maximize profit? Explain your logic.
d) Why might the company’s profit DECREASE when they sell MORE widgets?
9. Write the function that is given by the graph below. Reflect the graph:
a) With respect to x-axis
b) Move the graph to get even function and write its equation. Is there only one solution?
( suitable for end of year exam)
Explain the answer